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As Christians we have a living hope, made sure by the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

Look out! Amazing things are on the way!

His resurrection is the sign that we too will be raised to new life. I was watching the replay of the Wimbledon final last Monday morning at the gym. Andy Roddick had fought back to be 2 all at the end of the fourth set. At that stage he must have felt like he had a real hope of changing history.

Maybe this was the year that Roger Federer could be beaten and Denomination: Anglican. Finding God's hope in places you wouldn't expect. Maybe you can relate. If someone loves you, then why are you still held captive?

Living hope = new possibilities!

If people in your world love you when why do they keep you captive? Denomination: Baptist. The Spirit breathes and brings life to old dry bones—just like he does in our lives. Turkeys graced most of our tables. By the end of the day, the carcasses of those turkeys were picked clean. Can you imagine going over to those bones—just before you throw Scripture: Ezekiel , Romans Denomination: Lutheran. Obstacles give us God stories! Do you need a God story today?

Living Hope Ministries. Building the UK & Overseas church.

Christian hope in Jesus Christ. PowerPoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request - email: gcurley gcurley. Reading: 1 Peter chapter 1 verses Denomination: Brethren. Explores Peter's doxology regarding the salvation we have in Christ.

Panic! At The Disco - High Hopes (Behind The Scenes)

In the first chapter, I noted that the New Testament epistles follow the basic form of letter writing of that day. There is nothing significant about the form. What is significant is how the NT writers make use of the form to express their Christian content. What is the form? There are The first message in this series encourages Christians to have hope in spite of present suffering, because of future glory, and to maintain hope as we live out our lives.

The text for this message is First Peter chapter 1. Peter was one of the 12 apostles, and more than that, he was part of the inner circle with James and John.

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This sermon is all about how to persevere in suffering and feel unspeakable joy of one's salvation. Instead of counting what we have lost, let us remember the mercy we have received! Despite our retched sinning and our vile conditions God showed us compassion! The word of Denomination: Pentecostal. Hope is both a verb and a noun, something we do and something we have within our hearts.

Hope is one of the many blessings God offers to all who will obey and follow Christ. He was in the first and he will be the last. Hope - He hath not only some comfort for the present, but also hopes of further happiness in this world.

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Better - Much happier as to the comforts of this world. Discussion for Ecclesiastes Click here to view. Cherie for verse 4.

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Have you read Isaiah 53 lately, or the Psalms or any of the major or minor prophets? No, the name "Jesus " is not mentioned in the Old Testament but the Son of God, who became Jesus, is everywhere in the Old Testament and so is reference to His kingdom, which is heaven. In the four gospels, Jesus Himself makes reference to so many texts from the Old Testament, many which are prophecies about Himself and there are literally hundreds of text references from the Old Testament in the New.

I have frustration with those who say the Old Testament is no longer relevant, when without the Old Testament, we would have no clear understanding of the plan of salvation, no knowledge of our origin, the creation of the world, the fall of Lucifer, the divinity of Jesus or the law that Jesus came to defend with his death on the cross. Edmund lamb for verse 4. Though Ecclesiastes is 1 of my favorite Books. So to point out little inconsistencies is a little hmmmm What are u getting at?

Solomon spoke of life..