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Meet The Seams by The Seams. Jangle pop just like REM used to make from a Toronto indie supergroup. Purchasable with gift card. A song about meeting up with your friends for a good night, but you may have other responsibilities you don't want anything to do with. I wanna get loosey goosey! I wanna get down tonight I wanna get lost in music! If you're around then you might Find out you might as well be by my side and acting wild Well just go crazy maybe later we'll do what you like I wanna get loosey goosey, I wanna get down tonight! I wanna get lost in music!

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If you're around then you might! Get moovy groovy to the music 'till you're head explodes Well just roll over, cause I told ya, all of this before!

Well she said, ohhhhh she said! Ohhhh my baby said no, no, no, no!!! I wanna get down tonight I wanna get lost in music, If you're around then you might Find out you might as well be by my side and acting wild Well just go crazy maybe later we'll do what you like I wanna get loosey goosey! Other issues Apol has clashed with colleagues on include allowing federal employees to make government decisions about companies they have previously worked for and "revolving-door rules," which limit the kinds of jobs federal employees can take after leaving government.

In the latter case, Apol argued that an official who had managed a government contract should be able to take a job with the company that held the contract—which is generally viewed as a way to influence the government. We want a more open and sharing world. All of our original content is published under Creative Commons—allowing and encouraging our articles to be republished freely anywhere. In addition to the traffic and reach our content generates on our site, the multiplying impact of our work is huge and growing as our articles flourish across the Internet and are republished by other large and small online and print outlets around the world.

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Let's just say they know how to feed their horses to perform their best. But there are different leaders that creep up on us when we least expect it. This type of leadership style often can stunt the growth of an operation. Here are five warning signs of what I refer to as loosey-goosey leadership practices. A no-show at meetings. The morning of, the president emails and says something has come up that is urgent and he or she cannot make the meeting. This happens not once but two or three times within a short period of time. Unreliable with conference calls. You set up a call that is convenient to the founder of the business and all the parties involved in the project.

You establish a purpose for the call and the expected outcomes. Reminders are sent to ensure everyone is aware of the date and time of the phone meeting.


The day of the conference call, it begins and the founder never joins the call. There is no subsequent call to apologize or an email to explain the absence. Colleagues speculate as to why the founder is missing, and another call is scheduled.

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The founder, who has a critical part in the call, joins 20 minutes late, disrupting all and pushing the call well beyond its time limit. How many of you have had the experience where a prospective client calls you, leaves a voicemail message indicating they need your services, and once you respond by phone or email, they are nowhere to be found? You call and there is no return phone call from this executive. You email for weeks and there is nothing. Never doing as they say they are going to do.

LG leaders are always first to state they will participate in something, and then later on as the event, project or meeting approaches, they never show. They want to look good in front of others peers , but when push comes to shove and something really matters, they don't deliver. Disappearing during a time of need or crisis. Some refer to this as the greasy pig syndrome, meaning you want to get your hands on a key player — whether for a new business launch, re-branding project or manufacturing overhaul — and they are nowhere to be found. You need them on a conference call, indicate as such several times over, and you hear absolutely nothing from them.

Yet this very same person claims to run the company.