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Renie De Mase Illustrator. Angel knows he is lucky to be one of the few dogs rescued from the Chilean earthquake, but now he finds himself with challenging physical limitations and in need of a new family. Facing his fear of rejection for not being like other dogs, he embarks on a journey that teaches him the importance of patience, courage, and the willingness to open his heart to others. Get A Copy. Hardcover , 1st Edition , 32 pages.

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More Details Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Angel's Forever Home , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Jan 14, Karin Larson rated it it was amazing. A must read for children and adults alike! View 2 comments. Jun 08, Maureen Timerman rated it it was amazing Shelves: Poor Angel has suffered a lot in his young life, but will he be able to find a forever home? This poor love has injured his leg in the Chilean earthquake, and now needs to have medical care and a family.

We get to see what happens to this pup, and the willingness of someone to overlook his disabilities and open their hearts. I received a complimentary copy of this book and was under no obligation to post a review. The thoughts and opinions are mine alone. View 1 comment. Jan 14, Mary rated it it was amazing. Angel is such a lovable and relatable character; he has a great voice! I look forward to reading this book again and again. How do you know if you are saved? Is it a feeling or is there a more sure way to know? Remember, the Lord truly loves us to the extent that He wants us to live with Him.

This is not wishful thinking. He even now is working on our behalf to save us from sin. He is now preparing to take us home with Him. So let's plan to be among the saved. This will be the biggest homecoming that we will ever experience. I am sure that the whole universe of created beings are also looking forward to this event. We must not miss our chance to witness and feel the happiness of those who love the Lord by living with Him! Can you help me to understand the meaning behind Mark " Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched " To me this does indicate that punishment is eternal.

And from my logic and reason perspective it would serve Hitler and Stalin right to spend eternity paying for their crimes against humanity. Seems like a pretty light sentence to think they would eventually get off. I believe that there may indeed be questions among the righteous concerning the punishment of the wicked. Is what God does in destroying the wicked too harsh? Or maybe; Is the punishment of the wicked insufficient to pay for their crimes?

God will do something very special for the righteous and He will treat the righteous in a way that we might not automatically think that God would do. From looking at Scripture, it looks like God will open Himself up to the judgement of the Righteous! This is an amazing thing to say, but lets start looking at Scripture for some clues.

They are actually adopted into God's Family! They receive a gift from God that would never be theirs if Jesus didn't give it to them. Through Jesus, the righteous become joint-heirs with Christ! Jesus inherits the kingdom, so the righteous will also inherit the kingdom along with Him!

The righteous will then be glorified together with Jesus! And so, Jesus actually gives the judgement to the saints! I am not sure what all this means, but the righteous become the children of God by adoption and they actually become joint-heirs with Christ?! And to be glorified together with Jesus?! I do not think it is possible to imagine the degree in which God and Jesus will honor the righteous. It will be that they will be able to call God their father or daddy because they have become adopted into the family of God!

In this amazing description of the righteous' experience, the righteous will actually reign with Christ! Not only do they become joint heirs with Jesus and glorified together, but they are also allowed to reign with Him as well. In 1 Corinthians, we see that the righteous will even act as judges:. The righteous judge not only the wicked but also the wicked angels. In Revelation below, we see that the righteous live and reign with Christ for a thousand years.

They judge the wicked and they will be priests of God and of Christ. They are blessed and holy because they were raised in the first resurrection. This is the resurrection of the righteous when Jesus came. The wicked will not be resurrected until the years are finished.

That is when the wicked will be judged and they will experience the second death from which they will never live again. They will cease to exist. Yes, it is true that God knows who is righteous and who is wicked; He has already separated the righteous from the wicked. But remember, it says in Revelation that "judgment was given unto them:" Remember, God is allowing the righteous to be joint-heirs with Christ!

He is allowing them to be glorified together with Christ! So, God is giving this special privilege to the righteous, to judge the wicked. Lets not forget that it is after the years that the wicked will be raised to life again. This is when they will be judged. So, just as soon as the years are finished and the righteous are finished with their judgement, then the wicked are raised to life, only to be destroyed by the fire according to their judgement.

They will be judged according to the judgement of the righteous at that time. So, there is a special judgment that occurs over the wicked. Since the wicked are judged according to their works at this time, it looks like the righteous themselves will determine the amount of suffering that is metered out when the wicked are placed in the lake of fire which is their second death. The point is this: while you may presently wonder whether Hitler and Stalin will sufficiently pay for their crimes; At that time, you will personally be able to look into their judgement to check for yourself whether it is sufficient and just.

You may personally take part in the judgement of them yourself. Obviously we don't know the specifics of how it will be done. But this process does suggest that God will be opening Himself to us in such a way so that we will more fully understand the reasons why God has done what He has done. I think it possibly that this whole process will be a way to help us become healed. Lets face it, we are all sick and damaged individuals; But God will help us take a years to consider all these things so that when all the wicked are raised up again to receive their final punishment; The righteous will be able to say with a much fuller understanding and knowledge: "Just and true are your ways oh LORD"!

The fact that God actually takes years to allow the righteous to see and judge everything for themselves, shows the value that God places upon the righteous and their understanding of God and the whole process of judging the wicked. How could the righteous ever be happy if they were to watch the wicked being destroyed while still having serious moral questions about their destruction? The righteous will not be forced to say things in heaven. Force is what happens in today's world where satanic powers try to force conscience against their will. No, But rather, the righteous will be able to talk about God from personal experience.

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This, I believe, will be the beginning of the fulfillment of the New Covenant that Jeremiah spoke about in Jeremiah See also Hebrews , where God will write His law in their hearts! There will never be a better fulfillment of this prophecy than when the righteous will be in heaven and later in the new earth. When the righteous go to heaven, the Lord will have forgiven their sins and He will remember their sin no more. At that time no one will teach his neighbor and brother to "know the LORD"; Because, God's law will be fully in their minds and written in their hearts.

They will be the children of God! God will write His law on the righteous' hearts and minds because their God opens to them the reality of who He is and what He has done for them. They will know the LORD. Not one of the righteous will be left out. The phrase " Their work does not die, and the fire is not quenched " is repeated several times. Also it is mentioned that the fire will never be quenched:. The "hell" is translated from the Greek word "gehenna. Garbage was thrown into the fire and what was not destroyed by the fire was eaten by maggots worms.

So gehenna symbolizes hell which is a place of total destruction. In this verse, Jesus is saying that the fires of hell cannot be quenched or put out by anyone.

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The phrase " Their worm does not die, And the fire is not quenched. If they are looking at the dead bodies of the wicked, then the wicked are actually dead! They are looking at the dead corpses of men! This means that the worm that does not die, must not refer to the wicked themselves. They cannot both be dead and continually alive! So it must be that the worm, which "does not die", actually refers to the worms that eat the bodies. The two activities that destroy the trash in gehenna, which are the fire and worms, do not stop until the trash and bodies are completely destroyed.

Historically, since the trash is continually added to gehenna outside of Jerusalem, the process never ends. So the worms do not die and the fire is not quenched. However when the wicked are fully destroyed at the end, they will be destroyed all together in one place, all at the same time:. So the worm will not stop doing its eating and the fire will not stop consuming until everything is completely destroyed.

The wicked will not be able to deliver themselves from the fire that destroys them. However, then Isaiah is quick to say that there will not be a coal to be warmed at nor a fire to sit before. So, the fire will not be quenched while the wicked are yet burning but it will go out only when there is nothing left to consume. It is a fire that is not quenched. Here is an interesting parallel: I am also reminded that Jeremiah said Jerusalem will be burned with a fire that will not be quenched:.

So, the fire that burned the gates of Jerusalem were not quenched! Yet we know that the city was totally destroyed just as Jeremiah said it would:. So when Jesus says that the fire will never be quenched He means just that. The fire will not be put out, so the wicked will be fully destroyed.

It is only when there is nothing left to burn will the fire go out. Then the fire will go out naturally. But the fire will never be quenched before it does its job. Thus the fire will not be quenched before it's job is done and the wicked will not be able to remove themselves from this flame. It is the description of the destruction and desolation of Edom. Most of the book Revelation actually is connected with the Old Testament. It is clear that Isaiah was not saying that the smoke would be ascending forever since he also says in the very next few verses that the land would then become a waste for generations.

He says that it would be a place that only wild animals would inhabit. The animals would take over the land:. The description of the smoke, is only a temporary action. Once the smoke is gone, then the animals take over. So, this text really speaks of complete destruction, not that the smoke would be forever rising, but that it would become a wasteland. The fire would do its job and then nothing would be left. If the area would be forever burning and smokey, the wild animals would never inhabit the area.

Animals run away from smoke and fire. The destruction of Edom matches the destruction of the wicked at the end. They will also vanish away once the fire does its job of destroying the wicked. What about In Revelation where is says: the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever, and they have no rest day nor night? This is an important question because there are some very prominent statements in Revelation that seem to suggest that they burn forever and ever:.

Do the wicked get tormented day and night for ever and ever? I have devoted a whole web page to this very problem. Click to see: Are we tormented day and night for ever and ever? A new window will appear. Another question is this: Often Satan is pictured as being in control of Hell where he tends the fires of the agonizing wicked.

5 (Biblical) Reasons Why God Might Send His Angels

Thus Satan is pictured as tormenting the wicked. Is that truly what is going to happen? Is that happening now? Click to see: Is Satan in charge of Hell or is he and his angels destroyed in the fire? Man becomes a living soul when the dust of the ground and the breath of life comes together. When we die, the soul no longer exists because the dust returns to the earth and the spirit or breath returns to God. The righteous receive immortality as a gift from our Lord at His Second Coming.

So when Jesus comes to take us home with him, those who are still alive will be changed, and those who have fallen asleep in death, Jesus will raise them up in new bodies. Their bodies will be immortal. So at that point, the righteous will have an immortal soul. The Bible is very clear about this issue of the soul. The word "soul" is found around times and never once uses the expression "immortal soul" The word mortal means subject to death.

The word immortal means not subject to death. Its interesting the way it is said: "The soul who sins shall die". The word "soul" could be replaced by the word "person" The person who sins shall die. God can destroy both soul and body. However man can only kill the body. That certain something, the soul, the actual person, can still be put together by God when only the body is destroyed. Satan's first lie in the Garden of Eden was about death. He stated that the effect of disobedience was not death but life. He said, "you shall not surely die". Death is the absence of life. Sin brings forth not eternal life in hell, but total, absolute, banishment from the presence of God by annihilation.

Chris Tomlin - Whom Shall I Fear [God of Angel Armies] [Lyrics]

The Bible is clear. Man is mortal "Shall mortal man be more just than God?

The Darkness

The wicked sinners receive their eternal reward as well. The choice then is between eternal life and eternal death. In the story of the rich man and Lazarus, it seems that the rich man is suffering in Hell. How would this story, that Jesus told Himself, agree with the idea that there is no hell? All through the Bible, it talks about death as a sleep. Jesus Himself, when He heard of Lazarus's death, mentioned that he fell asleep. So it should be clear that Jesus knew that dead people are as if they were asleep. Also since the whole Bible, over and over, refers to the dead as sleeping over 60 times ; If we took the Rich Man and Lazarus story of Luke literally, It would go against all the rest of the Bible.

We would be making one part of the Bible go against all the other parts of scripture. It doesn't make sense that Jesus would say one day that the dead sleep, and in another time, He says they think and do things. Since the Rich man and lazarus story seems to go against all the rest of the Bible, it would seem that there is something wrong with our interpretation of the story. There is another point that the story does not fit with the rest of the Bible if we take a literal point of view of the story. At the second coming of Jesus, He will sound the trumpet, and all the dead will rise. If the righteous dead are already alive and doing things, why does Jesus have to wake them up when He comes the second time?

They would already be awake! Lets look at the Rich Man and Lazarus story itself. The story that Jesus gave about the rich man and Lazarus is either a literally description or it is just a story or a parable. Jesus told this story to make a point. That even if people came back from the dead, it would not convince anyone! Sure enough, when the real Lazarus was raised from the dead, they still did not believe. The Jews only wanted to kill him to hide the evidence.

So, what is it like to be dead? Some time ago, I answered a girl's question concerning her brother who died quite suddenly. She could not seem to be able to think of her brother as not doing anything at the present time. I told her that when her brother died in the accident, everything went black. He lost consciousness. The very next second, as far as he knows, he will wake up to see the second coming of Jesus who is coming to get every one of us.

He will be very amazed to know how long he was asleep. It doesn't matter to him because he didn't experience any time. Its as if it never happened. When we experience the sleep of death, time doesn't matter. He said that when he was small, their family use to go to their grandparents farm.

They would have fun playing with the animals and experiencing all the sights and sounds of a farm. Late in the evening, they would start for home in their car, but the kids would get sleepy on the long drive and soon would be fast asleep in the back of the station wagon. When they arrived home, their parents would pick up the sleeping children and put them to bed. The next morning the kids would wake up and be surprised that they were in their own bedroom.

The last thing they remember is that they were in the car. How did they get in here? When we die, it is just like what the kids experience when they get really tired. There is no sense of any time. There is another issue. If we have a brother or sister, mother or father, and they were alive in heaven right now and was able to see you and your family and see how you are suffering right now, would they be happy. They would be able to see your condition, but not be able to help you like they did before.

It reminds me of people who are tortured by seeing their children or wives tortured. I think God knew what He was doing when He chose to do what He did. He loves us very much and is planning to take us to live with Him as family! When we die, there is no concept of time. So the very next thing we see is when we wake up to see Jesus. In Isaiah, we find that this hiding in the grave is actually a blessing:.

In these texts, both Isaiah and Job point out that God's people will enter into the chambers of the grave until the indignation is past, until the misery, war, sickness, and sadness, until God's wrath is finished and done away with. It is clear that this is an act of kindness. God let's His people rest until all this trouble is past.

It is then that God comes out of His place to punish the wicked, It is also then that the righteous will be raised up from the dead. Now, what happens to the wicked dead.

Love You Forever, Mom | Bible Verses About Mothers and Mother’s Day

They sleep just like the righteous, except they will rise up in a different resurrection. The wicked dead will be raised up years later in the resurrection of the wicked. My simple question about How long will Hell fire burn is this. Please find some explanation for me. Was man created to live for ever? Is there any thing like eternal damnation? So, was man created to live for ever? Yes, he was made to live forever. However, God made a stipulation that Adam and Eve must obey Him.

God setup a test for them:. Adam and Eve were told that they would die if they ate of that tree but Satan tempted Eve not to believe God:. For the first time Eve, then Adam also, had to think about death. Before they fell, there was no death and Both Adam and Eve were made to live forever. But now, after sin has entered the world, there is death and destruction everywhere in the world. It is because we have sinned that we must die because the wages of sin is death. If it wasn't for God's gift to us, of eternal life, we would all be doomed.

But, some people try to say, because of verse 22, that all people will live forever because of Christ! However, if we continue to read into verse 23 we find the truth of what Paul was saying. When we read Verse 23 we see that it actually tells us who it is that will be made alive It tells us who will live forever. All will be made alive, first Jesus, who is the firstfruits, then those who are Christ's at His coming.

It is only those who belong to Jesus, they alone will be raised to life and be made immortal. In this sinful earth, all people are mortal. We will not live forever and we will all die unless Jesus comes in our lifetime. A few verses down in 1 Corinthians we read that "this mortal must put on immortality! They will put on immortality:. Jesus will raise up His people when He comes! When that happens, the dead will be raised incorruptible and changed.

They will not have sinful bodies with disease and pain. Also, the righteous dead in Christ, will be raised and they receive immortality. God's people become immortal! In sin, they were not immortal but now that they are raised up to life, are changed in that they now have incorruptible and immortal bodies. They will live forever! If the wicked are mortal and they do not receive immortality, how can they even suffer in eternity forever in hellfire?

The wicked are never given the gift of eternal life so they will die in the fires of Hell. Jesus even warns us to fear Him who is able to destroy both our soul and body in the fires of Hell:. Nowhere does the Bible say that the wicked receive immortality so that they can suffer forever. The wicked are still mortal and they will die as the Bible so clearly states:. The wicked are NOT immortal, so they will burn up and die and there will be nothing left of them. They will be ashes under the soles of your feet, they shall be stubble, there will not be even a coal to warm anything up.

There will only be stubble! So, the opposite of eternal life is eternal death. The punishment is forever since it lasts forever. They will be dead forever. The choice then is really between eternal life and eternal death. For additional information on the wicked dead Click to see: Are the wicked tormented day and night for ever and ever? We are not immortal now, but does it not say in 1 Corinthians that all people will be made alive? It does seem like the verse says that Jesus shall raise all people! However, let's look at more of the surrounding verses:.

If we look at verse 23, we see that it tells who the " all " are. Dear Sir, Hell is eternal since souls never die. Hell is very horrible. People should fear God and repent. Sin has eternal consequences. Please read some very interesting testimonies of people who have seen the visions of hell and also backed up testimonies with the scriptures. I have looked at some of these "after-life" stories. They are interesting stories but the idea, that people burn forever or that souls never die, comes from Pagan sources, not the Bible! It does not come from the Bible! The Bible says that fire will completely devour them so that there will be nothing left of them:.

Even in the New Testament we find that the soul can be destroyed. In fact, these words are spoken by Jesus:. We are not to fear man because all they can is kill our body.

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  6. But we are to fear or respect God who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. God is not going to make the wicked suffer for ever and ever. He will destroy the wicked. He wants to get rid of sin and He also wants to save us from this permanent death. We must respect God and repent because God loves us so much!