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Serial a podcast spinoff of This American Life is another example. Although true-crime stories abound in network television, documentaries, and publishing, the newness of the format combined with a story filled with as many questions as answers earned more than million downloads for its first season.

It dominated watercooler conversations for months and eventually earned a spoof on Saturday Night Live. Questions are the lifeblood of all effective stories. At the beginning of the process, asking the right questions can help you figure out whether the story will matter to your audience. Michelle Park Lazette honed her storytelling instincts as a reporter at local newspapers and business publications.

The added value of corporate storytelling

Michelle shared these story-vetting questions in her talk at Content Marketing World Questions help you decide whether you have a story in the first place. Then, when you start creating the story, questions keep people interested. Right away, listeners wonder why. Why does it matter where this kid was so long ago? Why did Sarah Koenig devote a year to finding the answer?

A Most Unique Storyteller

Was it raining? Are you sure? Did you go to any stores that day? If so, what did you buy? Who did you talk to? And, of course, the series itself hinges on one overarching question: Did Adnan Syed commit the crime he was sentenced for — the murder of Hae Min Lee? But when Chef John J. Some grinned. Some raised their eyebrows.

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One woman covered her mouth. The ingredient could have been revealed in the second sentence. Instead, she took a beat to let readers wonder what mystery ingredient could provoke those reactions. Creating these moments of tension and resolution act like gold coins in video games, she said, rewarding readers for their attention and keeping them around in case they find more.

Give them enough information so they can make those choices on their own.

Storytelling - Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi & Simon Rex

But how often does simply telling someone what to think, how to feel, or what to do get the intended result? If you can lead people to form an opinion, their opinions will be stronger.

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Image source. Finally, she told the story of Rusti Miller-Hill who served two-and-half years in prison for a non-violent drug offense: possession of crack cocaine with intent to sell. While Rusti was incarcerated, her two children went to foster care and eventually were adopted. The emotional connection made with the audience made that piece of native advertising show up on the nytimes. In the Ira Glass interview , he boils storytelling down to a sequence of actions.

What is a story in its purest form? A story is somebody saying this happened, and that led to this next thing, and that led to this next thing, and that led to this next thing. The same principle applies in audio and video — the opening scene or anecdote must convince people to settle in for the story. Corporate storytelling brings the story of the brand, organisation and company to life.

People need to be part of a larger whole and contribute to a shared goal. Storytelling can reinforce the corporate culture or can steer an organisation through a process of change. Employees are involved in the core and the future of the organisation, make connections themselves, speak out about their personal experiences and their connection with the company, and share anecdotes about memorable events.

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People make organisations. The employees of today and tomorrow continue building on the work carried out by people before them. With corporate storytelling we connect the past, present and future to form a single story. Storytelling People is driven by the core story of entrepreneurs and businesses, otherwise known as the corporate DNA.

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The story everyone can identify with. We also like to stay true to our own entrepreneurial and innovative personality.

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In we were continuing along the pioneering road by choosing exclusively for corporate story and corporate storytelling, with customers such as FrieslandCampina, Randstad and Heineken. We bring the corporate story of businesses to life in the Internet age with stories that really matter. We bring unity to the story of organisations.

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The core of any corporate story: connecting people to your story. Corporate storytelling revolves around creating real dialogue between people. Storytelling People does so both offline and online. Storytelling is ideally suitable for community building. Every corporate story is unique, because every organisation is unique. However, what organisations have in common is a passion for their own story. If that story is authentic, it is told from the heart. Our method of working brings the true stories in your organisation to the surface and combines them into a single clear story that connects people.

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With the corporate story we ignite the fire of inspiration in your organisation. For more than 30 years Storytelling People has been recording corporate stories and bringing them to life with storytelling and community building. Storytelling makes the abstract corporate story accessible in stories by and for people. Storytelling scans are a quick and inexpensive way to gain clarity and direction. Request a scan today so that you too can create clarity for the future of your story.