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In the epic song, frontman James Hetfield roars about suicide and an emptiness that fills him.

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He had his own brush with death when, while performing the song in , he walked into a pyrotechnic stage effect and suffered second- and third-degree burns. He sings in simple terms, which makes his more poetic lyrics all the more meaningful. Dylan had even done a version on his debut LP.

Through the song, Robert Plant sings a plea for deliverance, despite his misdeeds, and the band delivers one of the most thrilling performances of their career. The Canadian songwriter a boating enthusiast himself tells the story earnestly and with a modicum of creative license, placing the focus on the tragic tale and the punishing forces of nature against which no man can win.

Brian May was the prime mover behind this Queen barnstormer, which is about frontman Freddie Mercury pushing himself to the brink of exhaustion as a performer, as he was becoming weaker and weaker from his struggle with AIDS. He was overjoyed to see his bandmate muster all his strength to tear the song to shreds.

The show must go on, indeed. Following the tragic death of his four-year-old song Conor, the Eric Clapton found solace in songwriting. The result was this heartfelt ballad, in which the guitar great imagines a situation in which he can spend a little more time with his little boy. Frontman Buck Dharma wrote the Blue Oyster Cult classic while contemplating an early demise for himself.

Nicole Wray feat.

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Hell, Missy even raps on the song, giving the smooth-voiced, year-old Goldmind signee all the extra juice she'd need to get her alluring debut single to the top 5 of the Hot Now, throw back a bottle of beer! The "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out" of the nu-metal era, Deftones' thrashgaze masterpiece packed a generation's worth of catharsis into two chords and not very many more lyrics.

The rest of their hard-rock peers spent the next half-decade trying to go forever louder and more explicit in expressing their bottomless reserves of angst, but the Sacramento quintet knew there was no point in even trying to top frontman Chino Moreno's gutturally howled, universally understood passenger-seat request: " I don't care where just FAR!!

Ten myths about grunge, Nirvana and Kurt Cobain

Puff Daddy feat. The Notorious B. The Rocky sample, the strings and ringing bell ratcheting up the tension, Puffy talking his shit over ad-libs from Big that sound like sparring before the title bout. JYP, "Honey" Did not chart. After starting off with one of the most iconic, whining intros in K-pop history, J. To boot, it was fitted with one of nu-metal's choicest choruses, plus riffs that absolutely kicked your ass every time out. An adrenaline rush in song form. Shakira, "Ciega, Sordomuda" No. It would become Shakira's first No. Blink, "Josie" Did not chart.

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Monica, "The First Night" No. Everclear, "Father of Mine" No. Art Alexakis let it bleed. Tamia, "So Into You" No. Cake, "Never There" No. Will Smith, "Miami" No. Moby, "Honey" No. Featuring bluesy looped vocal samples from U. With a bounce house.

The 50 best Australian songs of the 90s - Music Reads - Double J

Janet Jackson, "Go Deep" No. Not only is this song tailor-made to get a party started, it's also its very own party contained in a song, from the crowd murmurs over the beat at the beginning to the group sing-along of a chorus. Missy Elliott feat. One thing that stayed the same? Elvis Crespo, "Suavemente" No. Brian McKnight, "Anytime" No. Only on the bridge does he unleash, revealing the nights of crying himself to sleep, praying you'll come back to him, COME BACK TO HIM -- but that quickly gives way, ultimately leaving only the hook's devastatingly simple final sentiment: "I miss you.

Sarah McLachlan, "Angel" No.

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Elliott Smith, "Waltz No. Rammstein, "Du Hast" No. Every year has its breakthrough hit from a German industrial-metal band, and was no different. Wait, what? Apparently a fairly traditional, saccharine power ballad. No shade, though: Whitney and Mimi sound excellent trading verses, and their harmonies are unclockable. The song only managed to peak at No. All Saints, "Never Ever" No.

Spice Girls notwithstanding, a whole host of U.

Pearl Jam - Jeremy (Official Video)

Goo Goo Dolls, "Slide" No. Its soundtrack-derived predecessor was a four-quadrant smash that made the band household names, but "Slide" proved that Buffalo's finest were still peerless craftsmen when it came to finding the sweet spot between adult rock and adult contemporary. It was obvious that the Goo Goo Dolls hadn't come this far to end up being mistaken for one-hit wonders.

There'd end up being plenty more where that came from, thank God. Radiohead, "No Surprises" Did not chart. Before Radiohead became pioneers in dystopian electronic music, they were creating melancholic, visionary rock that could soundtrack any mental breakdown. Massive Attack, "Teardrop" Did not chart. Though its legacy in America began when it was selected as the theme song to House , "Teardrop" was Massive Attack's first -- and, to date, only -- top 10 hit in the U. That it possesses the trip-hop trio's most accessible hook very much helped this, but it's all in the other details, too -- vocalist Liz Fraser's delicate and emotive performance, the stormy piano strokes, its haunting, habitual harpsichord riff.

It's atmospheric dejection perfected; no wonder music supervisors still can't get enough of it. Faith Hill, "This Kiss" No. Barenaked Ladies, "One Week" No. By September, it was sitting in the top 10 on the U. Eve 6, "Inside Out" No. If teen angst ever needed a title track, this is it. Uhm Jung Hwa, "Invitation" Did not chart. Park, who brought his distinct smooth grooves to this classic. With a sense of dreamy sensuality and angsty raps from g. The LOX feat. In , New York rap was dripping with grit and grime.

Marilyn Manson went pop! Kind of! In the era of Mary J.

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Neutral Milk Hotel, "Holland " Did not chart. D'Angelo, "Devil's Pie" No. Loose and low-key, with doubled vocals that still come off as almost breathy at times, the track is nonetheless pointed and straightforward in its themes. With its biblical and apocalyptic themes, it can just as easily be seen as an astute observation of the many trials that people put themselves through for perceived benefits, even when those just feed right back into the same cycle of repression all over again.

Master P feat. And for those lovers who had this song soundtrack their wedding in , Twain is likely still the one they run to for that musical romance 20 years later. Aerosmith's catalog is peppered with classic-rock perennials, but they didn't score their first Hot No. The platinum-certified family affair delivered one of Tyler's most impressive vocal performances and the stuff of slow-dance dreams for school dances everywhere that fall, and in it'd earn an MTV Moonman, a Grammy nomination, and even Aerosmith's first Oscar nod.

Fastball, "The Way" No. JAY-Z feat.