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He took his earnings from livestock dealing and invested them in oil drilling and related activities. His oil companies included Mabee Consolidated Corp. Mabee is a classic model of an important type of Oklahoma oil pioneer. Denied educational opportunities, he was self-educated and acquired remarkable skill in oil drilling, finance, and business management. Hard work was the catalyst that made all this possible.

Mabee was determined to give back to his state for the opportunities petroleum had made available to him. In , he and his wife, Lottie, established the Tulsa-based J. Mabee Foundation to support Christian religious organizations and educational and charitable institutions. Arville I. Levorsen At the height of the Great Depression in , A.

Levorsen was unemployed, living in Tulsa with a family to feed. Imagination is what it takes. He went on to become a pioneering and formative thinker in oil exploration theory. Professor of Geology and Dean of the School of Mineral Sciences at Stanford University, Levorsen was the author of widely used textbooks in petroleum geology and a consultant for petroleum companies and governments around the world.

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Philip C. Lauinger P. Lauinger was a pioneer in making Oklahoma an international center for information about the oil industry. A graduate of Georgetown University, Lauinger became president of Petroleum Publishing Company in and guided it for nearly 60 years. Prominent in civic affairs, Lauinger was a lay leader in the Catholic Church and was invested as a Knight of Malta. In , he was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. James Kessler James Kessler was a pioneer in the development of the Oklahoma City oil field.

Born in Kentucky, he moved with his family to Oklahoma in He worked as a soda jerk at a drug store in Oklahoma City. Within two years, he saved enough to become a partner in a pharmacy in Edmond. With the spirit of optimism that was the hallmark of an Oklahoma Oil Pioneer, Kessler sold out his interest and used his funds to enter the oil business.

After working as a financial agent for oil companies, he struck out on his own, forming first the Kessler Oil Company and then Kessler Petroleum Corporation. He was extremely successful, carrying out oil exploration in New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. He was responsible for discovering the Leck oil field in Winkler County, Texas.

In , he bought Oklahoma Oil Pioneer F. Such was the romance, rewards, and risks of oil in Oklahoma. Robert S. Kerr Captain of industry and statesman of vision, Robert Kerr is the exemplar of the oil pioneers, their fulfillment of the American dream and their contribution to their state and nation.

Born in a log cabin near Ada, through sheer hard work and determination, he attended college, served with the U. Legal work led him into the oil business; and in , with James L. In , he realized his boyhood dream of becoming governor. In , he was elected to the United States Senate. His book Land, Wood, and Water stressed the importance of the conservation and development of our natural resources.

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As senator, he added a fourth dimension to these resources--space, space satellites and NASA--which are enduring tributes to his far-sighted political leadership. William W. The first language Keeler spoke was Cherokee, learned from his grandmothers. Valedictorian of Bartlesville High School in , he studied at the University of Kansas and began working for Phillips Petroleum during the summers. He rose to become president, chief executive officer and chairman of the board. He made significant contributions as a government adviser on petroleum resources, serving with the Office of Petroleum Administration in World War II.

In , he was named director of refining of the Petroleum Administration for Defense and chaired the Military Petroleum Advisory Board from to John C. Karcher This graduate of the University of Oklahoma was a pioneer in the exploration for oil by means of reflection seismography. The discovery came out of research that Karcher did during World War I on sound waves created by artillery fire. Another Oklahoma oil pioneer, Dr. In , defying conventional wisdom about the location of oil, reflection seismography resulted in the discovery of the Edwards Field and transformed oil exploration, finding fields unsuspected from previously available geological data.

In , Karcher formed his own company, Geophysical Service, Inc. Frank J. Hinderliter Frank Hinderliter was a pioneer in the invention and manufacture of oil tools and oil field equipment. He was born in Oil City, Pennsylvania, where his father was a machinist and inventor of oil tools. Hinderliter himself invented his first oil tool at the age of 12 and began work as a machinist in the oil fields of Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

The company became a major international maker of oil tools and equipment, and Hinderliter was awarded more than 90 patents. To increase broader public understanding of the importance of the petroleum industry, Hinderliter helped establish the International Petroleum Expositions and Congresses, held in Tulsa. Chesley C. Herndon C. Herndon was born in Clarksville, Tennessee, the son of a Confederate officer. He worked as a traveling salesman and as the business manager of a wholesale tobacco firm to save money for law school.

After graduating from Cumberland Law School and being admitted to the Tennessee bar, he came to Chickasha in , seeking opportunity in the new state of Oklahoma. In , he entered the private sector and won the admiration of William Skelly, while winning a case against him. In the acrimonious legal world of the oil industry, Herndon was widely respected for his personal integrity as well as his legal ability. He was a pioneer through his leadership role in establishing an interstate agreement to reduce overproduction of this precious resource.

Walter H. Helmerich W. Helmerich was born in Chicago and attended the Pratt Institute of Technology. While at Post Field heading an aerial acrobatic team, he impressed his future wife, Cadijah Colcord, by flying under the telephone wires in Oklahoma City. At one point, he held the world high altitude record. That same daring and willingness to gamble, together with business acumen, made him a success in the oil business.

His wife was the daughter of pioneer Oklahoma City oil producer, real estate magnate, and land developer Charles Francis Colcord. His activities in the petroleum industry included service on the Interstate Oil Compact Commission.

His many philanthropic works included the support of Hillcrest Medical Center, where the Helmerich Cancer Center was named in his honor. Robert Hefner, Sr. Hefner began his law career in Beaumont, Texas in , two years after the discovery of the nearby Spindletop Oil Field. He rapidly became a respected attorney, specializing in oil and gas.

In , he moved to Ardmore, Oklahoma. With a remarkable knowledge of practical petroleum geology and shrewd business acumen, Hefner developed holdings of land and mineral rights in 20 states. From , he was Mayor of Oklahoma City. Robert A. Hefner, Jr. A graduate of Stanford University, Hefner also studied at Harvard and took his law degree from the University of Oklahoma in A man of wide interests and talents, Hefner was an outstanding college athlete, who lettered in basketball, golf, and boxing. A gifted violinist, he played with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

Moving to Illinois in , he became one of the most successful and sought after petroleum attorneys in the country. A leading independent oil producer, Robert Hefner, Jr. Widely known for his philanthropic activities, he was instrumental in the donation of the Hefner Mansion to the Oklahoma Heritage Association. He was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. In , Robert A. Jess Harris, Sr. It is a list that includes John D. The landman is an essential figure in the acquisition of leases necessary for the drilling of oil. In a rough and tumble business, Harris and the firm he established has for 70 years possessed an unexcelled reputation for professional competence and integrity.

Harris began his career in the petroleum industry in Hughes and Seminole counties and expanded into the oilfields of Texas. In partnership with Thomas Nix, he leased millions of acres for his clients and took part in numerous oil and gas drilling ventures all over the United States.

The Jess Harris Memorial Golf Tournament, hosted by that organization for the benefit of charity, is a tribute to his generosity and the esteem in which his peers held him. Jake L. Hamon One of the most flamboyant of the oil pioneers, Jake Hamon, was born in Kansas and graduated with a law degree from the University of Kansas.

He moved to Lawton and played an important role in the development of that city. The discovery of the Healdton oil fields brought him to Ardmore.

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Both in Texas and Oklahoma, he built railroads to service the oil fields. He enlisted the financial support of the circus magnate John Ringling in building the railroad from Ardmore to the Healdton oil fields. An influential figure in Republican politics, he served as Chairman of the State Committee. His political power was felt at the national level; and, Hamon was instrumental in the election of Warren Harding in Like President Harding, Hamon had a fatal attraction to women.

His shooting death at the hands of his mistress, Clara Smith Hamon, the former wife of his nephew, and her trial in Ardmore were national sensations in Erle P. Halliburton The founder of Halliburton Company is a classic story of entrepreneurial success in a free market economy. Born on a Tennessee farm, Halliburton left home at 14 and was a manual laborer and sailor before going to work with a cement company in the California oil fields. In , he established the headquarters of his company in Duncan, Oklahoma. His company has continued his legacy of innovation and creativeness by its programs of technological research.

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Hall F. Hall was a major figure in the development of the Chickasha, Cement, and Oklahoma City oil fields and a pioneer supporter of civil aviation. Born in Oklahoma, he grew up in Texas and made his start in the oil business in In Chickasha, the pair drilled straight wells without a dry hole. The day after the Oklahoma City discovery well came in, on Dec. Hall recognized the business potential of aviation. He was a major backer of Oklahoma pioneer aviator, Wiley Post. Hall himself participated in various aviation races in the s, serving as a navigator and gas pump operator.

He moved to California, where he carried out successful oil exploration operations. He returned to Oklahoma City and spent his later years in real estate. Among his real estate holdings was the Broadmoor Hotel in Oklahoma City. Roy C. Guffey Roy Guffey was a pioneer in the development of oil drilling equipment. Gould Charles Gould was a pioneer in the scientific study of the geology of Oklahoma and the systematic use of geological science to discover oil. Educated at Southwestern Kansas College and the University of Nebraska, Gould taught at the University of Oklahoma from , establishing the Department of Geology, making OU a pioneer in the study of petroleum geology, and training a number of distinguished petroleum geologists.

Charles B. Goddard ran away from home at 15 and, at 16, was a tool pusher on a rig owned by his uncle in Ohio. In , the year-old Goddard went to Spindletop in Texas to drill a well. When the well was half way down, the owner ran out of cash and agreed to divide the ownership of the well if the crew would complete it without pay. The well came in big, and Goddard became an independent. He and his brother-in-law, Sid Warrener, became partners and drilled numerous wells for 10 years.

On Jan. Goddard came to Oklahoma to develop new oil reserves and was a pioneer in the development of the oil industry in southern Oklahoma, including the Healdton oil field. His interest in game hunting led him to develop a remarkable wildlife preserve in the Arbuckle Mountains near Ardmore. He established the Charles B. Goddard Foundation, and his philanthropic work transformed the quality of medical care in the Ardmore area and created the Goddard Health Center at the University of Oklahoma. Jean P. Paul Getty made a fortune in the oil fields of Oklahoma.

His father, a wealthy Minneapolis attorney, came to Oklahoma on legal business in and struck it rich in oil. After studying classics, economics, and history at Oxford, Getty returned to Oklahoma, where drilling in the Stonebluff region near Muskogee made him a millionaire. A man of great culture and refinement, Getty read Latin authors at breakfast, collected art, and wrote books and articles. Wirt Franklin, an Ardmore lawyer and real estate dealer, was instrumental in its discovery and a pioneer in the development of the petroleum industry in Oklahoma.

As President of Wirt Franklin Petroleum Corporation, he was one of the most influential independent oil producers in the United States. He organized and was the first president of the Independent Petroleum Association of America. His contributions as a pioneer of the Oklahoma oil industry were highlighted when he was chosen in by the Oklahoma Petroleum Council as the first recipient of its Outstanding Oil Man Award.

Henry V. Foster H. Foster was a pioneer in opening three of the greatest oil fields in Oklahoma and in the nation: the Osage, the Seminole, and Oklahoma City. His father, a successful financier, negotiated with the Osage Nation in an oil lease for a million an a half acres, the largest such least in history. Many of the greatest petroleum companies had their origins in the Osage lease, including Phillips, Sinclair, Getty, and Cities Service.

Boldly ignoring the advice experts, Foster struck new, extraordinarily rich fields in Seminole in and Oklahoma City in While enjoying a lavish lifestyle in Bartlesville, Foster felt the responsibilities of his great wealth. He insisted upon anonymity in his philanthropic activity; and he believed that charity is best directed to those willing to help themselves. George E. Antiques expert Drew Pritchard who is a presenter on Salvage Hunters Get the biggest daily stories by email Subscribe See our privacy notice More newsletters. Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice.

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