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Typical spa offerings, like fitness classes, massage, chef-driven menus make the weight loss process feel less stressful. Some of these fitness and weight loss resorts are located within luxury hotels, while others have stand-alone campuses. The top picks for the spa category depend on your goal.

If you're primarily seeking a luxury spa vacation where you might be able to lose a few pounds or simply not gain weight then consider one of the "spa first" top picks. But if your primary goal is weight loss and you also enjoy the luxury of spa services and fine dining then consider the "weight loss first" top pick.

But at this island resort, you'll also enjoy a healthy, gourmet menu and a wide selection of fitness offerings including pool classes, spinning, yoga on the beach, treadmill workouts, country line-dancing, and more. In addition, guests take part in lectures and workshops that help them develop the skills needed to start and maintain a comprehensive program of healthy eating and exercise. If you are new to the program and have more weight to lose consider taking at least days or up to one month at the retreat to take full advantage of all that Hilton Head Health has to offer.

Why a top pick? Hilton Head Health could easily be included in several of the different weight loss retreat categories. There are no physicians on the premises, but lectures and programs are developed by credentialed healthcare professionals and the weight loss guidelines are based on the most highly respected evidence-based research. For that reason, potential clients who might consider a medical program like Pritikin or Cooper—but do not need medical supervision— may find that Hilton Head Health serves their needs.


Additionally, some clients who visit the weight loss retreat do so to boost their health or lose weight before medical treatments or surgery such as a knee replacement. Lastly, because the facility is on an island with access to a stunning beach, those who are looking for a destination resort may also enjoy this program. But the primary reason that Hilton Head Health is a top pick is the scope of the program and the supportive environment.

Guests become friendly with each other as they participate in engaging lectures and workshops that address all aspects of living a healthy life—from goal setting, portion control, and meal planning to wellness apps and smartphone technology that can help to boost success. Guests enjoy delicious calorie-controlled meals in a fine-dining restaurant and can choose to participate in chef's wine dinners and cooking classes. They also develop an individualized program for their return home and can participate in post-program coaching. If you consider Hilton Head Health, be aware that accommodations are not traditional hotel-style rooms.

Guests are often placed in a shared villa or cottage that may be owned by the retreat or might be located offsite and owned by a private party. If you have specific expectations for accommodations during your stay, ask questions about your lodging arrangements before booking.

Why are these top picks? Both of these health spas ranked well because of their extensive list of luxury services paired with tailored programs for weight loss. At Cal-A-Vie, guests enjoy chef-prepared meals and can choose a daily intake of , , or calories. Each guest meets with the registered dietician who works with you to suggest fitness classes also provides support to change diet and lifestyle habits related to weight gain. At The Ranch, guests choose from indoor and outdoor activities that help them to feel physically and mentally restored.

International weight loss resorts cater to fitness and travel savvy clients all over the globe. You're likely to feel pampered at many of these hot spots which may make the weight loss process feel more indulgent and can make dieting and exercise easier. Transitioning home, however, may be more of a challenge as your typical daily routine is not likely to be as luxurious or exotic as the curated experience at these destinations.

Top pick : The BodyHoliday. Services offered: There is almost no diet, fitness, or weight loss service that is not offered at The BodyHoliday.

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The resort offers quality nutrition services, Ayurvedic diet and wellness services, expert fitness training, and an extensive line-up of activities including sailing, swimming, bootcamp, hiking, paddle board, spinning, stretching, tennis, combat fitness, water volleyball, archery, and much much more. A full spa is also available. Beginning in January , BodyHoliday will also offer week-long weight loss retreats run by their team of nutritionists and exercise physiologists.

The camaraderie at BodyHoliday and the wide range of activities at the resort make it easy to play while you get in shape and lose weight. Staff at the facility work together to coordinate a comprehensive experience so that you meet your diet, nutrition, and exercise goals while having fun in a luxurious setting. If you currently have a yoga practice or if you would like to start one, consider visiting a yoga retreat that provides a weight loss program. Many yoga retreats nationally and internationally practice Ayurvedic medicine and may offer an Ayurvedic diet to help you slim down. Many of the resorts and retreats mentioned in other sections of this review offer yoga programs along with weight loss services.

Services offered: Five-day immersive weight loss program that focuses on eating behavior and mindful lifestyle practices that support healthy living, weight loss, and weight maintenance. Yoga, cooking classes, nutrition lectures, and outdoor exercise is included. At Kripalu, participants spend more time delving into why they eat and what they can do to make healthier choices.

How to Choose a Weight Loss Retreat: Tips and Top Picks

Dieters don't go home with a specific meal plan to follow, but they have the opportunity to connect with others so that they can continue to build on the foundation that they establish at Kripalu. And the food mostly vegetarian and vegan offerings makes eating healthy both delicious and enjoyable. Hikers, backpackers, and other outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the weight loss programs at locations that encourage open-air exploration. These resorts encourage self-discovery and physical challenges that burn calories and build endurance.

When considering how affordable weight loss camps are, make sure to factor in all of the following:. Weight loss camps can help you jump start your fitness routine, learn about nutrition and deal with emotional problems that lead to overeating. To keep losing weight after your camp ends, look for a program that offers the following:. Many wellness retreats take a holistic approach to wellness and offer treatment for both physical and mental health.

What You Should Eat on the Ketogenic Diet

The retreats might include alternative medicine treatments and therapies, like chakra cleansing or past life regression. Yoga retreats, meditation retreats and mindfulness retreats are all popular types of retreats in this category. Mental health retreats are like wellness retreats for depression. These often include therapy sessions and focus on giving you tools to deal with everyday stresses in your life.

They may also include fitness activities, spa treatments and outdoor activities. These healing retreats can be beneficial for anyone who suffers from anxiety or depression as well as for people who just need a little break. A health retreat often refers to a weekend or weeklong wellness retreat that includes a mix of relaxing activities and fitness classes. All-inclusive health retreats serve healthy food and balanced meals. Wellness spas tend to focus on relaxation more than fitness. Spa treatments at these kinds of health resorts include more basic therapies, like massages and facials, or medi-spa treatments, like microdermabrasion, chemical peels and botox.

Health spas typically serve healthy food and may offer a detox or fasting option. More extensive luxury wellness retreats often include a health spa even if their focus is on weight loss or fitness. Some weight loss camps are held at medical weight loss centers. These camps are especially good for people who have medical problems or those who are obese. Camps at weight loss centers often start with a medical exam that includes a blood test, stress test and body composition scan.

Some retreats offer these services for an additional fee. Some wellness retreats have physicians on site. They can make changes to your diet or fitness routine as needed. If you have a serious medical problem, like diabetes or a heart condition, consider attending one of these retreats. Fitness wellness retreats, or fit camps, focus on exercise and offer fitness classes and personal training.

Some also have classes where you can learn a new sport, like tennis or golf. Whether you want to jump-start your fitness journey or you need a real fitness challenge, there are camps that cater to all fitness levels so you can find one that works for you. The types of fitness classes available will vary depending on the weight loss resort you choose.

Most weight loss wellness retreats offer yoga, spinning classes, circuit training, water aerobics and even hiking. More structured weight loss camps may not let you set your own schedule, while other wellness retreats may let you choose the classes you want to attend. Many wellness retreats have on-site health spas. Some all-inclusive retreats include a limited number of spa services in the overall price.

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Lots of wellness retreats include classes to help you learn about nutrition so you can maintain your new diet when you go home. Some also have cooking classes to teach you how to make healthy, delicious meals. There may be an extra fee for these classes. Weight loss camps and wellness retreats often include behavioral-change counseling to give you tools to adjust your behavior after the retreat ends.

Some also offer counseling for overeating and compulsive eating, so you can address underlying issues that caused your weight gain. Some wellness retreats offer classes or activities for emotional and spiritual wellness. These might include meditation, hypnosis, chakra balancing and more.

Compare Reviews for Top Wellness Retreats and Weight Loss Camps

Participants stay at a Radisson Hotel and exercise at an award-winning fitness facility. All programs include fitness classes and nutritional education sessions. It is an all-inclusive retreat that offers a variety of programs based on your goals. H3 has been helping people lose weight for more than 40 years.

It has three locations, which are all-inclusive and offer group fitness classes and nutritional education. These resorts focus on giving you the tools to succeed after you leave. Pritikin Longevity Center and Spa is an all-inclusive weight loss resort that includes nutritional education, fitness classes and medical exams. All guests undergo a medical screening when they arrive, and the program prides itself on being scientifically proved to be effective.

The resort is in Miami. Red Mountain Resort is a hotel in southern Utah that offers spa services and many health and wellness activities. Any stay there can include hikes, fitness classes and balanced nutrition, or you can choose to attend a special wellness retreat. Green Mountain at Fox Run is a wellness retreat for women located in south-central Vermont.

Dr. G's Weightloss

The retreat gives women tools to make long-term changes through fitness and nutritional education. The Oaks at Ojai is a weight loss retreat that offers a variety of fitness classes and a healthy diet primarily to women over The resort is located in Ojai, California, and has been helping women with their health and fitness challenges since Shane Diet and Fitness Resorts is an all-inclusive wellness retreat that focuses on weight loss.

Canyon Ranch is an all-inclusive resort designed to improve guests' health and wellness. It has locations in Lenox, Massachusetts, and Tucson, Arizona, as well as spas in Las Vegas and aboard many cruise ships. Rancho La Puerta is a family-owned and operated resort dedicated to helping people live healthier lives. The resort offers classes and activities to support both physical and emotional wellness.

It offers packages for three, four or seven nights; these include fitness classes, healthy meals and spa services. Miraval is a wellness resort near Tucson, Arizona, on the edge of the Santa Catalina natural area. It offers a wide variety of experiences to improve your mental, emotional and physical well-being. The Ranch is an all-inclusive wellness retreat with a strict boot camp approach.

Stays include long hikes and a regimented diet to promote wellness through endurance. Shane Diet and Fitness Resorts focuses on weight loss by providing exercise classes and a healthy, balanced diet. It has locations in Florida, California and New York. The Ranch is an all-inclusive wellness retreat with locations in California. It offers a boot camp approach to fitness with regimented workouts and diets.

Retreats include nutrition education and personalized workouts. They last from five days to more than five weeks. Information in this guide is general in nature and is intended for informational purposes only; it is not legal, health, investment or tax advice.

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Common weight loss camp and wellness retreat questions Top. What is a wellness retreat? What is a weight loss camp? How much do wellness retreats and weight loss camps cost? When considering how affordable weight loss camps are, make sure to factor in all of the following: Special discounts: Many weight loss retreats have special pricing for particular groups, like teachers or members of the military, and most have seasonal deals.

Local and state taxes can add a significant amount to the total price. Ask about the final cost when inquiring about pricing. Travel expenses: Factor in the cost of flying or driving to the retreat when budgeting for your program. Additional services: Although many retreats advertise themselves as all-inclusive, they sometimes have additional services, like massages or individual lessons, that incur extra charges.

How do I pay for a weight loss wellness retreat? Many weight loss retreats partner with these lenders to offer financing. Talk to your account administrator to learn about specific requirements and restrictions. Do weight loss camps work? To keep losing weight after your camp ends, look for a program that offers the following: Sessions with trainers: Some wellness retreats, including Shane Diet and Fitness Resort, offer online sessions with trainers.

You can check in with a trainer you worked with at the wellness resort to track your progress or get encouragement. Email support: Some wellness retreats, like Premier Fitness Camp, allow you to remain in email communication with the staff after you leave. You can email them when you have questions or need some encouragement. Meal programs: A few weight loss wellness retreats have meal programs. You can have the kind of food you ate at the retreat shipped to your home to keep you on track. Other camps, like Premier Fitness Camp, send you home with detailed meal plans, so you can stay on track with what you eat.

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