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Kids are being forced into slavery around the globe every day. Two hundred thousand become child soldiers and are thrown into very violent lifestyles against their wills. Forty-six percent of people know their trafficker. With almost half of enslaved persons having been trafficked by someone they knew, this threat is becoming harder to avoid.

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People who become enslaved are not always engaged in risky behavior or being careless. Many times, these people are simply hanging out with a friend they thought they could trust. Slaves are cheaper than they used to be, and therefore disposable. These slaves were, therefore, a long-term investment and something to flaunt as a sign of wealth. Being so inexpensive, slaves have become short-term, disposable and something that buyers do not want to publicly acknowledge. Poverty makes people vulnerable to trafficking. When people or families make less money, due to unemployment, war or immigrating, they become at risk.

Traffickers pose as employment agents, and those needing a job go along with them, only to become enslaved. Families who want a better life for their children are often targeted by traffickers posing as placement agents, who promise the family a good home or schooling for their child. The family never knows what becomes of their child, who is forced into slavery. Paula Rudnick , June 28, Salvador Litvak , June 28, One verse, five voices. Edited by Salvador Litvak, Accidental Talmudist They spread an [evil] report about the land which they had scouted, telling the children of Yamit Behar Wood , June 28, H mart, Lotte and Ryan Torok , June 28, Wearing eyeglasses and carrying a leather briefcase, Rabbi John Rosove looks more like a museum curator than a spiritual leader as he talks up the Oren Peleg , June 28, Esther D.

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JJ Inside The Print. Community Young L. Forced child labor is the dominant form of slavery in Haiti. Child Soldiers are children who may be trafficked from their homes and forced or coerced by armed forces. The armed forces could be government armed forces, paramilitary organizations, or rebel groups.

While in these groups the children may be forced to work as cooks, guards, servants or spies. According to Human Rights Watch , Thailand's billion-dollar fish send out industry remains plagued with human rights maltreatment in spite of government vows to stamp out servitude in its angling industry.

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Trafficking victims are often tricked by brokers' false promises of "good" factory jobs, then forced onto fishing boats where they are trapped, bought and sold like livestock, and held against their will for months or years at a time, forced to work grueling hour days in dangerous conditions. Those who resist or try to run away are beaten, tortured, and often killed.

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Despite some improvements, the situation hasn't changed much since a large-scale survey of almost fishers in , that found almost one in five 'reported working against their will with the penalty that would prevent them from leaving'. In addition to sex slavery, modern slaves are often forced to work in certain occupations. Common occupations include:. Signs that someone may have been forced into slavery include a lack of identity documents, lack of personal possessions, clothing that is unsuitable or has seen much wear, poor living conditions, a reluctance to make eye contact, unwillingness to talk, and unwillingness to seek help.

In the UK people are encouraged to report suspicions to a modern slavery telephone helpline. The recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person, for the purpose of exploitation.

Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation of the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs. According to United States Department of State data, an "estimated , to , men, women, and children [are] trafficked across international borders each year, approximately 70 percent are women and girls and up to 50 percent are minors. The data also illustrates that the majority of transnational victims are trafficked into commercial sexual exploitation.

It is estimated that 50, people are trafficked every year in the United States.

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In recent years, the internet and popular social networking sites have become tools which traffickers use to find vulnerable people who they can then exploit. A Reuters report discusses how a woman is suing Facebook for negligence as she speculated that executives were aware of a situation that occurred back in where was sexually abused and trafficked by someone posing as her "friend".

In the last two decades, as slavery has become more widely recognized as a formidable global epidemic, multiple governmental organizations have begun taking action to address the problem. Under the act, there will be transparency in regards to interbank information sharing with law enforcement agencies to help to crack down on money laundering agencies related to contemporary slavery.

The Act also aims at reducing the incidence of tax evasion attributed to the lucrative slave trade conducted under the domain of the law. This puts the children at risk of being subject to control by slavery gangs a second time. It also deters child victims from coming forward with information. While countries can be scrutinized for not taking ample action to combat slavery within their borders, there is little that can be done as there are few diplomatic options for low-risk nations to consider.

The Global Slavery Index reports in , there were , people living in condition of modern slavery in the United States. Large commercial organizations are now required to publish a slavery and human trafficking statement in regard to their supply chains for each financial year. The Walk Free Foundation reported in that slavery in advanced democratic nations is much more common than previously known, in particular the United States and Great Britain , which have , and , slaves respectively.

Andrew Forrest, founder of the organization, said that "The United States is one of the most advanced countries in the world yet has more than , modern slaves working under forced labor conditions. By the general estimate China's prison and labor camp population was roughly 10 million in any one year under Mao. Descriptions of camp life by inmates, which point to high mortality rates, indicate a probable annual death rate of at least 10 per cent.

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