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After any type of transaction is sent to Arius server and order id is returned, Merchant should poll for transaction status. The checksum is used to ensure that it is Merchant and not a fraudster that sends the request to Arius. This SHA-1 checksum, the parameter control, is created by concatenation of the parameters values in the following order:. Encrypt the string using SHA-1 algorithm.

The resultant string yields the control parameter which is required for authorizing the callback. For the example control above will take the following value:.

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The full lists of country and language codes are located in Reference. Quick search. Get balance 3. For example, if the Merchant requires payment operations only in one currency, system scheme may look the following way: If the Merchant requires payment operations in different currencies, the system scheme example may look as follows: Master endpoint is mandatory element for both system schemes. Initially, Merchant should create a project.

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If he wants to integrate parallel form which includes payment methods nominated in different currencies, he should create at least one project for each currency. After the projects were created, Merchant should create all required endpoints for provided payment methods and bind them to appropriate projects. All these endpoints will be auxiliary to Master endpoint which will be created on the next step. Thus, when the Merchant sends request to Master endpoint, Arius system returns to him parallel form payment template which is defined on the Master endpoint level.

So, when the Merchant will send the sale request to Master endpoint without parallel form template, Master endpoint inherit parallel form template from the project settings.

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Such form template returning algorithm is used for all kinds of form templates: payment, waiting and finish templates. After the auxiliary endpoint was added, Merchant also may set the countries where the payment method of this auxiliary endpoint is available.

The Arius Scrolls

To do that, the Merchant should press the button with three points which stays opposite of the auxiliary endpoint field. Then, the Merchant should set all another required parameters of system elements. Please see Reference for a list of valid state codes. Please see Reference for a list of valid country codes. The amount has to be specified in the highest units with. See Request authorization through control parameter for more details.

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Please note that the cardholder will be redirected in any case, no matter whether the transaction is approved or declined. Merchant may use this URL for custom processing of the transaction completion, e. See more details at Merchant Callbacks. Copy to clipboard. May be async-response, validation-error, error. If type equals validation-error or error, error-message and error-code parameters contain error details. See Order status API call authorization through control parameter for more details about generating control checksum.

May be status-response.

G-3s – US, Japan, Mexico, India, Canada and South Korea

Lyssna fritt i 30 dagar! Ange kod: play Du kanske gillar. Arius Dr Rowan Williams Inbunden. Inbunden Engelska. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. Indeed, nobody knew about the Dead Sea Scrolls till they were discovered in The people fled, and left the books behind. It happens in the face of advancing Roman legions. Those legions, however, were not under the command of Constantine, because he would not born for two more centuries. They were hidden scripture because everything was being destroyed that disagreed with the Council of Nicea and Constantine.

Constantine was a smattering of DNA material in the loins and uteruses of a large number of his ancestors when the Dead Sea Scrolls were abandoned to their fate by the Essenes of Qumran two centuries before his birth.

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So were all the bishops of the Council of Nicaea. None would be born for two more centuries. Also, just to be clear: Constantine did not agree with the Council of Nicaea. As Caesar in charge of an Empire that was being rocked by controversy over the Arian heresy, he demanded the Council meet and settle the question for the sake of keeping peace in his dominions, but when the time came for him to be be baptized people often delayed baptism till the end of their lives at this time , he chose to be baptized by an Arian priest.

In fact, after the Council of Nicaea, the Catholics who had carried the day at the Council found themselves continually harrassed and persecuted by the Imperial Court, which tended to prefer Arianism and semi-Arianism as the sensible compromise position and to view Trinitarian Catholics as extremists. He dramatically produced the supposed victim of his murder, alive and well, in one of the great courtroom scenes of antiquity. The notion that the winners wrote the history after Nicaea is something only a person utterly ignorant of history—somebody like Glenn Beck, for instance—could believe.

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