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For full details of the cookies that we use and your options for managing or refusing cookies, please visit our Cookie Policy page. A study of how the Victorian poet and theologian George MacDonald reimagined the spiritually transforming language of the parable for a 19th-century audience. Parables were used by Jesus to reveal to us the kingdom of God and to move us from being bystanders to active recipients of God's work of revelation. However, parables are constantly at risk of being buried as "mummies of prose", as George MacDonald puts it.

To Illustrate Truth

We become so familiar with the language of Scripture that Jesus' parables no longer work on us in this revelatory and transforming way. George MacDonald observed this very process at work in Victorian society. It was a culture saturated with Christian jargon but often devoid of a profound understanding of the gospel for its own time and culture.

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The language of Scripture no longer penetrated people's hearts, imaginations, and attitudes; it no longer transformed people's lives. MacDonald, called to be a pastor, turned to story and more specifically the "parabolic" as a means of spiritual awakening. He created fictive worlds in which the language of Jesus would find a new home and regain its revelatory power for his particular Victorian audience.

Parables of Jesus chapters 1-2 HD Restored

George Macdonald: Poet and Theologian 2. Patterns of Subversion and Promise: Jesus' Parables 3. Patterns of Subversion and Promise: Romanticism 4. Patterns of Subversion and Promise: Lilith.

Saint Ignatius recommended visualizing oneself at the scene of stories from the Bible

Toggle Navigation. Advanced Search. Kreglinger A study of how the Victorian poet and theologian George MacDonald reimagined the spiritually transforming language of the parable for a 19th-century audience. Buy Now. About this Book About this Book. Contents Contents. Foreword by Eugene H. He spoke truth indirectly, through story, because it appears that a chief element of faith itself is the ability to draw an image in your mind, to imagine the seen as coming from the unseen Hebrews How can we believe in the unseen without an active imagination? Here is another in a long line of examples supporting St.

That is, his primary method of creating meaning was through metaphor, simile, parable and dramatic action rather than through logic and reasoning. He created meaning like a dramatist and a poet rather than like a philosopher. If we want to understand the parable the way Jesus intended, we need to take into account the culture of the audience, the context of the story, the world in which Jesus taught.

Using the imagination to understand Jesus: The parable of the unmerciful debtor

His questioners usually wanted answers to what they considered binary problems — a simple yes or no would do. Thumbs up or down. Instead they often get analogues.

To Reveal People's Hearts

Little stories that had to be chewed on awhile before one could decode their message. Sometimes more than one.

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  • The kind that gradually pervades your imagination and soaks into your bloodstream and becomes part of your very tissue and bones. The kind you can live with for days, months, years, while it sprouts and may one day even bear fruit.

    Storied Revelations: Parables, Imagination and George MacDonald's Christian Fiction

    We too can be in his audience as we look at his parables. Enjoy the stories as they are unpacked, and learn how relevant they are to life today. Your email address will not be published.