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Le reste est un vil calcul. A husband is nothing more than a type of man who troubles the body of his wife, warps her esprit and hews her soul. If anything characterizes vile centuries, it is considering such a thing a triumph, the ridiculousness of such a joy, the inversion of every moral and natural idea. If he is loved by his wife, it prevents a part of this misfortune. That is the reason why M Vanity only belongs to a weak or corrupt nature; but pride, well known, belongs to ordained nature. Is it with the feelings of peoples hearts as it is with favors?

When a person can't hope to repay them, he falls into ingratitude. A particular organization is necessary to make them capable of bearing, caring for and caressing children. A person sees by that the opinion that they have of each other. Draw your conclusions. Tirez vos conclusions. Quelque mal qu'un homme puisse penser des femmes, il n'y a pas de femme qui n'en pense encore plus mal que lui. Marriage and gallantry are a sort of carriage driver who conducts petty passions to them. It's a devouring harshness which they are not the masters of, and which makes them very hateful.

It's afflicting to think that Pope and Swift in England, Voltaire and Rousseau in France, were judged not out of hatred, not out of jealousy, but out of equity and good-will, based on facts that were witnessed or admitted by their friends and admirers, to be stricken with and convicted of very blameworthy actions, and sometimes of very perverse feelings.

O Altitudo! Nothing is simpler: the first study nature, the second society: the first contemplate the work of a great being, the second limit their sight to the work of men. The results must be different. Poets who count the public for nothing and only work for connoisseurs would do with their works what the famous mathematician Viete did with his in an age when the study of mathematics was less widespread than today. He only made a few copies and distributed them to people who could understand and enjoy them, or be helped by them. As for others, he didn't think about them. But Viete was rich and most poets are poor.

Then a geometer has perhaps less vanity than a poet; or if he has as much, he can calculate the extent of it better. Quant aux autres, il n'y pensait pas. Is d'Alembert, who courted Voltaire out of vanity, very much above this or that courtier of Louis XIV, who wanted a pension or a government post? Such a person has to choose between the role of a courtisan and that of a coquette, or if one likes, an actor. A man who makes himself pleasant for a group of people because he enjoys himself with them is the only person who plays the role of an honest man. Thus, people say that old age is the winter of life; reverse the metaphor and you find it equally just, that winter is the old age of the year.

If he lacks this last advantage to the point that he can't live decently in the society that his merit calls him to, what need does he have of society? A man of letters who is forced into going alone will find the happiness there that he has sought elsewhere in vain.

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It is such a person who can say that by having been refused everything, he has been given everything. On how many occasions can't a person repeat the phrase of Themistocles: "Alas! We would have perished if we hadn't perished! His fortune reduces itself to enjoying himself and his time. In the same way, the silence of man who is known for speaking well is very much more imposing than the loquaciousness of a man who doesn't speak badly.

C'est ainsi que le silence d'un homme connu pour bien parler impose beaucoup plus que le bavardage d'un homme qui ne parle pas mal. It was nearly sufficient to pass over them in order to become very wealthy, but these great fortunes themselves harmed the following generation: the exhausted lands didn't yield as abundantly.

Eloquence makes them popular. Poetry makes them proverbial. Practical morality was such an essential part of their philosophy that many were put at the head of schools without having written anything: such was the case with Xenocrates, Polemon, Heusippus, etc.. Socrates, without having written a single work, and without having studied any other science than morality, was nonetheless the foremost philosopher of his century. Heusippe, etc. These latter gain reputations that lead to high places.

D'abord, de part et d'autre, ce n'est que du vent; mais les intrigants adroits enflent de ce vent les voiles de leur fortune. It necessarily either corrects what is ridiculous or it propagates it. One has seen it do both of these things in turn in France. These are two very different and even opposed things; because the one is a petty passion and the other a great one.

There is, between vanity and glory, the same difference that there is between someone in love with himself and someone in love. Rather what they made than what they were seems to be its motto. Les ouvrages qu'un auteur fait avec plaisir sont souvent les meilleurs, comme les enfants de l'amour sont les plus beaux.

Adrien de Valois, the creator of the natural history of metals hardly had a better destiny. Samson, the father of geography, walked on foot, at seventy years old, to give lessons in order to have food to stay alive. Corneille lacked soup broth when he was ill before he died. La Fontaine was hardly better. However, I would like to know what people would respond to these three objections: among savages, people have not yet seen an example of: 1st, someone who is crazy; 2nd, a suicide; 3rd, a savage who has wanted to embrace civilized life; while a great number of Europeans, as much in Haiti as in the two Americas, after having lived with savages and coming back to their compatriots, return to the forest.

Let someone respond to this without being verbose and without sophism. In effect, there is nearly no way to console peoples except to tell them that their ancestors were as unfortunate or more unfortunate than they are. Presque toute l'histoire n'est qu'une suite d'horreurs.

That is something that very well deserves the love and respect of their descendants! Miserable human institutions that, fit to inspire scorn and horror, expect to be respected and revered! He verified the well-foundedness of titles of nobility. He revealed this disastrous secret before Sulla. It is the comparison between the ancient Scaurus, Scipio, etc.

In a word, what makes Tacitus so effective is Livy. C'est la comparaison des anciens Scaurus, Scipion, etc. They want to keep us confined in a dungeon without an exit; similar to the wicked man in Dante who built a wall over the door to the prison where the unfortunate Ugolin was shut in. The histories of peoples who submit to despots are only collections of anecdotes. Il n'y a d'histoire digne d'attention que celle des peuples libres. L'histoire des peuples soumis au despotisme n'est qu'un recueil d'anecdotes.

One finds in twenty English writers: Despotic countries, like France and Turkey. It's unbelievable how much the brilliance of the century of Louis XIV has multiplied the number of people who think this way. Paris, ville d'amusements, de plaisirs, etc.

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What a consideration, and what matter for reflection! En france, il n'y a plus de public ni de nation, par la raison que de la charpie n'est pas du linge. It's right is to say foolish things, like that of ministers of state is to do them. Son droit est de dire des sottises, comme celui des ministres est d'en faire. This way of evaluating people, authorized by law and custom, is one of the enormous vices of society, which by itself would be able to explain all of its other vices.

Qu'est-ce que c'est qu'un cardinal? Americans are the worthy descendants of those famous republicans who expatriated themselves in order to flee tyranny [a note in the book mentions puritans]. This place has formed men worthy of combating and conquering the English themselves, in an epoch when these last had recovered their liberty and were able to form the most beautiful government that ever was [the book says after the revolution of to George III ].

The American revolution will be useful to the English themselves, by forcing them to newly examine their constitution and banish abuses from it. What will happen? The English, chased from North America, will throw themselves onto the islands and on French and Spanish possessions, and give them their government, which is founded on the natural love that men have for liberty, and which adds to this love itself.

Such governments will form on Spanish and French islands, and above all on South America, which, having become English, will form new constitutions that will have liberty as their principle and foundation. Thus the English will have the unique glory of having formed nearly the only free peoples in the world, the only ones, to speak properly, worthy of the name of man, since they will be the only ones who recognize and conserve the rights of man.

But how many years won't be necessary to achieve this revolution? It is necessary to purge the French and the Spanish from immense lands, where they would only be able to form slaves, and transplant Englishmen there to provide the first germs of liberty. These germs will develop and produce new fruit and will achieve a revolution that will chase the English themselves from both Americas and every island. A Frenchman, on the contrary, respects authority and scorns the law.

It is necessary to teach them to do the contrary, and perhaps that is impossible, seeing the ignorance in which the nation is retained, an ignorance that mustn't be contested because of the learning that is found in the capitals. After this, decide. These are the soldiers of Cadmus: the first who are armed turn themselves against their brothers and hurl themselves on them.

One does not play chess with goodness of heart. People know all of the attempts made before the great voyage of Vasco de Gama to the West Indies. People are not ignorant of the many navigators who were convinced that there were great islands, and without doubt a continent to the west, before Columbus discovered it, and he himself owned papers by a famous pilot who had been writing with him about this [note in book: Palestrello, a Portugese navigator].

Phillip had prepared everything for the Persian war before his death. Many sects of heretics unleashed against the abuses of the Roman church preceded Luther and Calvin, and even Viclef. On sait toutes les tentatives faites avant le grand voyage de Vasco de Gama aux Indes occidentales. There is a maturity in everything that must be waited for. Happy the man who lives in this moment of maturity! We must hasten to elevate the nation to its height through good public education.

Legislators should do the same as those clever doctors who, when treating exhausted sick people, get them to eat a good meal by giving them medicines that increase their appetite. In the same way, the confusion in our society, which is reorganizing itself, must seem like an excess of disorder. It is as though they would like the Augean stables to be cleaned with a feather duster. One of those men who birth or favorable circumstances gave a high position read these truths, weakened them, modified them, understood a twentieth part of them and passed for a man who was disquieting, but who had esprit.

Anthologie des poètes français contemporains/Tome troisième

He moderated his zeal for them and succeeded in everything. The philosopher was put in the Bastille. In the new regime, it is the philosopher who succeeds in everything; his ideas help him, no longer to be imprisoned, no longer to uncork the esprit of a fool so that he can be successful, but to bring the philosopher himself to high places. Judge how the mob of people who are discarded through this order of things accustom themselves to it!

Don't they say that this understanding is too complicated? Let's suppose that people would employ a quarter of the time that they have given to stupefying the lowest classes to enlightening them; let us suppose that instead of putting a catechism of absurd and unintelligible metaphysics in their hands, people gave them one that contained the first principles of the rights of men and of their duties, founded on their rights; one would be surprised how far they would go after following this route, indicated by a good basic work. Suppose that instead of preaching the doctrine of patience, suffering, abnegation of oneself and degradation to them, which are so useful to usurpers, people preached to them to know their rights and their duty to defend them, one would see that nature, who formed men for society, gave them all the good sense necessary for forming a reasonable one.

The young person listened to everything that he said and, with a very tranquil air, replied: "What do you want! When he arrives in my bedroom, his esprit changes. Said about a writer of books that have already been written. Dit d'un faiseur de livres faits. You are a real hussy; that is too much. There, decay comes right after maturity. Les vieillards, dans les capitales, sont plus corrompus que les jeunes gens. God and the king have paid the price for the foolishness of their valets. I was a madwoman, but I doubted myself, and, on this point, I was closer to wisdom than he was.

He went a long time without loving the second Dauphine, and gave for his reason that she did not smell like a woman. He thought that this odor belonged to the whole sex. Il fut longtemps sans aimer la seconde Dauphine, et en donnait pour raison qu'elle ne sentait pas la femme.

Her husband began to hate him as though he had accepted them, and people laughed with M. If he only knew how amusing he is! We must divert the honorable company. Il nous faut divertir l'honorable compagnie. He is like ivy that attaches itself by crawling. On disait de M C'est comme le lierre qui s'attache en rampant.

It is a matter of knowing who is the most beautiful. The ugly woman wants people to ask who is the richest. La laide veut qu'on demande quelle est la plus riche. Some others take patience; finally, a small number are happy and quiet and never look for proselytes, whereas those who despair at their undertaking look to solicit novices. Two of them really merited it. Il pastor romano non vuole pecora senza lana. A Roman shepard doesn't want sheep without wool. It is not the cats fault when he takes the servants dinner.

The french translation in the book also gives ch If it comes from cagare in the same way that manga comes from mangiare , it would mean to shit. Heaven knows what it means. Spiritual, because it had enough spirit [esprit] to seize authority. Il y a une sorte de reconnaissance basse. Someone spoke about it to a man with esprit who was tied to him. This person promised to change his opinion and he succeeded in doing so. Someone asked him how he achieved this; he responded: "I did not insist at all on the tyrannical abuses that come from the influence of the intendants; but you know he is very stubborn about nobility, and I told him that very good gentlemen would be obliged to call him Monseigneur.

He felt that this was enormous, and that is what brought him to our opinion. They told him one day in a great assembly that the tone of it was perfect, full of grace and facility; that men of letters perhaps wrote more correctly, but not with the same charm. The only thing left for me to do is to tell you that my speech was written by M. Roy, and I will give him my compliments on possessing the good opinion of the court. He responded: "It depends on the society I see. He could add another on mediocre qualities. When a woman agrees with me and makes me happy, I yield to the feelings that she inspires me with, reserving the option not to be her dupe if she doesn't agree with me.

My imagination is the upholsterer who I send to furnish my apartment when I see that I will be well lodged; otherwise, I give it no orders, and there I spare any unpleasant memory. But, monsieur, M. Mais, monsieur, M. Someone responded: That's a hospital room. She loses her existence to them. A man is less hurt by this because he remains what he is. Elle y perd son existence. I will be inconsolable about it.

Therefore, you have you have to say to me, etc. J'en serai inconsolable. Alors il faudra me dire, etc. This man didn't want to have it done at all. A few months passed, and the health of the sick fellow came back. The doctor, who ran into him and saw that he was doing better, asked him what remedy he took. But now winter is approaching: I am afraid that the humor that afflicts my eyes will return. Don't you recommend that I get the cautery done? It would be wiser to leave her and to have the cautery done; but you can perhaps do without it, and I think that the cautery you have found is enough.

Celui-ci n'en voulut point. He closed himself up with her, caught the same illness, died and left her a great fortune with the right to remarry. C'est une chose curieuse de voir l'empire de la mode. Messieurs, how I regret the time I lost in learning that I was worth more than you! To prove his point, he mentioned that everywhere he went, people told him: "The brigands are somewhere else. One day, the lieutenant of police sent for some of these and said to them: "Such an article was stolen, on such a day, in such a quarter of the city.

I thank you, if you are alone. It's as much, observed M C'est donc, observe M Les vers, disait M Nature has put in the brain of man a little gland called the cerebellum, which performs the task of a mirror; it represents to a person, both in good and in bad, in little and in great, at large and in detail all the objects of the universe and even the products of his own thought.

It is a magic lantern of which man is the owner and before which scenes pass in which he is an actor and a spectator. This is properly man; this limits his empire. Everything else is alien to him. I have consoled an honest man, full of virtues, rich with livres of rent, with a very great name, a good deal of esprit, excellent health, etc. And me, I am poor, obscure and ill. Et moi je suis pauvre, obscur et malade. He was speaking in the name of the whole clergy.

The bishop of Saint-Pol asked him why he spoke for everyone without consulting them: he said, "I consulted my crucifix. He went to M.


Il alla chez M. This fellow responded coldly: "It's just like the beast and the rogue that the actual public is to judge a character of my temper. A doctor arrived named Fournier who, upon entering, said to Mme de Defant: "Madame, I have the honor to present you with my most humble respect. He refused: "I wouldn't know where to spend my nights anymore. She rented a little house on Plumet street, where she went while M.

One of his friends approached him sadly: "Eh! Mouvement V. Extraits du No. Kyrie eleison — II. Dixit Dominus — III. Commune qui mundi nefas — V. Paris: Rouart, Lerolle, cop. Volume I. Jack in the Box.

Danse No. Paris: Enoch, Chansons d'humour, Ed. Steven Moore Whiting Paris: Salabert, Chanson de cabaret de style lyrique, sur un texte de Vincent Hyspa Le Veuf version 1 — en do majeur. Paris: Salabert, Paris: Max Eschig, Chants et narrations. Au restaurant Acte II. Au restaurant. Paris: Salabert, Paris: Max Eschig,? The Dreamy Fish — pas trop vite. Texte perdu Paris: Musique contemporaine, Paris: Salabert, The Dreamy Fish — Johny Fritz. The Angora Ox — pas trop vite. Tendrement — valse lente, en do majeur. Publication posthume. Chanson de cabaret avec piano, probablement de Vincent Hyspa Le texte est perdu.

Texte perdu Ed. Chanson de cabaret avec piano, sur un texte de Vincent Hyspa Morceau No. En plus — calme. Redite — dans le lent. Morceau I — IV. Morceau II — V. En plus — VII. Redite — Steven Moore Whiting Paris: Salabert, ou La Diva de l'Empire — tempo de marche, en sol majeur.

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La Diva de l'Empire — en sol majeur. La Diva de l'Empire — tempo de marche. Paris: Rouart-Lerolle, Paris: Salabert, Steven Moore Whiting, Paris: G. Le Piccadilly marche — pas trop vite, en fa majeur. Paris: Alexis Rouart, octobre Paris: Salabert, Le Piccadilly ou La transatlantique Arr. Erik Satie. Chanson humoristique de cabaret avec piano, sur des paroles de Vincent Hyspa Chez le docteur — assez vif, en do majeur. Chanson de cabaret avec piano, sur un texte de Patrice Contamine de Latour alias Lord Cheminot.

Ornella Vlta, Chanson humoristique de cabaret avec piano, sur un texte de Vincent Hyspa Cahier de Contrepoint No. Chanson andalouse — un peu vif. Fugue-Valse — pas vite, un peu lent. Orchestration avec chant, de Robert Caby Orchestration de David Diamond Passacaille — Paris: Musique Contemporaine, Paris: Salabert, Il ne reste que l' incipit. Chanson de cabaret. Texte perdu Paris: Salabert, Ed. Steven Moore Whiting, Chanson humoristique de cabaret avec piano, sur un texte dont l'auteur est inconnu.

Robert Caby Paris: Salabert, Petite sonate — I. Introduction: Paris: Musique Contemporaine, 1er mouvement complet: Ed. Orledge, Le prisonnier maussade — lent. Deputy prosecutor Elisabeth Richard and local police commander Paul Jansac are investigating the murder of Caroline Autiero, wife of an old mill-owner.

Soon, three heirs of olive-grower Virgile Vendroux are dead, one from suicide, another murdered and the third in an accident where the motorbike turns out to have been tampered with. Anonymous letters provide new leads to follow, but raise questions: who is helping the investigators? And who was manipulating the victims? Or her brother Mathias, watchman at the Glanum archaeological site?

The truth could be even more complex. Now an adult, this secret son moves to Maussane and meets Laetitia. But, more importantly, he is on a mission to avenge Virgile.

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Our investigators must unravel complicated family affairs and vested interests to solve the mystery. Psychological know-how will be as necessary as regular policing methods. In court, the accused awaits the jury's decision. As the legal engine rolls on, he or she is all alone except for the counsel for the defence. No matter how serious the case, the accused has the right to be defended by a criminal defence lawyer. Who are those men and women who dedicate their lives to providing counsel for the defence?

How does it feel to defend someone when everything seems to accuse them? In this series, great actors don the black robes of the criminal lawyer over the course of one or three films. At the age of 35, Hector happens to meet his childhood love Louise, and falls in love with her all over again. But there's a big problem. He's gay and has been in a loving relationship with a man for several years. His life is turned upside down.

How long can he keep the secret of his double life, the cause of both suffering and joy? Hicham runs away from his home and comes to Lyon, looking for Thibaut, a young man who tried to kiss him a few years before. Hicham discovers his world, apprehensive but enthusiast. However, as Hicham begins a journey to find his own identity, he comes to understand that Thibaut himself isn't exactly who he appears….

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Bertrand is now "on a break" with his girlfriend Magalie. Shocked at first but frightened of losing Magalie to Henry, her new roommate, Bertrand teams up with Gus to spy on his "ex"-girlfriend. Her careless teenager's life, a round of school and squabbling with her mother, is suddenly weighed down by a battle she is determined to win, overcoming the disease and all its ordeals: the treatment, the physical debilitation, the hair loss, the pity With humour, insolence and vitality, mother and daughter become closer.

To help Cathy get better, Tania will do anything, even help out the PE teacher, whom she hates but who has taken a shine to her mother. But Cathy is feeling mutilated. Can she accept to love and be loved again? And how will Tania, now aware of her own femininity, deal with the clumsy amorous advances of a male classmate? Juliette is attending the baptism of Lucas, the son of her best friend Claire. But the young mother, weakened by her childbirth, shows disturbing signs of depression. Has she gone crazy?

His life was turned upside-down when he was 14 and met Nathan, a charismatic friend who was both intriguing and daring. He walks through the town of his past, trying to put his life in order like the blocks in Tetris that he frantically played on his Game Boy as a teen.

France, Louise Perreau is struggling financially to raise her year-old son Gaston. The prospect of a new job in Paris brings her the hope of a better life. She has to enrol her son at Les Vermiraux, where children are supposed to get a good education. But the institution is in fact a horrible place where the young boarders are abused and exploited.