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Praise them for what they are doing right and give constructive criticism of what they are doing wrong. If your school has a program such as Student of the Month, choose students who have academic or behavioral issues but are making strong efforts at improvement as well as high achievers.

This will show them that their efforts are paying off even if they are not making straight A's. Provide a variety of positive role models for students. Adolescence is a time of discovering one's own identity. A teenager who successfully navigates the crisis of identity vs. Provide a series of role models to give students a potential identity model.

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Teach students about women and minorities who succeeded at a variety of careers, so all students have a role model to whom they can relate. Mention individuals who made lesser-known contributions to your academic discipline. A budding poet may feel more kinship with Eavan Boland than Emily Dickinson.

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Provide models of exemplary work so students know what an excellent project looks like and can compare their own work to the model. This will show them how to incorporate academic success into their identities, essentially providing role models for their work instead of their career goals.

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Provide opportunities for students to bring their own interests into projects and assessments, as they may feel these interests are vital parts of their identities. Allow students to choose between a variety of final projects -- skits, essays, art projects, music compositions, etc. Criticize behaviors rather than making personal condemnations of the students themselves.

Students are "trying on" roles at this point, and negative feedback for a behavior may encourage them to drop it and try another. Explain the long-term consequences of misbehavior or poor performance so students will know how it affects themselves and others. This may encourage them to adopt a more responsible identity. Encourage and support student interests.

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Attend school plays, concerts and games to affirm students' identities as actors, musicians and athletes. A resident of the Baltimore area, Rachel Kolar has been writing since College Life. College Admissions. Planning for College. College Rankings. Social Studies. How to Apply Erikson's Theory in Instruction. Behavior Ideas for the 3rd Grade. The Advantages of Rewards in the Classroom.

How to Apply Psychosocial Development in the Classroom. About the Author.

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Click on the e-Journal Image for the Table of Contents. Take a moment to review the various e-Publications, professional development and special education resources. Board Certification in Special Education establishes a much needed standard for professionals, across disciplines, who work with exceptional children. The online Special Educator e-Journal is published monthly throughout the year and provides timely information on what's current in special education.

This list is provided to all members of NASET to help facilitate the numerous tasks required on a daily basis. NASET's Week in Review is a weekly emailed publication that provides members with some of the most interesting stories, topics and issues reported during the week in the field of special education. News Alerts are emailed, posted and through RSS feeds. This series provides NASET members with an in-depth look at the step-by-step process of assessing students for eligibility and educational placement in special education.

While not as prevalent as other disorders experienced by most special education teachers, you should be aware of these disorders in order to become more knowledgeable, and increase your ability to assist patents of children with these disorders if they should appear in your classroom or school.

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Each month we will present a list of 3 disorders that appear in the special education population. New additions are added monthly. This series offers teachers the insight into the inner dynamics, conflicts, fears, symptoms, tension, and so on of students who may be experiencing difficulty learning or behaving in the classroom. This series is devoted exclusively to students with severe disabilities.

This series will cover all aspects of students with severe disabilities focusing especially on understanding this population and what skills and information are necessary if you are asked to teach this population of students.

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This series is intended to provide teachers, related service personnel, administrators, and other individuals charged with assisting in the development of the paraprofessional workforce with information and strategies to build strong, effective, supportive teams to ensure successful educational services for all students. All rights reserved. Username password lost password? Dreams come true; without that possibility, nature would not incite us to have them.

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