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You do this by using your thoughts, visualization, words, faith, actions, or a combination of them. You use them to change some of what is happening within you and in your life, to co-create what you truly desire, and to live differently. This process begins from within and results in significant changes in you and your life. As you change, your life will also change. You will have a better life. Your better life can be your best life ever -- the life of your dreams. If you are going through a major challenge or several challenges, they may seem to go on forever, but as day always follows night, so too your breakthrough will follow your challenges if you follow some of the advice presented [below]:.

Desire is the driving force that propels us to achieve our goals. If you are serious about transforming your life, you can set this as one of your major goals. However, to achieve this goal, you must have a strong desire that is like a fire lit within you and you must maintain this strong desire until your life is transformed. Transformative learning is about changing how you think and the thoughts you think.

It involves changing your perspective and acting from a new, more empowering perspective. As the apostle Paul noted, "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Have you ever asked yourself, "Who am I? You are not your job title. You are not your body.

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You live in a body. What do you think about yourself?

For many, these are deep questions. There is a tendency to believe who others tell us we are and this can limit us. Spend some time finding out who you really are and then change the concept you have of yourself to that of the real you. When you do this, you will change, and when you change your life will also change. You may have heard others say that you create your reality. We do not create anything. We are co-creator and we bring things into existence together with God and others.

We co-create both good and undesirable things and events for ourselves and others. If you understand some basics of the co-creation process, this will help you to transform your life. After you understand some basics of the co-creation process, take the time to plan your life. You can develop a strategic plan for your life. A strategic plan outlines where you are now, where you want to go, and how you intend to get there.

It includes things like your mission, vision, and your major goals for the key areas of your life, such as health, wealth, success, and your relationship with God and others. Write down your plan and take action to achieve your goals. The sooner you start, the faster you will get more of them. My dream? Both are going to require stepping outside my comfort zone. Plus every other point you mention. Being positive is really important in life. For those pessimist, start having a life with optimism. I get up at 4 am, partly to be active, partly to blog, and partly to prepare for the day before the kids are up with the baby crying to be held the whole time.

I want to quit my job and stay home so bad but my husband, last week, told me I just needed to do x,y,z and then our his student loan debt would be paid off and I nearly hit him.

Ignore Societal Comparisons

With WHAT extra time!! I feel like I need 5 extra hours each day in order to pursue my dream life. You definitely sound busy with everything that is going on in your life right now. I hope things slow down for you! All good tips. But I have a modification to 3. All too often people get excited and try to do 20 different things at once when really what they should be doing is concentrating on one or two things that will actually matter or make a difference in their lives.

Yes, I agree. Great list of tips!


I once had a boss tell me that I should try to take just one step outside my comfort zone each week — nothing drastic, but just enough to give me a little push. Waking up earlier has been a hard task for me lately. Start waking up earlier is seriously on my list! I have a bad habit of lingering in bed while Greg takes a shower. Getting active is such a positive force.

I sometimes slip into justifying my way out of a workout to work more, but then I remind myself how valuable stepping back for an hour can be. Now to just learn to have patience…. Love this post, Michelle!!

If You Want To Live The Life Of Your Dreams, You Need To Stop These 7 Behaviors

I need to start waking up earlier haha. Ideally, though, my husband would be able to be home full-time too!! Life is so short and I want to live it to the fullest.

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Thanks for the encouragement!! I agree. What a very motivating post. Thanks for being so encouraging. I need to set goals to try to make some changes in my life. We made decent money when working but were never rich. We had the same responsibilities as everyone else…. But retirement was a priority and we made other sacrifices which allowed us to reach that goal. It can be done.

These are great tips Michelle. Right now I seriously need to work on being more active. When I get out and exercise I feel so much better. Really great advice! I make a monthly list of all the expenses I know about so that I am aware of how much spending money I actually have.

Good points. I think being positive is one that gets ignored but has a huge impact. I found that being positive and practicing gratitude were huge life changers. I try to wake up early almost every day. Stepping out of my comfort zone is something that I plan on doing a lot more this year. I plan on doing a trip by myself and also networking a lot more.

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  • My dream life is being location independent. I am a big fan of using positivity to make things happen. I started my company almost 2 years ago and I have faced some pretty big and painful obstacles and there were moments when I wanted to get in a negative funk and stay there, but I am thankful that I have a glass is half full mentality that keeps me moving forward. Great advice!

    31 Things That Happen When You Finally Decide to Live Your Dreams

    I think 5 and 6 are the ones I struggle with the most. Getting up in the morning is so hard! I have to say I love my sleep;0 I am up by every morning to get the kids off to school. Weekends are another story. We have lots of dreams right now … finding a new home in the school district my daughter attends, paying off debt and getting this blog thing going;0. I need to get back to being active.