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New market rules, control methods and physical infrastructure will be needed, as well as further understanding of pricing problems and system reliability. Countries will be able to meet their commitments of higher renewable energy integration, while transmission system operators will be able to maintain reliability. Stefanos Delikaraoglou. Significant growth of renewable energy sources RES has been seen in recent years and further strong development is expected throughout Europe. Power generation from many RES, e. Meanwhile, the wide penetration of RES challenges the efficiency of the existing electricity market.

Both operation strategies and market rules have to be revisited in order to effectively accommodate a high proportion of RES in our energy supply. This project focuses on the development and evaluation of predictive dispatch strategies for intra-hour balancing aiming to increase the flexibility capabilities of the power system and to avail new balancing resources in the markets, such as demand response.

In addition, new market coupling mechanisms that promote the effective cooperation on balancing services between different power systems will be studied.

Integration of Electric Vehicles in the Electric Utility Systems

The results of this project will contribute towards an improved regulating market design and balancing operation of the power system with high shares of stochastic RES. Optimal charging of electric drive vehicles: A dynamic programming approach. Chunyu Zhang.

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The common use of demand response, electric storage and an increment penetration of distributed generation DG based on renewable energy resources into existing distribution network brings high complexity of system operation and network planning. It also leads to many issues regarding new market design, regulation, congestion, reliability and etc.

The conventional passive network management is not suitable in the new environment, which need to be changed into active network management. Active management of distribution network enables the distribution system operator DSO to dispatch network in an integrated efficient manner.

The objective of the PhD project is to propose a DSO market design for active distribution grid, which can motivate the efficient utilization of demand response and DG and reduce electricity price for end customers. The objective also includes the development of incentive market mechanism, which can mitigate the daily peak load and motivate grid upgrade for ensuring sufficient capacity.

The results of this project will contribute to develop a robust market design for active distribution grid, which will be the basic frame of normal operation.

Moreover the necessary emergency functionalities needed in situations where operation is no longer normal must be developed for maintaining the reliable system operation. Review of real-time electricity markets for integrating distributed energy resources and demand response. Applied Energy , in press. Analytical framework for market-oriented DSR flexibility integration and management. Energy and Power Engineering 5 : Distribution network expansion planning based on multi-objective PSO algorithm.

Qi Wang. It is foreseen that distributed energy resources and demand response programmes will increasingly affect the operations and planning of Danish distribution grids, while similar phenomena will also be observed in other countries. Such distribution grids are at the interface between the transmission system, where electricity is exchanged through a wholesale market, and the final consumers. Usual assumptions and simplifications made at the transmission level are there not valid anymore.

There is a crucial need today to better model and optimize what is happening at the distribution grid level, to also further understand impacts on socio-economic and reliability aspects. The objective of this Ph. The PhD will develop such of model for distribution grid operations integrating distributed energy resources and demand response, based on cutting-edge stochastic and robust optimization techniques allowing a compromise between economic optimality and system reliability.

Tiago Soares. In a future power system with significant penetration of renewables, one is to rethink the way energy and ancillary services are exchanged through the market place. The main purpose of this PhD project is to develop and simulate energy and ancillary service management methodologies suitable at both transmission and distribution levels, considering the large penetration of renewable energy sources.

The development of market mechanisms and strategies for the future electricity markets are one of the main aspects of this PhD project. Distributed generation and demand response dispatch for a virtual power player energy and reserve provision. Renewable Energy 66 : Christos Ordoudis.

The deployment of renewable power production units in power systems is on the rise due to the worldwide environmental concern and economic incentives. This development has introduced significant variability and lack of predictability in power systems which as consequence have increased the requirement for system flexibility. Due to the intermittent nature of renewable energy generation and in order to acquire flexibility, it is important to couple various energy system infrastructures and networks e. This results in large-scale complex networks that need to be properly modeled in order to accommodate even higher shares of renewable energy.

The research is focused on the development of market designs and mechanisms for the operation of multi-carrier energy systems.

Real life vehicle-to-grid seeks market opportunities

Towards that goal, various optimization and decision making under uncertainty techniques are required as well as reliable forecasting in production and demand side. The development of such market structures will eventually result in the efficient coordination of various energy systems and will facilitate the integration of renewables in the energy system.

Publications selection : C.

South Mimms: electric vehicles and battery storage - Power Responsive Success Story 2018

Ordoudis, P. Pinson, J.

Morales, M. Zugno Stochastic unit commitment via progressive hedging — Extensive analysis of solution methods. Lazaros Exizidis University of Mons.

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The increasing environmental awareness along with the limited availability of fossil fuels has led to political decisions, in an international level, for the replacement of conventional energy sources by renewable ones. Wind power predictions are, therefore, mandatory in various time horizons serving different purposes such as operational planning, control, investment decisions, energy trading etc.


On the other hand, the various system actors are characterized by contracting interests especially when it comes to wind power trading. A framework for defining these interactions and the use of wind power forecasting is the subject of this ongoing PhD research. A review of time series models for the long term modeling of wind speed in distribution network planning. Construction and reduction of scenario trees for the day-ahead prediction of wind speed. Construction of aggregated scenario trees for the day-ahead prediction of wind speed.

Guillaume Le Ray. Future regulating power market and distribution system operator DSO market design is covered, with up-to-date case studies and examples to help readers carry out similar projects across the world.

Technology roadmap for smart electric vehicle-to-grid (V2G) of residential chargers | SpringerLink

It provides distribution companies with the knowledge they need when facing the challenges introduced by large scale EV deployment, and demonstrates how transmission system operators TSOs can develop the existing system service market in order to fully utilize the potential of EV flexibility. With thorough coverage of the technologies for EV integration, this volume is informative for research professors and graduate students in power systems; it will also appeal to EV manufacturers, regulators, EV market professionals, energy providers and traders, mobility providers, EV charging station companies, and policy makers.

Qiuwei Wu is an assistant professor with the Centre for Electric Technology CET , Technical University of Denmark DTU and is currently involved in the research of integration of electric vehicles EVs , integration of wind power, market driven optimal operation of distribution systems, and the congestion management of distribution systems.

Within this he is the main contributor on tasks of EV system architecture design, the potential of using EVs to provide ancillary services, and network impact of EVs on distribution and transmission systems. He has also worked on congestion management of distribution systems with large scale EV integration. Request permission to reuse content from this site.

Albrecht, M. Nilsson and J. Bang, C. Hay, M. Togeby and C. Hay and M.