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Stocks fell sharply globally on Wednesday, November 7th , with the Dow down Crude Oil fell more than 4. Gold, the canary in the coalmine, on the otherhand closed into the green today. It is also worth mentioning that our PGM index today closed into the green! He knows that this is it. Either he goes down in history as the president during whose watch America went down the drain, or he will rise to the occasion as Churchill did in Great Britain when the country needed a strong leader.

Now, Mr Obama may not be the strong leader Churchill was, but he does have a vision for what the country needs. Because the trend for the Republicans has been set. Politicians are a rare breed when it comes to survival. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content Blog , Get motivated.

This recurring theme of being helped and helping started to emerge when I look back at my journey: In high school , classmates and teachers would always graciously help me with English, and at the same time, I enjoyed tutoring underclassmen math and physics — my strong suit. Awesome physics class, Became a Diamond Leader myself, Temple friends are always happy to help. Visiting Cigna Shenzhen Office Visited Cigna Scranton Office Volunteering with the CRG.

Like this: Like Loading Keep living in your dream. You will be reaching as high as you can dream! Your story really inspired me. To make greater profits, many of the banks lend risky sub-prime loans. To make matters worse, many of these risky loan offers were to poor US citizens with a bad credit history. Thanks to the housing bubble caused mainly by greedy US corporations, now many Americans are without homes and forced to make foreclosures while many employees in US investment banks firms such as Bears Sterns have lost their jobs as a result of this.

However, I do plan in the future to get married and have children of my own. Posted by: albert08 May 29, PM. My idea of the American Dream is similar to the one defined in the '30s. My Cousin lives in Portland and he did well in school. He got good grades and graduated from college in four years. He lives, for the most part, from month to month, paycheck to paycheck. His mother is the same way. I don't want to suddenly realize at 35 that all of the preparation and work I did in highschool and college was to work in a JC Penny's five days a week or be a floor manager at a Big 5.

If that's all I have to look forward to, if that's all that will result from my work, then the American Dream is dead; we as a society have killed it. Posted by: G08 May 29, PM. For the past 18 years I've only been able to uphold minimum wage jobs and I still live with my parents. But people in my generation think that it is the age of inheiritance and because of this, no one is motivated to get a job after college or even take college seriously. Any socioeconomical issues that hold people back from achieving the American Dream can only be traced back to the people themselves.

Stop sitting around and complaining and do something already instead of wasting away the years of your life you have left. Some people do start out easier than others or start life with certain advantages but its just their luck and if those people use it to build upon it, than no one can hold that against them. If one is born into poverty, they have no choice but to try harder if they want to achieve. As far as politics go, why don't the people show up and vote if they want change.

I do agree that our government system is a little skewed, but the truth is it always has been. If people want to change things in society, they should get involved in political issues and see past the media or at least learn to read between the lines. It's too easy to sit there and complain without even trying, and that has recently become a commonplace in American values. My main concern is that everyone is losing that spark of determination, and I don't know how we can get it back.

Posted by: Dan 08 May 29, PM. I have studied the American Dream for many years in the classroom, however I never had a firm grasp on it's definition. Obviously most people would just say "oh it's to become rich and stuff. After reading the passage Adams wrote, I was given a whole new meaning to the American Dream. He explicity states that the American dream is "the basis of stature of which they are innately capable of being. And that they are recognized by others for what they are, regardless of the fortuitous circumstances of birth or position. I feel that this is fantastic defintion of the American Dream because it is different for each and every person.

Unfortunately that is all it is, a dream. Most people feel that the definition of the American Dream has changed because in today's society it isn't attainable on the basis of which it is defined. However it never was completely attainable. People will always be judged on factors other than purely their character, that is life. Posted by: Seroy May 29, PM.

When thinking of the American Dream People with the biggest houses and the best looks and the fanciest cars are not always happy just look around being happy and enjoying life is awarding in its self. I think being happy and loving life is the American dream or every dream. Posted by: Luca May 29, PM. The American Dream now seems the same as the 's in a way because how people are happy with their lives. The American Dream will always have different points of views, though. In a comment above their was one person who just talks about how they just want to make enough money to buy food for their family and now we want more.

We want to have enough money to get what we want such as fashion, food, ect. IT's a dream where once you are where you want there are no worries you are stable in life. Posted by: deanna08 May 29, PM. The American Dream is the perfect utopia that one may dream of constantly. One always dreams of this perfect world, but it is what the term means, a dream.

How Z’s American Dream Has Evolved Since His 2012 Valedictorian Speech

Very few lucky people ever get to achieve their American Dream. Universally it represents a stable life with a steady cash flow, food, and perhaps luxuries. For example, an illegal immigrant may simply want a small apartment, a job, and a steady living. This might be different from somone of an affluent nature who may simply want more luxuries, a larger house, and various others possibilities. With the recent actions of various governments around the world, what is the American Dream?

Censorship runs rampant, people are oppressed, and freedoms are currently retricted. In some places where the American Dream is dreamt, these problems are not apparent, and therefore the American Dream is different for these people. Posted by: Michael08 May 29, PM. Posted by: melissa08 May 29, PM. I believe the American Dream is the ability to pursue whatever one wants without being hindered or judged. The goals of the individual may vary from one person to another, but the dream is to be able to pursue these goals and hopefully achieve them in an accommodating environment. We still want to be able to achieve our goals, but the focus of the dream changes.

As we have progressed technologically, our goals have changed, but the dream is still to achieve these goals. I believe my children and grandchildren will follow in my footsteps while their goals may be different. Posted by: Bryan08 May 29, PM. I think that the american dream has changed and will always change. The American Dream is life liberty and the persuit of happiness, It might be cheesy but that is the answer, to live and to be free.

To search for what makes you happy. Which can almost seem like a neverending task. Some for which might be unstable, but for others thier will reach thier goal and be happy. The best way to achieve that is to not ask for so much and just be happy with what you have. Again sorry for the cheeseyness but That is my vision for the merican dream an i think everyone can participate in this dream there are no limits. Posted by: Daniel08 May 29, PM. Ultimately I think the American Dream is happiness, with each person having different goals in order to reach their dream.

I think that for people who are living a harder life, their dream is for peace and equality and they know that hard work will result in their happiness. People who are living a more luxurious life wish for more material objects to make them feel happier, even though owning expensive things will never really fulfill their dream for happiness. Posted by: Denise 08 May 29, PM.

What is the definition of the American Dream? However, I think it has evolved to be secured today. Yes, since I was younger, events such as the terrorists attacks, the Iraq War, and George Bush has happened. That has changed the American Dream immensley. People have been defining our generation as the generation to determine not only the future of the U. So, i definitiley think that our children and grandchildren's world will be so much different and right now, their American Dream cannot be predicted.

Posted by: ryan08 May 29, PM. Over the course of the last years, the "American Dream" has climbed the mountain, only to come back down again. Many advancements were made for workers with underpaying jobs. New medicines were made available and as technology increased, so did means of accessing it.

Is the American Dream in Jeopardy?

However, at the turn of the century, the Dream has wavered. Never has there been such a wide gap between the rich and poor. With prices of gasoline and food at record highs, people across the country are being faced with the choice of choosing between the two. Some are not able to afford their houses anymore with their budgets shrinking. The Dream as we know it is beginning to fail, and a change is needed to save it before it is to late.

Posted by: Vinnie08 May 29, PM. I feel like the american dream is not about the world benefiting, but rather about individuals who want to get ahead and create a better life for themselves. Kind of like every man for himself. Today, I would describe the american dream as going to colledge and getting an education.

Get a well paying job, get married, buy a nice house and car, have kids and call it a day, or should i say life. As i am about to graduate from highschool, i am feeling as if going to colledge is an obligation rather then a choice. I HAVE to go to colledge and get an education. Sometimes i feel myself wanting something more, or different then the 'american dream'. Posted by: Maryam08 May 29, PM. Well, I will go for positive.

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Since many major events had been occured such as industrial revolutions, civil war, or World War 1 and 2, American dream, if they call, should be change; value or perspective of generation become more flexible. Not only perspectives but also the things that society expect from the one individual also has been changed such as we do not expect one girl to be just become a housewife.

Further more, the name of fair opportunity for every man has been changed as well. For example, we do not give a legal right or permission to work in this country to everyone. Yes, I believe that the "American Dream" will definately change over and over as the generation changes. Similar to it has been changed, it should be more flexible or somewhat restrictive.

As the society becomes more advanced or former, there should be less chance to "lower class", who has relatively lower wealth, to skyrocket to higher class. So, the "Amercian Dream" will change over and over. Today I think the American Dream is freedom, and economic stability. Everyone is looking for a stable, well paying job and many are praying for the safe return of the soldiers whether they believe in the war or not. A dream is defined as something as beauty, charm, or excellence.

The Constitution is up in flames? How can you say that and not support that with any facts at all? While I may not support the Bush Admin, i would not call them tyrants at all, you must be so used to this american freedom you aren't even thinking before you type. Move to Africa, where there are tyrants who are ok with civil wars and the killing of innocent children, or Cuba, where the Castros won't get out of office and then tell me Bush and Cheney are tyrants. Idiots maybe, but not tyrants. Posted by: maddie08 May 29, PM.

The American dream has definitly changed over time. We have gone from graduating high school and living in the cookie cutter 50s, to getting into college and the gas guzzler cars and soccer moms of today. Every generation has a unique american dream. I think that James Truslow Adams idea of the american dream is a better version of todays. Today i believe that the american dream is more about owning things than everyone having a better life. Posted by: marc 08 May 29, PM. How would you define the American Dream? I would define the stereotypical American dream as coming from nothing, and working hard to move up in society.

The American dream has changed overtime. The idea of working hard to elevate your social status is not as prevalent as it used to be. No, because the "American Dream" is contantly changing. Posted by: Jason08 May 29, PM. Today in my opinion, the American dream is sought out to be who has more money and power, such that they could get anything that they fancy.

Dreams And Dreams : Dreams

Yet the American dream is still prominent in the majorities mind as a large estate with a wife and kids, people still have different ideals about the dream. This is because of the fact that everyone has a different set of morals causing the dream to be slightly different, if not at all different. Posted by: jon08 May 29, PM. The American dream has changed over time as more job oppurtunities have arised. Which is why people from other countries seek to come to this country. They have freedom over their lives and can choose to succeed or fail in their new lives in this country.

Posted by: patrick08 May 29, PM. The American Dream is living a successful life and not having to live paycheck to paycheck, but living comfortably in a decent home with an acceptable life. Truslow says that the dream is of social order and that people want to attain what they are capable of getting. This idea is probably not widely accepted by most people because not all people are capable of attaining an enjoyable life. Some people are not capable of getting a job that will pay enough to live decently and those people would want more than just what they are capable of attaining.

The American dream is more about equality of people and distribution of resources so everyone can live comfortably. All most people want is just enough to live and to be successful, whatever that means to them. However, it does differ between different people, other people may have their own idea of the American Dream. The dream has not changed for me over time. To me it is becoming successful and being able to live a decent lifestyle, but I do not need anything too excessive and the dream is not about material items to me, but about not having to worry about expenditures and income.

I think my children and grandchildren will define it the same way because overall the dream should not change, in general all most people should want is just enough. There are people who want material things and want to be billionaires in order to buy as much as they can, but these people just use the items to fill something missing in their life, if there was no hole, all the would want is just enough as well. Posted by: Marilyn08 May 29, PM. In my opinion, the American Dream means the ability to pursue our wildest aspirations without fear of failure because, in the U.

Often times, people neglect the unfortunate in our society due to the fact that we tend to focus on the people who have achieved great success; at the same time, individuals in our society work hard to improve the quality of life for the people who have not attained what they set out to attain. Over time, the common perception of the American Dream as having everything you want and having individuals cater to your every whim seems to become more and more unreasonable.

Whether illusion or reality, the class divide seems to be exponentially expanding as a result; the rich are becoming richer, and the poor are falling into an ever deep abyss of poverty. In my lifetime, I do not believe that the idea of the American Dream has changed significantly. I believe this correlates directly with advancing technological capabilities; as technology allows us to do more, we begin to believe that we can advances ourselves as well.

I believe that generational changes have the most significant impact on the changing perception of the American Dream. The ideal in the next generation my children will probably be even more unrealistic than it is today; similarly, my grandchildren will probably live in world where there aspirations would seem ludicrous and delusional to us. Posted by: paulo08 May 29, PM.

Many people come to America from poorer countries because they believe that America can grant them many opportunities that they would not receive otherwise. They know that they can get high paying jobs and earn a lot of money, as long as they work hard at it. Because America has so many welfare laws and guidelines, it ensures all people working in America minimum wage and some type of insurance. Posted by: sharon08 May 29, PM. I would define the American dream as working at a job that you enjoy, and having a comfortable income. It also means being together with someone that you love and having children that you love.

It also means having lots of friends and family that you keep in touch with. Travelling to places you like, doing the things you like to do, owning a house that you love, and driving the car you have always wanted are parts of the American dream as well. Probably not, but they should. Times change, but that doesn't mean that traditional American values change. I believe in the American of today, and the one that my ancestors came to.

THE 3RD AMERICAN DREAM by Suresh Sharma | Kirkus Reviews

Posted by: andrew08 May 29, PM. This is very interesting. With everything that we are dealing with in terms of immigration laws, this blog is very relevent. America is indeed the land of oppurtunity for those who are willing and able to take advantage of such a thriving society. With regards to the comment the author made, it isn't right to have to choose between work and taking care of your children.

We should not live in a world of paranoia, frightened that any wrong move could potentially be the loss of one's job. Posted by: kelly 08 May 29, PM. Our nation is made up of immigrants who came to america for vatious reasons. America is a place where you can reach your full potential. I think that future generations will see the amercian dream the same way. And why shouldn't they, they should be given the opportunity to be all they can be as well.

Posted by: miles08 May 29, PM. I feel that the American Dream has changed over time. Over every decade there is a different situation that occurs. For example during the 40s the American Dream was peace, due to the war going on. However in the 70s, the American Dream was incerased influence in the Womens movement, and the civil rights movement. As you can see the American Dream is continuously changing.

No, the American Dream is continously changing. We are always facing new dilemas, and in the future we will not be concerned about the same things that we are concerned about as of right now. Posted by: Roshni08 May 29, PM. The American Dream is the idea that life will be better and more enriching to everyone. People would be given opportunities making everyone as equals. The American Dream is not materialistic. Its not the idea that you can have what you want. Its more about your life and how it can be the best it can be. It has definitely changed over time. In the past people wanted the perfect family, the clothes the car the riches.

The idea of the American Dream is constantly shifting. Posted by: Rachelle08 May 29, PM. I feel like the American Dream is dead for my generation. Our country is stuck in a war that feels endless. The American Dream is supposed to be all about how anyone can work hard and move up the social ladder but it's getting harder and harder to move up that ladder.

There's so much pressure on young people today to go to college and get a degree so we can get a good job. But with the cost of college and the ridiculous competition it's like an impossible battle if you're not already part of the upper class. I don't think my generation is entirely hopeless but I don't think we're as optomistic as past generations either. I hope that my children and grandchildren have a better dream than my generation, something more hopeful than now. The american dream has changed numerous times over the years. I think that it is also very different depending on your religious beliefs and cultural background.

I dont think that it is fair to distinctly define what the american dream is or should be. However, for at typical middle class american I would guess that their view of the american dream is health, prosperity, family, and a steady place in society. We are settling for much less today.

Posted by: Sierra08 May 29, PM. Posted by: Jennifer08 May 29, PM. I believe the American Dream comes down to the fulfillment you feel in your life. To some people, it relates to monetary situations, but to others it can be the effect you believe you make on the world. This dream changes for each person over time, depending on how the individual views their role in society.

Future generations will relay similar ideas or beliefs, but their American Dreams will be shaped by the culture they are engulfed in. Posted by: brian08 May 29, PM. I believe the American Dream is different for everyone. Everyone strives for something different. An immigrant wants to come to American to strive for a better life for themselves and their families but other people strive to be rich want all the expensive items but others dont strive for that.

Posted by: aly08 May 29, PM. To me the american dream boils down to just one thing Throughout the decades when certain "goals" have changed creating new definitions of the "american dream", it really just redefines what is needed to be happy in that time. That is really everyone concerns.

Five Ways Our Founding Fathers Protect It

They truely believe that if they obtain certain thingssociety deems desirable they will be happy. So really the american dream is just dreaming of happiness and will change in detail but not the basic idea of it. Posted by: courtney08 May 29, PM. I think the American Dream is about what we can get out of our system for our personal enrichment. If get what we want easy, thats the American Dream. Posted by: david08 May 29, PM. I believe the American Dream is different depending on your social class and what kind of community you grew up in.

If grew up in a wealthy household your dream is going to be different then someone who grows up in a run down community. Future generations will experience a lot more change and will decipher the american dream in a different manner. Reading through this artical, it is really interesting to hear what people have to say about the American Dream. Posted by: Quinn08 May 29, PM. The dream changes depending on what people want. People's wants change as their situation changes. The American Dream is based on the idea that greater educational and employment opportunities will allow each generation to achieve more than their parents.

Unfortunately, for far too many young people, this dream is slipping out of reach. If current economic trends continue, it is likely that for the first time in modern American history the younger generation will have a lower standard of living than their parents. This is a national tragedy that must be addressed. Unfortunately, instead of working to remedy this problem, the Bush-Cheney Administration is making a bad situation worse. The American Dream is complicated, or is it? In today's society few people even consider the next person - and don't care as long as they get whatever materialistic life they desire.

We have built a country that is no longer ethical. Everyone feels entitled to lie, steal, cheat, and manipulate in order to chase after their idea of the American Dream. In other words, they actually feel entitled to the dream - and collateral damage along the way is not considered.

What a world! Posted by: Misty May 29, PM. Due to difficult circumstances, since the Reagan era my life has followed the course Ms. Ehrenreich experienced, with accompanying improvements actually measured in nickels and dimes. To truly appreciate the agony of such workers, add on the responsibilities of a parent, and a single parent at that, given that is the condition of very many of our low paid workers in this day.

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The best observation I heard in this excellent interview was that every job requires great skill, intelligence, energy. I now watch as my son, burdened by college debt, attempts to gain the skills necessary to join a renewable energy work force that so far does not exist. With my approval he turned down lucrative weapons lab employment - I am so proud of him. On that 'memorable person' poll, I vote for Barbara also. Talk about the silent majority - she certainly speaks for us. I worked in survey research and I know how people tend to inflate their well-being and optimism out of pride.

No one brags about layoff or foreclosure.

You see them with a USDA food card in the grocery or their name appears for unpaid property taxes in the newspaper. I appreciate her work and feel her income from her books and speaking engagements is deserved. Recently though she has criticized Hillary Clinton for membership in a Senate prayer circle. While the Clinton machine is a dirty campaigner, and Hillary can be a fibber, I do not think this is a valid criticism. Stating the facts of the prayer group would be a better approach.

To condemn a candidate due to association with Republicans is to assume that no Republican has empathy for others or any redeeming ideas. I prefer to think that two party partisanship is contrived and artificial, that both are corrupt and nearly useless. Both Barbara E. It would benefit any voter to remain skeptical of their preferred candidate, since our elections offer no assurance that campaign promises will be implemented. I think we need more than 2 or 3 parties. This is a big nation of great diversity.

If anyone should realize this it is Barbara E. Girl, keep your eyes open and don't put all your eggs in one Barack Obama basket. I thought you were a pragmatic feminist: I thought you were a smart shopper: I thought you were better than that. I don't understand why you stayed in that situation when you were a teenager. There are people who could have helped you.

Posted by: Replica coach handbags March 25, PM. For a long time I've been wanting to comment on social and economic changes taking place in the U. I realize that there many converging issues that create a "perfect storm," but the one issue I rarely hear about is race. Not race in the normal sense, because much has indeed changed, and for the better, during the past 50 years. But the social-economic game has also been shuffled around.

I frequently like to liken the situation to a skyscraper. At one time the building had ten floors and certain groups of people were not allowed even entrance into the building. Then we had WWII and had to affect a certain degree of social change for the better at home. No longer could we block certain groups of people from entering that building, but while they have been allowed entrance, building owners and investors went busily to work adding ten additional floors to the building.

So now everyone is allowed entrance, but those original ten floors are now labyrinthine in their ability to obfuscate, cloud, divert, etc. And, it seems, in some strange way the tremendous effort required to navigate that ten-floor maze actually funds the construction of the ten additional and adding floors. It is like a giant shell game where the real issues at stake are hidden from view, hidden so that achieving a real sense of individual economic and social security is more difficult to attain than it was 40 or so years ago.

I'm reminded of all this whenever I see some of the fabulous programming on PBS that looks at the current trends in corporate irresponsibility, whether it is insurance companies refusing to honor policies, school systems being unaware of their true purpose in assisting this shell game, even with all their rhetoric to "standards," or a housing market that exploits the mythic pursuit of the American Dream. Thank you, PBS, and especially Bill Moyers, for insightful investigation into this brewing "perfect storm. I posted a response to the issue of the "American Dream" on my site on Facebook, and I feel quite passionate about what I said.

However, I do not know how to get that post from Facebook to this blog. Please let me know! Posted by: Felicia August 17, PM. We recorded the Journal with Barbara Ehrenreich and watched it last night. Moyers asked her about her most recent book celebrating joy. My wife said, "The rich get rich and the poor get poorer; in the meantime, in between time, ain't we got fun? I tought that summarized the class divisions and the search for joy.

The censorship on this site is too tight. I have tried to post two times regarding Impeachment of the president and Vice president. There was nothing in either paragraph that warranted censorship. The fact that his happened only corroborates my sentiment that the US is no longer a democracy and freedom of speech is no more. I hope you like my spin on the subject. Posted by: Jacqueline L. Jones August 9, AM. Posted by: replica gucci handbag August 8, AM. Posted by: E August 8, AM. The dream is as good a definition of the American dream now as it was then.

Why change a beautiful dream? However, we have fallen away from realizing this dream both politically and socially. If we all would work to realize this dream for all Americans, then all Americans would have an equality under our Flag that would mean something to each of us and to the world. It's why immigrants continue to flock to our shores and have for over a century now.

We have to bring this dream to fruition by our actions and we're not. Now the inequality in america is referring tome as this is about the low-jobs and the unmployment rate. My reaction to this is that these people have to work jobs to get paid and to have all of their lexury. Its really saddened to see that they have to struggle got get what they wanted. The government is doing nothing about and some candidates see it and wants to do something about it but nothing.

That these people end up working for hours and hours to take care of their living expensives and children. I feel really sorry for them. I see it in my school,stores, and everywhere around. I might not understand what Barara was saying. They have to work all day and they have no time for anything. This is what my mother went through went she was working and going to college.

She work in nursing at serveral hopsitals and she want money to support me and my brother. She has accomplesed that. She spends and makes more money than my father does. It seems like this is how life is. The record deal should put this song in an Albam to tell everybody the importance of it.


I wonder is this how life is for me and others forever? Posted by: Helen August 7, AM. But I would define "my" American Dream as the following: - four day work week - a single-payer healthcare system guaranteeing access to healthcare for every American citizen - FREE, universal schooling and education. My conception of the American dream has not changed one bit and I've been a dreamer some 40 years now. But what has changed is how my dream never seems to get any closer to reality. In America, people live to work and don't work to live.