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Caldas da Rainha was part of the ancient region Lusitania, inhabited by ancient Romans who took advantage of sulphurous waters sprouting in the region, barbarian invasions destroyed most of the Roman-built baths. With the disbandment of the order by the 15th century, the fell into disrepair. The queen stopped to inquire about this oddity, and the bathers told her that the waters possessed curative powers and she decided to try them and was pleased to find that she was quickly relieved of an unknown affliction that she had been suffering.

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On that site, the queen ordered a hospital built so that others could enjoy the same relief, construction began the following year, and although the first patients were admitted in , the works were not completed until about or To finance the hospital and its church, the queen sold her jewels.

The name of the settlement that grew around the site and became Caldas da Rainha refers to both its founder and the reason for its existence, the citys name can be translated as Queens Hot Springs, Queens Spa, or Queens Baths.

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The settlements waters remain its major claim to fame, on 21 March , King Manuel I, brother of Queen Leonor, conferred the status of town upon Caldas da Rainha. In , it was made a municipality, in and , Caldas da Rainha welcomed Boer men, women, and children who sought refuge from the ravages of the Second Boer War in their South African homeland. Unregistered users can watch videos on the site, while registered users are permitted to upload an unlimited number of videos. Videos deemed potentially offensive are available only to registered users affirming themselves to be at least 18 years old, YouTube earns advertising revenue from Google AdSense, a program which targets ads according to site content and audience.

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In May , YouTube videos were watched more than two times per day. This increased to three billion in May , and four billion in January , in February , one billion hours of YouTube was watched every day. Soap opera — A soap opera, soap, or soapie, is a serial drama on television or radio that examines the lives of many characters, usually focusing on emotional relationships to the point of melodrama.

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Pedia para o outro afastar-se, mas este queria saber como se faz fogo, curioso, concentrava-se, saiu com cuidado. Felizes as pessoas porque apagou.

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Vou te dar de outra forma. Segue-se outra narrativa, dos filhos do Homem de Fogo, cujo brinquedo, feito pelo pai, foi roubado por um desconhecido, que o Homem de Fogo persegue. Eis um trecho central do mito: Quanto mais cerrado e mata criasse, mais o fogo aumentava, as labaredas o perseguiam. Fez um rio muito grande, o fogo conseguiu atravessar o rio. Entrou num buraco, o fogo entrou no buraco. O fogo pegou o homem e devorou, queimou todo. O outro, o amigo, soube o que acontecera. Mandou a lagartixa juntar todos os ossos. Pegou um cigarro, assoprou em cima do corpo, o morto viveu, levantou.

Os humanos habitam agora uma terra imperfeita, mas como escolhidos dos deuses. Personagens que pertencem ao mundo divino encarregam-se de cometer o roubo: Pois somente eles possuem o fogo sobre a terra: Quanto a mim, me fingirei de morto, a fim de que o fogo dos que se voltam contra mim continue em posse de nossos filhos. Bem, sapo, meu filho, fique na espreita! Eu vou chacoalhar-me, e assim espalharei as brasas: Assim, diz ao futuro corvo: Veio o futuro corvo.

Viu o que tinha sido um corpo e que era bem gordo.

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E interrogou seu filho sapo, que disse: Mais uma vez, ele deitou-se e fingiu-se de morto. Search for:.

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