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Pantomime without title, with woman dressed as queen, undated. Play without title, with characters La nonna, La madre, La figlia, etc. Skit without title, with characters Il critico and L'artista," undated. Play without title, with characters Voce femminile and Voce maschile, undated. The story of Ascanio, told as a drama, a comedy and a farce, undated. Chapters 13 and 14, entitled "L'idro-piacere" and "Il ragno divino," but with dialogue written in drama format, undated. Play with characters Conoscenza and Consiglio, undated.

Play without title, with character La vecchia, l'anno nuovo, undated. Play without title, with characters Toddi, Piristain, etc. Play without title, with characters lo scimmione, Paolo, Giulietta, etc. Play without title, with characters Maddalena, Giorgia, Giuliana, undated. Play without title, with characters Il nipotino, La nonna, etc. Play without title, with characters Notaio Gorio and Architetto Bumi, undated. Play without title, with character Cristoforo Mapponi, undated. Play without title, with characters L'amico, Il professore, etc. Play fragments, undated.


Piovuta dal cielo , undated. Piovuta dal cielo , play, Piovuta dal cielo , Quadrante d'amore draft, undated. Quadrante d'amore Commedia in quattro tempi a una visione 2nd draft? Quadrante d'amore , final version, undated. Cadran d'Amour , French translation of Folgore's play, undated. Cadran , undated. Covers of formerly bound versions of Cadran and Quadrante. Play without title, with characters Rani, L'agente, Samuele, etc. Re Pistacchio , with characters Pistacchio, Sicofante, Lisabella, etc.

Play without title, with characters Giuliana and Arturo, note on back says "beginning of theatrical work," undated. Manuscripts without titles, undated. Play about Socrates, undated. Play without title, with characters La donna coi fiori, Lavoratore, etc. One-act play not completed, without title, with characters Lenza, Lora, etc. Summary of play about Re Cavallaio, undated. Play in three acts without title, with characters Nipote, Zia, etc.

Esculapio al neon , Edizioni Curci, Esculapio al neon , undated, Play without title, with characters il dottore, l'invitato, il metropolitano, etc. Dialogue with characters Levi and Trivellanto, undated. Play without title, with character Commere and five "Quadri," ; ms. Play without title, with characters Madre, Padre, Figlia, undated. Skit about Cleopatra, undated.

Comic sketch about Cleopatra, undated. Fragment of Cleopatra skit, undated. Play without title, with characters Venditore, Passeggero, undated. Play without title, with characters l'inventore, newlyweds, etc. Various versions of "Traviata," undated. Play without title, with characters Eunice, Talassia, etc. Drafts and fragments of pieces included in Giuochi, Scherzi e Favole, Sketch about Harold Lloyd?

Assorted draft fragments, undated. Fragments of various plays, undated. Collected stories without title page, undated. Story about a chemist, undated. Story about character named Atamio? Summary for proposed novel in which eight characters find themselves in possession of a million, undated.

Story with character named "Giustina," undated. Story with character named "Renand," undated. Piece about Socrates, by Folgore? Fragments of stories and fables in 4 small notebooks, undated. Untitled fragment, undated. Assorted fragments, undated. Epigrams, fables, etc. Lecture on humorism for hydrology conference, undated. Talk for banquet, undated. Talk about Govoni, undated.

Introduction to Notte d'Ottobre, undated. Assorted jokes, undated. Fragments of assorted lectures, undated. Handwritten cards, miscellaneous notes for lectures, undated. Folgore's account of his travels with Marinetti and other futurists, undated. About futurists, undated. Marinetti's psychology, undated. Futurist essay, undated. Marinetti and Futurism, undated. Writings on Papini, Futurism, poetry, undated. Essay on art in French, undated.

Essay on theater, undated. Questionaire about Italian literature with Folgore's responses, Theater of pantomime, undated. Manuscript on poetry, undated. Essays on poetry, undated. Drafts and fragments about Ennio Porrino, with whom Folgore collaborated, undated.

Le donne nell'esercito in diretta

Speech about Berto Barbarani, undated,. Introduction to Il gran teatro del mondo , signed, undated. Notes on Trilussa, undated. Introduction to "La voce umana," by Cocteau, undated. Fragments of writings about Franceso Flora, Luciano Nicastro, Cardarelli, and other writers, undated. Manuscript on Noguchi's poetry, undated.

Fragment on Bontempelli novel? Beginning of review of book by Labriola, Humoristic history of Hitler's rise to power, undated. Essay on humorism, undated. Assorted "Asterico" pieces, undated. Travel essays, undated. Religion essay, undated. Manuscript fragments, undated. Introduction to children's theatrical event, undated.

Reflections on envy, fragment, undated. Fragment about Trilussa, undated. Autobiographical anecdote, undated. Essay on fashion, undated. Proposal for changes in Il travaso, signed by Folgore, Chiarelli, and two others, Article, written as a series of scenes, about the invention of television, Introduction to "Il grammofono e il ventilatore," undated. Radioplays about Matamoro, , undated. Matamoro radioplay, no title, undated. Radioplays about Matamoro, undated. Matamoro and Pinocchio: radioplay? Matamoro and Pinocchio: "Radiomonelleria di Pinocchio" undated.

Matamoro and Pinocchio Matamoro and Pinocchio: "Radio-impresa di Pinocchio e Matamoro" undated. Matamoro and Pinocchio: "Matamoro story" undated. Radioplays about Pinocchio for Folgore's program, "Il segretario dei Piccoli," Letter from mayor of Pescia regarding Pinocchio song, Radioplays for Folgore's program for children, "La bacchetta magica". Radioplays for Folgore's Radio Lilliput program, No online items. Physical Description: Repository: The Getty Research Institute. Abstract: A comprehensive collection of materials tracing the career and work of prolific Futurist writer, Luciano Folgore, covering his involvement in that movement as well as his later pioneering work in Italian children's radio and television.

The archive comprises a large volume of his manuscripts of poetry, theater, and prose, in addition to correspondence, clippings, photographs, books, and other printed and related matter. Click here for the access policy. Language: Collection material is in Italian. Luciano Folgore was born in ; his family name was Vecchi and his parents named him Omero.

The Mystery in Italy

As if in response to this name Old Homer , he showed, very early, a talent for verse and began having poems regularly accepted for publication at the age of fifteen. While these first poems were of a traditional rhymed and metered form, by Vecchi had become a Futurist who wrote in the avant-garde mode. From to , he actively participated in all the Futurist events and battles as a member of Marinetti's inner circle. In , Folgore distanced himself from the Futurists, perhaps in response to their increasingly explicit political alliances, without ever denouncing or personally rejecting them.

He became a humorist, publishing the two volumes of poetic parodies which critics consider his best work, Poeti contraluce and Poeti allo specchio He later published a parody of Italian novelists, Novellieri allo specchio During the s, '30s, and '40s, Folgore regularly gave talks on humor that included passages from these volumes; eventually he delivered these talks on the radio.

Folgore had a parallel career as a newspaper editor and columnist. During his Futurist period, he wrote for Lacerba , La Voce , and other avant-garde publications. From the '20s through the '50s he was on the staff of Il Travaso , while contributing humor pieces to several other Italian newspapers. Folgore was also a dramatist. During his Futurist period, he wrote pantomimes and ballets which were performed by the Teatro della Pantomima Futurista.

He subsequently wrote dozens of plays, many of them one acts, but a number of them full-length, the most well-known of which was Piovuta dal cielo In the s, he collaborated with composers in writing musicals. Beginning in the s and continuing for the rest of his life, Folgore wrote radio scripts for children's serial programs such as Il segretario dei piccoli , Radio Lilliput , and La bacchetta magica , as well as numerous special programs. He also wrote scripts for children's television programs.

Donna Folgore by Giovanni Faldella, First Edition

Finally, Folgore was a translator. He also translated and gave readings of Latin American poets of the post-war period. Folgore died in , by which time he had published more than twenty books, including poetry and short story collections, two novels, and collections of epigrams and fables. He had written at least seventy plays, a thousand radio and television scripts, and a thousand newspaper columns or articles. While little of this work is considered of lasting literary significance, Folgore's productivity was, apparently, a psychological necessity for him.

Afflicted with chronic melancholia, Folgore confessed that the only way he could face a new day was to begin, while shaving, to compose a poem or epigram in his head. Contact Library Reproductions and Permissions. The following books and periodicals, found among the Folgore Papers, are currently catalogued in the Getty Research Library. Il Travaso delle Idee , 28 issues, L'Urbe , Mercure de France , Mercure de France , ; La voce , The Luciano Folgore Papers disclose the development of a writer who was one of Futurism's inner circle in his youth, turned to humor writing in middle age, and became, finally, a children's radio and television scriptwriter.

Nearly everything the very prolific Folgore wrote is present in the archive, often in both handwritten and typewritten drafts. Among the books not represented in any form are Novellieri allo specchio , La trappola colorata , Nuda ma dipinta , and Mia cugina la luna.

Prose manuscripts include one Futurist manifesto and also provide glimpses of Marinetti from the viewpoint of a disciple who later left the movement, apparently without ill feeling. Clippings reviewing Futurist performances and exhibitions offer a sense of audience reception during the period. There are also photographs of Futurists, some of which are signed. At least half of the correspondence dates from after Folgore's Futurist period, and includes items from fellow writers, publishers, and fans of Folgore's radio programs.

The greater part of poetry, theater, fiction, and prose manuscripts are post-Futurist, including the handwritten draft of a novel and full-length plays. The hundreds of radio and television plays serve to document the early years of Italian mass media; books and other printed matter reveal source material for these plays. Post-Futurist photographs include views of Folgore's later professional life.

The correspondence consists of approximately 1, items written to Folgore, of which are from Futurists such as Marinetti 11 , Bontempelli 5 , Govoni 4 , Prampolini 6 , and Severini 6 , or from colleagues belonging to a later phase of Folgore's life. Approximately items are from literary associations and publishers, including some items from Franco Campitelli.

There are approximately letters from children responding to Folgore's radio programs. Approximately 50 letters or fragments of letters written by Folgore are filed together under his name. Letters to or from Folgore's wife, Valentina Scalzi, are filed together under her name.

Letters in Boxes 1 and 2 are from Folgore's Futurist colleagues, and from fellow writers, friends, and editors from his post-Futurist period. There are approximately items organized alphabetically by the author's last name.

Finding aid for the Luciano Folgore papers, 1890-1966

Amicucci, Ermanno. Bellonzi, Fortunato. Bertacchi, Giovanni. Berlutti, Giorgio. Betti, Ugo. Bontempelli, Massimo. Borgese, G. Bottai, Giuseppe. Buzzi, Paolo. Caioli, Ferdinando. Cajumi, Enrico. Calcagno, Diego. Cangiullo, Francesco. Cardarelli, Vincenzo. Carli, Mario. Casavola, Franco. Centi, Fiorina. Chiesa, Francesco. Ciacelli, Arturo. Cinti, Decio. Cocteau, Jean. Conti, Primo. Dadone, Ugo.

D'Amico, Silvio. De Bosis, Adolfo. De Pisis, Filippo. Deledda, Grazia. Delfi, Febo. Di Mattei, Rodolfo. Drago, Ignazio. Fiumi, Lionello.

Found at these bookshops

Flora, Francesco. Folgore, Luciano, , undated Scope and Content Note 35 handwritten and 1 typewritten letter, to friends and professional associates, several with no date. Folguera, Joaquim. Fracchia, Umberto. Gatto, Salvatore. Gavasci, Gildo. Gori, Gino. Govoni, Corrado. Jannelli, Gugliemo. Lebrecht, Danilo.

Lerat, Pierre. Longhi, Roberto. Marinetti, F. Marone, Gherardo. Manzella-Frontini, Gesualdo. Meriano, Francesco. Moretti, Marino. Morfina, Luigi. Moscardelli, Nicola. Mussolini, Vittorio. Narzariantz, Hrand. Nicastro, Luciano.

Nicolosi, Vito. Nobbi, Gino. Olindo, Giacobbe. Onofri, Arturo. Orazi, Vittorio. Orvieto, Angiolo. Palazzeschi, Aldo. Palazzi, Fernando. Pancrazi, Piero. Pavolini, Corrado.

Petrolini, Ettore. Porrino, Ennio. Man arrested for beating partner, dragging her unconscious. Boy, 1, saved from roasting car. Basketball coach who abused girl kills self.

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