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He not only has a prophesied plan for all people, but he is also concerned about each one of us and our eternal potential. He reveals the scriptures to help us catch the vision of his plan and also to give us a personal purpose within that plan. The covenant theme permeates Old Testament teachings and is a primary purpose of their existence.

From the beginning, the Lord established a covenant relationship with his chosen people. See Ex. See Moses —52 ; Gen.

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In the scriptures, although covenant-making is serious, it is not something harsh like adversaries binding and obligating themselves in a compact , but something gentle like two friends, especially a father with his children, sitting and eating bread together. Teaching about covenants is a primary purpose of all scripture. This is spoken of as the Old Covenant, from which we get the name Old Testament for the first part of our Bible. See Matt. In one of the most touching passages of Jeremiah, the Lord announces that in the future he will make a new covenant with Israel, the old Mosaic covenant having been broken.

See Jer.

Key number 5: Ancient prophets often wrote in symbolic poetry. Because of the oral nature of the teaching-learning process common in ancient Semitic societies, Hebrew prophets helped their listeners by organizing their pronouncements into various poetic patterns. For example, ideas and words or phrases were often expressed in couplets that were parallel with each other.

The prophets also used symbolism to reinforce mental images while allowing the full meaning of the pronouncements to remain veiled and hidden from those not ready or willing to understand them. Key number 6: Prophecy is understood by the gift and spirit of prophecy.

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The reader needs to seek for spiritual enlightenment to assist intellectual understanding of the teachings. We need to make God a companion in our study of scriptural prophecy. Our Heavenly Father, through promptings of the Holy Ghost, can help us understand his revealed words and let us know how to apply them in our lives.

As children of God seeking direction from our Maker, we have access not only to his written word, as revealed in the scriptures, but also to his gentle inspiration as we ponder his messages and pray to him. We have also been blessed with modern prophets and additional scriptures that clarify the meaning of many enigmatic Bible passages. As we listen to our inspired leaders, we gain additional insight as to how we can turn our hearts to our ancestors and thus be a part of the fulfillment of this ancient prophecy.

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See Rev. The gift of prophecy gives us the witness through the Spirit that Jesus is the Christ, thereby fulfilling the second major purpose of scripture, according to Moroni:. Key number 7: Prophecies are meant to edify. Scriptural prophecies edify, enlighten, encourage, and endow us. They enlighten us by revealed truths. They encourage us by giving us hope and promise of divine aid. They endow us with power from on high to meet the challenges of mortality.

See Book of Mormon Title Page. It is more difficult to recognize these tender attributes of God in the historical and prophetic portions of the Old Testament than in the Psalms and other poetic parts of the Old Testament. These steps of reading, remembering, pondering, and praying are the ones outlined by Moroni as keys to gaining enlightenment and understanding from the Book of Mormon. The same pattern provides affirmation and edification from any scripture passage.

As prophets have followed these steps, they have received new insights and revelation. See JS—H — Joseph F. Smith provides a big picture view of Scripture. This volume packs the main themes and concepts of the Bible onto its pages, providing the reader with rich encouragement and life-changing truths.

Unlocking the New Testament

In the Logos edition, this volume is enhanced by amazing functionality. Important terms link to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a wealth of other resources in your digital library. Take the discussion with you using tablet and mobile apps. With Logos Bible Software, the most efficient and comprehensive research tools are in one place, so you get the most out of your study.

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Colin Smith was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He came to personal faith in Christ at the age of six, and has sensed God's call to pastoral ministry since early in life.

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While in London, he was very active in the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches in England; and has served the Fellowship as president. There are a lot of academic claims in this book, but with no reference to where the research originated. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Email address:. Click HERE for more details.

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