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The menu includes as many as seven versions of pizza Margherita by Concetta Bonini. Goodbye three stars, I want to be happy.

He does so with an anthological menu. What we like of Lele Usai is his sense of measure, his capacity of growing gradually, always following a clear direction for his cuisine. The latter is based on high quality raw materials and on a creativity that is never sel He churns out breads, pizzas and focaccias wor Ciccio Sultano Duomo - Ragusa Ibla. Ciccio raised the bar to cement his position in the empyrean of the culinary deities. He renovated his restaurant, improved the wine cellar, designed a menu that is excellent as usual but also sophisticated and sort of litera Bruno Tassone is the author of one of the most intriguing seafood cuisines to be found in this region.

He draws inspiration from the pillars of local culinary traditions and is open to the influence of other cuisines. Read Mondo pizza. The menu includes as many as seven versions of pizza Margherita. Read Carlo Mangio. What are their thoughts? And their favourite dishes? Word to the bright Lyonnaise.

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Read Fine writers. In his cuisine, he always seeks the vulnerability of creativity. Archestrato di Gela, an intelligent pizzeria in Palermo In the Sicilian capital, discovering the restaurant of Edoardo Chifari, a tribute to Petra-based dough and to a gourmet pioneer. Read Affari di Gola di Paolo Marchi.

The discreet charm of Kufsteinerland A visit to the small gem in Tirol, halfway between Innsbruck and Salzburg. A small village with big records. Read Dal Mondo. Pagine Gastronomiche. Mancano 0.


Un servizio di consulenza innovativo. Risposte uniche, complete e tempestive. All the dishes and an intelligent vision of cuisine.

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