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My favorite success story is of a gentleman who is a branch manager at a construction firm.

Downtown, waterfront, and neighborhood revitalization strategies in Jamestown, NY

He felt he really needed to build that up. He worked through my book and reached out to discuss some things with me. He applied himself to some of the exercises in the book. The net effect of all of that was he said that not only does he feel more confident and is succeeding in his current role, he also has found a lot more peace and contentment.

The process helped him deal with issues of stress, thinking clearly through personal issues, and applying those lessons to his personal life, as well. Not only did it help him make sure that he succeeded in his role, and that he was promoted, but it had a much greater impact on his overall life. That meant a lot to me. First is speaking. I was fortunate enough to have my first book sell well enough on Amazon, which helped with landing speaking gigs. The other factor was doing a lot of radio shows.

I worked hard at getting booked on radio shows around the country. The radio shows drove my speaking success as much as anything else. The reason the radio worked out well was twofold. The first was the people that were thinking about finding a speaker for either an industry trade association, or a large corporation who was putting together events, they could hear me and how I sound and how I interact with the host.

So you get a sense of the personality of the person. Secondly, they got an idea of not just the topics from my book, but where we went with the conversation.

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I was very surprised at how many shows I was able to land. I simply reached out via email, and mail with a copy of my book. Smartsheet is Excel on steroids, combined with Slack, then grafted in with Microsoft project management, all in one. September 21, September 18, July 10, June 19, April 17, Play in new window Download.

1. Who is my audience?

Why did you pick the title No Magic Bullets? What is the 1 idea that people need to take away from your book? What are the seven capabilities? Understand the purpose of a business. Create a strategic value proposition.

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Get the right things done. Exert leadership and influence. Possess mental toughness. Engage in proactive career management. Can you give us some examples? Capability number one — understand the purpose of a business. The purpose of a business is to generate a positive cash flow and sustainably grow profits. What laid the foundation for you to write No Magic Bullets?

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I never thought of myself as much more than just an average person. But at that moment, I got pissed off. Over the lunch hour, I asked the receptionist to give my resume to their college recruiter. I tell you what, I owe him everything. Who was the best you ever saw who followed your seven principles? Tell me your favorite success story from a reader of No Magic Bullets. What is your favorite internet resource or app that you would pair with your book? First, have your plan for your revenue model pulled together well before your book is completed.

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Popular Recent. No Barriers: Erik Weihenmayer September 21, Idea to Execution: Ari Meisel July 10, Before you take the leap or invest in a new product or service, prototype and test it out with a defined budget that gets you quick feedback so you can assess the model. Once you have proven the market opportunity, make sure that you have enough money to support the business operations and live on for at least two years.

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You also want to make sure to fill in the gaps in experience and establish a network that will help you in as many facets of the business as possible. Be willing to take a step backwards and re-evaluate your business model and strategy so that you can take a huge leap forward with your business.

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  • Each has its own risks and rewards, benefits and opportunities associated with it. The key is to understand what those are and what you are seeking out of an opportunity based on your own circumstances and goals at any given point in time. Make sure to invest your time and money in accordance with that. However, if you want a bona-fide business, you may need to save up first in order to invest at the appropriate rate to achieve that.

    Any option is fine, as long as it suits your needs, the rewards greatly outweigh the risks and you proactively make the choice. Then you may end up overwhelmed and overworked.

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    You want to be able to stack the odds in your favor and set yourself up for success. Why has there never been a better time to start a business? What gave you the idea to write The Entrepreneur Equation? What are some common qualities that all entrepreneurs have? Can you name some of the key items you need before you start a business? Scalable — can it be grown exponentially for every resource money, people or otherwise you put toward it? Suitable — does the business make sense for you? Does it achieve your goals and do the rewards of it greatly outweigh the risks you are taking on- both in terms of money and quality of life?

    Can you compare a hobby, job and a business?