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And they loved him. In any case he and I--and in fact our captain--spent a lot of time exhausting all the possibilities of the natural world. I learned so much from him. Later, at the age of twenty, I worked for a construction company in New Orleans, and the fellow who took care of the heavy equipment communicated entirely in a unbroken stream of profanity.

In both instances the profanity of those two individuals was not for shock value but served merely as the core of their speech pattern which in each case came close to the status of a legitimate dialect.

Cuss Away, Junior Ray

Yes, I am passionate about my child, who is now almost 44 years old. Had it not been for his arrival I am certain I would have died of terminal egocentricity, but I was fortunate enough to discover that I loved someone else besides myself. I am discounting what we think of as romantic love, which, as most of us know, is not the same thing as parental love.

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Perhaps one of the most surprising things in the life of a young person is the discovery of limitations! Did any real-life women inspire the Aunty Belles? My Aunt Xylda was a member of the U.

"Hey, Sumbich." Sailing to Alluvium by John Pritchard (Book Trailer #1)

I still have the medal. Lesser was never indicted, arrested, or tried. He lived out his life as a free man--a happy condition that in some way he may even have construed as justice.

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What would Junior Ray say qualifies as abnormal down in the Delta, and would being a "diktective solving a not-so-mysterious murder" mystery fall into that category? Plus, the two families remained good friends. The shootings are documented in the Tunica newspaper of that day. How important is revision to your process, and do you ever revise for voice, or is Junior Ray on the page as soon as the words connect to it?

Craft is everything.

Elisa Zavadil

And without revision and repeated examination of the text, there is simply no writing of much worth at all. The principle of le mot juste is unassailable, but the struggle for precision can sometimes give way to subjectivism. One works with the knowledge that even the very concept of precision in writing can be quite imprecise.

I have to keep the voices of the various characters separate and distinct. Staying in character is a demanding proposition and one that is probably not a hundred-percent achievable.

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  • Sailing to Alluvium is, in the end, a biting study of class differences, every bit as profane as the plays of Aristophanes and every gotdamn bit as funny. William Faulkner would be proud. Pritchard crafts an expose on Southern identity and the peculiar regional personality [of the Mississippi Delta]. Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads. Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. We're featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.

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    Follow us. Gradual growth of a plastic zone progressed outward from the excavation boundary at increasing loads but had limited extent and was surrounded at all stress levels by an infinite elastic zone. This design review, aided by computer analysis, confirmed that the shaft would have been considered theoretically stable as designed. Progress in solving these design problems is seldom reported in the literature, although the trend towards finite element modeling of geotechnical problems has developed since this project was completed.

    However, Hamel 4 has presented useful results in the Fifteenth Rock Mechanics Symposium on shear testing of alluvium for an open-pit mine.

    Junior Ray Returns: Q&A with John Pritchard

    This paper describes a recently completed design review for a shaft successfully sunk through feet of poorly consolidated and weakly cemented alluvium in central Nevada. Discussed are the site characterization, shaft design criteria, physical property data, the shaft construction summary, add the structural behavior monitoring during and after construction. An elasto-plastic, finite element analysis was then completed at the Spokane Mining Research Center, together with an interpretation of plastic yielding in alluvium, in an effort to better understand the greater than expected lateral stability of this shaft in relatively "weak" alluvial material.

    This site is in the northern portion of Yucca Flat, a typical intermontane valley structure of the Basin and Range geologic province. The valley fill consists of poorly consolidated detrital material derived from local Tertiary volcanic and older Paleozoic rocks.

    A regional geologic investigation was completed in by the U. Geological Survey 5 , and is representative of voluminous geologic literature compiled at NTS 3.