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An interesting approach to fantasy. The story is told in the lands of the real world and within the historical reality of the time. I almost enjoyed the history lesson as much as the fantasy, but not quite. I found the characters to be unique and well developed, though I was slightly confused about the origins of Mortifer and his deadly lieutenant the soul collector and the powers they serve or don't serve. I find myself enthralled with this dark, mysterious being, the soul collector. He has, it An interesting approach to fantasy.

He has, it seems, some sense of honor. Perhaps the woman in me feels that with a few hugs and some understanding and compassion and guidance I can make him a lesser evil being. We all know how that will turn out. Nevertheless, this character is so well created that he has wormed his way in to my very real psyche. I think this book lays a solid foundation for an excellent sequel and I look forward to the rest of the journey. I gratefully won this book through goodreads. Sep 30, Gregory Lauble rated it it was amazing. Chapter nine Isla Mona, is fantatic.

I love how Harwood makes the Soul collector use the strigoi, who is a shape shifter. The Strigoi really is a story in itself. Just the fact the soul collector was able to harness the talents of this sacraficial charactor by extorting the strigoi communuity was evidence of the soul collectors power. Mar 22, Karen rated it liked it Shelves: owned-books. I received this book in a goodreads first giveaway.

I enjoyed the book, it certainly had some interesting elements, however i feel it could have been a bit more 'exciting'. I understand that it is the first in a series but i felt it lacked an impactful climax. Nonetheless, I'm curious as to how the story will unfold. Oct 09, Elisa Panjang rated it it was amazing Shelves: giveaways , fantasy. Full of action and interesting characters! I super love it! Recommended to paranormal fantasy fans! Oct 30, Savona rated it it was amazing. I ordered this book on a whim. I am a big fan of Conan the Barbarian.

I am always searching for new books about Cimmeria and this book came up in my search result. The cover art caught my eye, and one reader review mentioned it had something to do with Conan, so I bought it. As it turns out Eternidad did not have anything to do with Conan the Barbarian or the land of Cimmeria, but I was pleasantly surprised by what I got to read. I was able to read this book in three days.

I would have read it fa I ordered this book on a whim. I would have read it faster if I did not need the help of a Spanish dictionary on occasion. It is well organized and written in a style that is both easy and enjoyable to read. The comparisons to other book franchises here do not give the story a fair shake. It is very different from all those books and movies. According to the back of the book, it takes place in the Caribbean about a hundred years after Colombus.

So that sets the story between and depending on what voyage the author meant. After a brief intro that describes the man villain, King Mortifer, the book jumps into several story lines that are all very compelling. Since the story takes place in the Caribbean, it is not like Game of Thrones, which is loosely based on England and the War of the Roses. No dragons either. There is a higher, supernatural power that is mentioned called "The Continuum," but it is not anything like The Force in Star Wars. This is a totally different concept from other books, and nobody moved anything with their mind, or had any power similar to telekinesis.

There is a good amount of action and plenty of gore. I thought the day of mirrors chapter was shocking. It has been a long time since any book did that to me. The chapter with the freed slaves was very well done, and speaks to a lot of the issues with race we still face today. The ending was a surprise and it felt like it came too quickly. I really wanted to read more but I guess I will have to wait for the 2nd book.

Very good story and I hope there are many more installments to come. Feb 01, Robert Wilson rated it really liked it. Before I begin you should know that I know the author personally. I have to admit that I wasn't sure if I was going to like this book, the author has been pestering me to read it for years and give an honest review of the book. I've resisted because it's not exactly a genre I generally read I generally read non-fiction and more "serious" subject matter. However I promised my good friend a critical review and here it is.

At the start I found it a little slow, but then slowly it pulled me in. Bro Before I begin you should know that I know the author personally. Brook, as known to his friends, has a wonderful way of description, giving you just enough to allow you to paint the rest in with your mind's eye. That and his characterizations are what make this debut novel so good. Taking place in the late 's to early 's the world is still full of magic and wonder and before long your hooked.

It's a hard book to put down. A careful reader will see the influences of the Bible, the Star Wars movies, even Conan. However Mr. Harwood's book doesn't become directive of any of those, it stands up well on its own. While the logic is a bit stretched at times, it never breaks. He's managed to create a wonderful villain in the "Soul Collector", a pure stone cold killer with a sense of honor. Frankly I would love to see more of just this character a one off short story perhaps because that honor is what redeems that tortured soul.

It's a book worth reading and I know he's just finished the sequel. I'm planning on ordering it later this week to see if Brook can hook me in again.

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Let's hope so. If the book has a flaw, and I'm willing to overlook it, is that its a mix of of history, fantasy and horror. It's an odd mix where facts and fantasy collide and at times can be a little jarring.

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For the most part however it works and does not take away from the story overall. You will also need a Spanish to English dictionary in parts. Again it doesn't distract from the overall story but I did have to go look up a few words just to make sure I was following the ideas correctly. So 4 stars I think is just about right. Give it a read, you won't be disappointed.

Aug 22, Therese rated it it was amazing. I was torn between giving this book a 4 or 5 star rating, but I really think I am going to enjoy this series. My only gripe with this book is that it ended rather abruptly without any real resolution to the conflicts at play. However, I can forgive this because it is obviously part of a larger series the author used the word intermission, as opposed to the phrase "to be continued". What it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. The book is written so beautifully, you just have to sit b I was torn between giving this book a 4 or 5 star rating, but I really think I am going to enjoy this series.

The book is written so beautifully, you just have to sit back and enjoy it. There are passages that read like pure poetry. If I may quote the author here, I particularly loved this part: "The fluttering canvas, the murmur of the rising and falling sea, the tempo of his ship's keel as it repeatedly cut through the ocean froth, along with the cold indigo drape of eventide, together they completely enveloped him in spiritual harmony and cerebral concert.

But to be fair, it is not so graphic as to be untactful, and really gives the reader an insight as to whom the most evil character really is. I applaud Mr. Ebooks and Manuals

Harwood for writing such a bold and different novel in the fantasy genre. It is not only very well done, but very different in approach and delivery. I would love to read the sequel right now, as in today. Mar 26, B. Well - I suppose I cannot review my own work, but I feel inclined to share someone else's review so here it is: "The dark plans of a 2,year-old tyrant, Jeringas Mortifer, and his sinister assistant, the Soul Collector, kick off this new fantasy series set in the 16th century with a tone of dread.

Captive clairvoyant Azura reports that recently discovered stone tablets foretell of a challenger to his rule, and Mortifer sends The Soul Collector in search of Peiman, the one seer who can properly Well - I suppose I cannot review my own work, but I feel inclined to share someone else's review so here it is: "The dark plans of a 2,year-old tyrant, Jeringas Mortifer, and his sinister assistant, the Soul Collector, kick off this new fantasy series set in the 16th century with a tone of dread. Captive clairvoyant Azura reports that recently discovered stone tablets foretell of a challenger to his rule, and Mortifer sends The Soul Collector in search of Peiman, the one seer who can properly decipher the tablets.

Harwood skillfully keeps this tale of legend and myth grounded in reality. Simple fishermen Capt. Pieter Thomas and first mate Franklin Smit of Statia—who think the European imperial powers could easily smash Mortifer—provide another link to the real world. Meanwhile, the determination of the newly freed inhabitants of Camahogne to preserve their liberty and The Soul Collector's solicitation of aid from a vampire colony suggest that a protracted struggle between the powers of light and darkness looms. Hardcore fantasy fans will relish this witch's brew of the macabre and the fantastic.

Feb 01, Devyn rated it it was ok Shelves: goodreads-reviews. I received this book from Goodreads. Cimmerain Rising is a historical fiction based in the Caribbean around the time America was being settled. So the real question: why did I give Cimmerian Rising only two stars? Allow me to explain. The writing was really good and the plot very unique and interesting, the characters relateable.

Everything a good novel needs. It just didn't have spark. Eternidad:Cimmerian Rising is like dessert without sugar. Everything is made, mixed, and baked to perfection but it I received this book from Goodreads. Everything is made, mixed, and baked to perfection but its missing that one little ingredient that would have made it take off. I don't know what the missing ingredient is.

I just know that there's something off about it. If Mr. Harwood can find that missing ingredient and mix it in, his next novel could possibly be a very good read. View 1 comment. Dec 07, Courtney rated it it was amazing. I won this in a good reads giveaway. This was a good book; I really enjoyed it.

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Passages from Prose Writings. Dante, Inf. Petrarca, Son. Ariosto, Orl. Horace, Sat. Sophocles, Elec. Euripides, Supp. Horace, Ep. Seneca, Herc. Nunc primum Edita. Cede Meles, cedat depressa Mincius urna; Sebetus Tassum desinat usque loqui; At Thamesis victor cunctis ferat altior undas Nam per te Milto par tribus unus erit.

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Induiturque brevem Tellus reparata juventam, Jamque soluta gelu dulce virescit humus. Munere veris adest, iterumque vigescit ab illo Quis putet atque aliquod jam sibi poscit opus. Castalis ante oculos, bifidumque cacumen oberrat, Et mihi Pyrenen somnia nocte ferunt. I know exactly where I'm going after my next book is finished and ready for publishing: bookow. Steve was wonderful!

I'm not a writer; I just wanted to write an autobiography of my military service for my family. I had a million and one questions but Steve was very patient and answered every question I had. My book had foreign characters, photos, and some weird formatting issues but Steve typeset my document just like a large publishing firm. Even when I had changes he performed them without a hassle. Steve saved my book project from development hell! I had gotten into a death spiral with another service - Late, Lousy, Lying, and also Lots of mistakes. I needed a rescue, like somebody throw me a rope here.

By pure desperate chance I stumbled on an online thread where everybody was saying how great Steve's service is so I bit and lo and behold! Like, literally a few DAYS later my book is up for sale, formatted perfectly with not one single error, my long list of requirements all totally met, and looking way better than I had initially even planned for it to look.

I am a first time author and spent plenty of money trying to get formatting right. This program allows you to revamp as much as you want until you get what you want. The service is outstanding. It is rare this day and age to buy a product very reasonably priced that produces as advertised. It is very easy. Writing my stories was easy compared to trying to format them. I spent hours Googling and not understanding. I contacted him, sent him my doc. I am indebted to his professionalism and patience and would recommend his company to anybody thinking of publishing an ebook.

After the proof copy of my book came in the mail, and I saw just how badly I had formatted everything myself, I searched the internet trying to find someone who could help. I am so, so glad I took the advice of the writers on CreateSpace's forums, and went to Bookow. What had taken me hours and hours to do, and yet still do badly, took only seconds for Steve's software to transform into a professional, incredible looking book.

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Like many newcomers to the world of e-publishing I spent a while OK, too long researching how to convert a Word document into a format suitable for Kindle devices. All the information you need is out there - but assimilating it and putting it into practice is another matter. I wanted the conversion of my father's book to e-reader format to be done to professional standards and I didn't want to have to spend months learning how - that's where bookow. Thanks to Steve's friendly and efficient service I received the text back in a Kindle format within days of discussing my requirements with him.

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I've turned my book formatting over to the pros before and, let me put it this way, I have spent a lot more on book formatting and received far less than full value. Far, far less. This time, I submitted an MSWord. No, seriously - I fed the file in at one end and in a matter of a couple of minutes it shot out the other fully formatted and ready for upload. I made a few changes to the original document a few days later and sent it through the Bookow formatting engine again no charge of course.

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So, I do what I do best and let other folks do what they do best. The trouble is, Steve at Bookow takes "best" and pushes it by a factor of 10 to produce stunning, fully formatted documents ready for upload. His chronic overachieving is ruining the formatting business for other companies who try to compete with him. What they don't know is, they are not in the same business. While they are busy trying to provide a service, Steve is delivering perfectly formatted books every single time and doing it in minutes.

As the founder and CEO of a small publishing company, I needed a typesetter and format specialist who could create a professional product in a short amount of time. I asked Steve Passiouras of bookow. Steve's typesetting was beautiful--there is no other word for its elegance of form. The formatting changes that he implemented enhanced the entire layout of the book, and its professional quality surpassed that of the larger publishing houses. Norene Moskalski, Divinity Press.

Steve of bookow. Friends and fellow writers have spoken about how easy self-publishing was for them. Sure, writing was not difficult, but formatting was beyond my grasp, especially because I needed to insert images. CreateSpace community did help me learn to re-size images for my book, but the formatting kept me stumped.

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I saw bookow. He has worked with me, answered my many, many emails and even caught a few errors in my document. The care and concern he took with me and my book were fantastic. I wish I had emailed him months ago and saved myself the agony of trying to format. I recommend bookow. Spend your time and energy on writing and let Steve handle the rest. At a time when customer service seems to be sorely lacking, I feel like I struck gold in finding www.

The help you provided me went above and beyond.

The software you created for formatting and page numbering is brilliant and now that I'm more seasoned thanks to you , I know the process will be even easier the next time around. In today's daily grind of poor products, lousy service and exhorbitant prices, it is a pleasure to find a gem such as Steve's incredibly easy and powerful ISBN barcode creator. The only thing that I've found to be even better is Steve himself! First, about the ISBN barcode creator: It allows pricing information in the barcode which is a real plus; it's very simple to use; the barcode shows up instantly for easy download; it's crisp and sharp; allows scaling within the allowable limits of 80 - percent, and if you need help which you won't Steve will personally walk you through it.

Oh yeah, the price: it's free. No strings at all. But I did see where Steve offers ebook formatting services, so I contacted him by email and uploaded my book design. He got back to me immediately and thoroughly answered all my questions plus gave me loads of valuable advice. We exchanged a few emails, and I enjoyed our conversations as much as using his wonderful barcode creating tool.

What really lead me to contacting Steve were all the glowing testimonials. Well, here's one more. I will probably be the only testimony that doesn't talk about how easy this is. I went with the automated service after considering Createspace's Kindle formatting service which was about the same price but would take a month to get around to doing it for me. The price and the idea of having a file in minutes vs a month had me. However, being the Bermuda Triangle of book problems that I am, the only thing that happened in minutes was Steve's email responses to my many issues.

Steve actually fixed a lot of my word. He also made some adjustments to make certain sections display a little better. If you can follow simple directions and just do what he says, you will probably have a great file instantly. I kept messing mine up. Steve kept fixing.

What I really like, is that I can go back and fix and change and mess with it and I am a big time messer until I settle on what I want. Won't get that through Createspace! I uploaded and downloaded a zillion times.