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It just makes more sense why things played out the way they did…. FIRST - as for the guy who ripped your opinion about this being one of the best movies of and called it one of the worst - Get A Grip! I love the personal feel to this website and everything about it. Alex didn't ask for opinions about him, it was about the ending. As for this ending, I preferred this alternate ending to one used in the theaters.

As for the ending in the book, I am maybe one of the few and do know others who feel the same that the book ending was screwed up. Why get him all the way through that only to have a new race execute him for what he did. Maybe keep him imprisoned, but not kill him in the book and study why he was never infected. THUS leading to a sequel where he could have been captured on his way to Vermont, leading to interrogations and imprisonment and then taken it from there. SOOOO much better than the ending we saw in theaters.

Didn't the ending posted here not test well, so they changed it? I know they didnt choose the alternate ending, but this one, the original, is fantastic and made the movie much better. I want to watch the whole thing over again with this scene included. I think the reason for her doing the epilogue is to trick you for a moment into thinking he died. Then it gives you the shot of him smiling and she mentions his name. Besides he recorded the previous message that was broadcast. It was her turn. This was a fantastic ending. The theatrical version was just too abrupt an end for a character much of he audience had attached themselves through.

I'm a huge proponent of killing off a main character if it's appropriate, rather than having Hollywood corporate influence dominate the ending. But there are certain characters who just go through too much for them to have an unhappy ending. It doesn't feel right that after two hours of rooting for this person, fearing for them, actually being on edge when they are on edge, and feeling every emotion they feel so profoundly that they should die and you are left with nothing but those emotions.

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A sense of accomplishment needed to be felt in I Am Legend, and it is sort of felt in the theatrical version. But in this one, it also humanizes the vampires, if only for a moment, and gives a great deal of development to Neville. This is one character I would not prefer to have dead. The last minute or so though, with the car on the bridge bit, wasn't so appealing. Maybe they should have shot Anna's voice over a montage of her and Neville packing up and cleaning up his house, rather than insert a trite bit of cinema.

Overall though, this was a much stronger, much more well-rounded and less hurried ending to an otherwise superb movie and acting effort on the part of Will Smith. Had it not been for that ending, I truly believe he would have at the very least gotten a Golden Globe nomination.

The bridges thing is a good question. In the book i can totally see why they would want him dead. He was killing them off. He was a serial killer. Don't we execute our serial killers? Oh also They are often just told that it is a movie with a certain actor and maybe what genre it is. So they arent the best judges of the films Even though the movie wasn't spectacular, this ending would have made up for it plenty. This was a MUCH more emotional and impacting ending that at least payed a little bit of homage to the book it was based after. The theatrical ending was better.

People need to realize this was this was the ORIGINAL ending, so "the evil suits" only decided to change it after several complaints received at test showings. Movies aren't made for geeks, a lot of things done in the book would've looked retarded on the big screen. You would turn what was a flick almost everyone enjoyed, into a real cartoon fest.

I completes the movie better. I would have enjoyed the movie better too. I make have to make my own cut of the film to watch in the future, with this ending. Here's the mistake I think people are making with this ending: it only really works if you've read the book. Otherwise, it doesn't make a lick of sense. You have to infer so much just based on glances and gestures that you end up scratching your head.

Why would Neville apologize to these ruthless monsters? I get the reasoning based on what the book is about, but that's not the story the movie was telling. The filmmakers figured this out, thankfully, in time. For me, the theatrical ending is so much more powerful. You end up with this science vs. And when it fully emerges I thought it was brilliant and was completely shocked to find out that the novel was otherwise when it seemed so perfect in the story the film presented. Brock on Mar 5, Way to be the man, and get this out to everyone.

As for the alternate ending. I was floored that this original cut wasn't the final ending! It is a shame that WB was the instigator here. I think the facade that all the "dark dwellers" are basically inhuman is greatly contrasted with this ending that proves this wrong and makes Neville the "legend" he is. Great ending. I liked this ending, however i feel that nevel still should die at the end for his crimes.

After the vampires kill him , if they must keep the woman and the boy in the film and go with the whole survivor storyline to leave room for sequels , they could walk away and leave the woman and boy alone, continuing on with the second ending of driving over the bridge but not finding other people just yet. I don't like either ending, but since I think the movie was uninspired, I think either ending suits it.

There seems to be a lot of talk in these comments about vampires though, so maybe we didn't watch the same movie? I was so disappointed with the ending they chose for the theatrical release, but I finally feel like I was vindicated from that with this alternative ending. It explains why that lead vampire that, to me oddly enough, looks like John Malcovic went to such extreme lengths to get back his love. I absolutely loved the book, and I feel the movie ran as far as it did because it used the name "I Am Legend" as a vehicle to propel it.

Finally, with this ending, I'm satisfied with where it led. PS: Thank you so much for showing me this. I have one thing that i dont like about it tho, at the end when Alice Braga's character starts talking, i think Will Smith should have ended it just my opinion tho still amazingly better then what we saw with the theritical ending.

Well, bottom line is it totally saves the film. I had a hard time with the "Scooby Do" monsters Still really did not enjoy it that much. I really wanted to as well. But thank you for this, I will pass it on. This should have been the ending in theaters. In the theatrical ending all of the vampires' behavior was explained away by saying they had socially degenerated. This actually explained why the lead vampire kept returning to try and kill Neville personally. Love the alt ending. The release ending left me disappointed and feeling the movie was uncomplete.

Thanks for showing us the "true" ending. Thank you for posting this article as I completely agree that the theatrical ending we saw was not good. I didn't read the book so I was judging the film completely on it's merit. I enjoyed it up until the ending where I thought he needed to survive and make his way to the colony. Ideally I was hoping for a little bit more even from the alternative ending. The raw emotion you feel when Clive Owen delivers the girl up the stream and to the ship is unsurpassed. But in the alternative ending it can't avoid but be happy and cheesy as they sit in the car smiling at one another.

Wow, this ending was awesome. I was a fan of the movie overall. I understood why they took the movie in the direction that they did in order to make it appeal to a broader audience. But I think that they could and should have kept this original ending to the film. The ending to the theatrical version was the one slightly disappointing part of the film. Ebooks and Manuals

I am glad that I got to see this version, as it is much better. NamelessTed on Mar 5, I thought the film was I'm so damn done with bleak endings, no more mankind, etc. Yeah, sorry kidsNational Treasure was dopey at times, but more "fun" at least. Really now. Sure the we become the monsters or Neville becomes the monster and the infected vamp-like ones are the 'new society.

What society? I've readmany of Matheson's works, including his original novel for this but I'm all for humanity still existing, no coming to end replaced by these creatures. Perhaps it's because I'm a parent and not just some sci-fi fanboygeekola. Will Smith did a great job in the film, I just found it, again unsatisfying. But not as horrible as Cloverfield. Asked for money back, though the theater manager wouldn't do it because we'd stayed for the whole film, taking no responsibility for running what was ultimately crap.

But that's another debate, ain't it? This was the right way to end this movie. I won't buy a DVD of it unless there is a version with this one restored, not just as an 'option' to watch separately. SO much better! Also, this alternative ending opens the opportunity for a sequel, something the studio should have thought of. Tortuca on Mar 5, I just don't understand why it would have been that hard to follow Matheson's concept. Braga's character is in on it.

She has evolved further than first generation vampires. She becomes the narrative voice explaining why Neville had to be executed at the end. This is the kind of stuff that drives me crazy about science fiction getting translated into films by major studios. Matheson wraps the vampire convention in a plausible life-science scenario of genetic mutation and species evolution. It's a big idea kind of book. And it builds and it builds and it builds and you have no idea where it is going until wham! You are on the last page and there is the big reveal and it is over and there you sit - astounded by what Matheson has pulled off.

Something you never see coming. Just like the ending of The Sixth Sense. Imagine if the movie studio heads determined in the end that audiences weren't smart enough to understand what M. Night Shamalayan was doing in The Sixth Sense and told him to erase the part about Bruce Willis's character being dead - scratch that part. Let him solve the murder mystery conventionally and become a fond uncle to Haley Joe Osment's character. I can hear them: "Let's let him watch the young man mature and live happily with his wife into the future.

Much brighter that way. Audiences like bright. Some studio head at Warner Bros. I was fuming when I left the theatre. They took an amazing plot and eviscerated it. And that happens all the time.

Must Watch: I Am Legend's Original Ending - This is Amazing

This modified ending helps some, but still leaves so much that could have been great unrealized. I love this ending. I thought the theatrical ending was a cheap gimmick, and that Neville never really "got" the real truth of what was going on. In this ending, he did. I honestly thought the original ending was much better, this one was kind of bad. A new terror born in death, a new superstition entering the unassailable fortress of forever.

I am legend. This was the way the movie should have ended. Just watching the alternate ending made me change the way I thought about that movie. I hope you can select that as the version cause it would make me go out a buy the DVD. That was the real ending as far as I'm concerned.

I thought Will Smith had better morals. This movie and all of your 'awesome' reviews makes me embarrased to share a love for film with such kooks. This ending was definitely superior. The one in theaters was so bad I laughed my dick off. What kind of frag grenade blows up like a nuke? Get dicked on WB. A friend of mine sent me this page because I complained about the ending and as an aspiring writer and director, I told him how it should've ended, just like this cut!

I have never read the original novel, I just deduced that the ending should have the vampires more humane since that's how the entire movie played them out to be, that they weren't mindless. And that the boss dude was in fact the lover of the girl. Why Francis Lawrence didn't allow this scene in the final cut is just perplexing But it has made me happy that I have a similar vision to the original's idea and they chose to film it. Bernard Lau on Mar 5, I much prefer this ending - what a great twist to turn him into the monster.

It would be better though if the lead vampire wasn't a spitting image of Ted Danson - mannerisms and all. When watching the film in the theater I immediately picked up on the relationship between the head vampire and the captured test subject. That was further reinforced with "kidnapped mannequin" sequence. When none of that was paid off at the end of the film I was let down, even confused by it. This ending is SOOoo much more emotionally satisfying I can't find words to express it.

My hope is that this will be an extra on the DVD release, then I'll just cut the film together the way I had hoped to see it in the first place. If it isn't an extra to allow that to be an option, then I won't bother picking up the DVD at all, because the way that it was released in the theaters was a "fine ride", but ultimately not worth my owning it. I know I just wouldn't bother watching it with that unsatisfying ending. It gives a more human feel to the ending of the movie. The ending in this movie was way too simple and Hollywood like. Bill on Mar 5, In most cases, mass media has to follow a fixed format in order to successfully integrate into the market.

The alternative ending does not follow the "golden rules" that make a product viable to the "dreaded" lowest common denominator read: profitable. This is the sole reason WB consistently "slaughters" fantastic creative works in a rather predictable manner, regardless of artistic merit and plot integrity the deviations are required for a return on the millions of dollars invested in production. I'm sure it's a fantastic book, but intellectually challenging epic novels will rarely if ever make it to blockbuster level following the original storyline verbatim.

Adam Nevill

I needed to see the connection between Neville and the lead infected. I needed to see the point at which Neville realized that they HAD retained their humanity. I needed to see the point at which Neville realized that the lead infected was simply trying to rescue his love.

Neville never should have died Thank you. This has literally rescued the movie. If there's a petition to get a release of this movie with the alternate ending, point me in the right direction. I need to sign it. Gordon on Mar 6, I have never read the book or seen other incarnations of the movie The first half was superb, conveyed emotion and held my interest. The moment the woman and her child were introduced I began to get bored and started to dislike the story. You could see where it was going - nowhere good. The ending turned out to be ridiculous as expected, and defeated the first half of the movie that I had really enjoyed.

I had hoped that the lead male mutant would back off after seeing that Neville had cured his mate and that Neville would become legend in the eyes of the cured vampires As the female he had cured related his story at the end. I would have really liked that to have been the end, but alas, it was not to be And the woman and her child as well as the sudden religous themes at the end ruined the movie.

Had they allowed Will to truly be the last man on earth this movie would have been great, however it will now go down as mediocre and poorly ended. I actually left, not liking the film, probably only because the last 10 minutes just plain sucked. This ending is much better. Either way I'm intrigued to read the book Yeah this was deff a way better ending i mean come on his dog dying was enough sad dramma then him dying too nah way to much at that point i was like oh nah they didnt need 2 do that I think some people are really missing the point.

This end states clearly that Neville is the monster, hence the 'I am legend' title. Without this ending the title and film makes no sense at all. Tim on Mar 6, All I can say is wow. That was a better ending by far. There was so much feeling and struggle in that six minutes that would have pushed that movie over the top. Hell I probably would have seen it a few more times in the theater instead of saying at the end, I might buy it.

Now that ending is a hell of alot better then the theatrical cut it should have been used because I wasn't exspecting thr hero to die at the end. Better than the original ending, but still not what it could have been. From the moment the woman and child were introduced the movie went downhill. I agree wholeheartedly with post We constantly berate studios for NOT taking risks when it comes to their main characters. Well WB chose to kill their lead in the end and it ruined the ending of this movie.

This alternate was everything I look for it was shocking yet touching, bold yet understated. That was a stupid ending. The theatrical release was actually a more daring attempt because it wasn't such a sappy ending Come to think of it, these comments must be fake. This ending is the one that seems cheap and tacked on. The original unhappy ending was the correct and brave choice. Bravo WB. The alternate ending is controversial and I loved it!!!

Not even close to being as harsh as the book, but a twist reality whose really the villian now That was really interesting. And I'm quite surprised most of you like this "happy ending" more than the one released. I really enjoyed the movie, I don't love it or anything, but it has many interesting things.

The way the story goes, there is no way it can end in a fully-happy-fashion. As I said, it was really cool watching this alternative, but it's not quite believable to me. It makes no sense at all. Too much touchy-feeling to me. How can he be smiling in his SUV with his "new" family? It seems like a happy advertising. The one released isn't perfect, but I think is much more close to the original intention of the novel. There is no concept of legend here. Sam on Mar 6, Just to clarify.. The point of the story is that he's now in the minority.. The legend element is what he perceives to be monsters are now the dominant species and they tell stories of him.

He kidnaps and murders their kind, thats his 'legend'. The title and whole point of the story is him coming to this realization. If he blows himself up with a grenade, how exactly is he supposed to find out how they perceive him? I cant read these posts anymore. I despair. Scott, you are way out of line. People can have different opinions about movies without running the risk of being labeled assholes or fucktards.

Grow up. I watched the movie and I personally expected more I really liked it. Thanks for showing us this version. I never read the book so I saw the I Am Legend film for what it was. I have to say I greatly enjoy the theatrical versions ending much more. It was tragic to see the Robert Neville die but at the same time it was refreshing for a movie. With this version Robert Neville lives but it just seems to come to a to common ending, they leave, Robert Neville lives and rides out with his new family to the survivors colony.

The theatrical versions ending is so much better, it seems different from the typical Hollywood movies ending. I might be in the minority though, I've shown this version to some family members and they seem to like it simply because Robert Neville lives. Lis on Mar 6, The altenate ending is definitely better but it doesn't save the movie for me. The ending of the book is much more powerful, that ending ligltly touches it, but it's still too light.

In the end, Neville should be the monster without ambiguity, anything else and the point is moot. Corbor on Mar 6, I feel like it's hard for this movie, considering the book was so breathtaking. While this new ending doesn't necesasrily SAVE the movie from what happened to it unecessary character additions, I think it certainly allows for a much more moving, engaging conclusion to the story.

As a reinterpretation of the book, I really quite like this film. This made things a bit better for me. I believe the original ending is the best way to show our emotional to our kinds from all races that we are humans already. Today, we faced war every where. I found the theatrical ending so similar to our today situation in the reality.

Fight them, kill them, and having a castle for survivours. But the original's , I think, is trying to show us a balance between good things and bad things. Every one has a right for living even, vampires. We can not find peace in a castle which is so similar to a home, we can find it in a balanced world. Finally, I perefer the original ending. It was great. This unreleased ending fits the movie better!! It already alluded multiple times to leader wanting the girl back. It played off of his last bit of humanity and his growing intelligence in how he went about getting her back and how he was like Dr.

Neville, who had lost his own family in the tragedy that spawned the "vampires. Neville's character, just never really did it for me, and it was abrupt. I grow really tired of dumb suits who focus on money and know nothing of art and story attempting to dumb down the American audience, or consider us idiots to begin with who can't handle "complicated endings. Hollywood keeps trying to clone Pixar's success but never realizes what makes Pixar's soul isn't computer animation but great story telling that doesn't dumb it down for the audience. Computer animation just happens to be the medium they like to tell their stories through--and they use that tool damn well.

This ending far surpassed the theatrical ending. As someone who was a fan of the book well before the movie was even announced, I truely wanted to love absolutely everything about this movie before I even saw it. After watching it, I did love it, but was definitely let down with the ending. This new ending, however, completely changes the tone of the film. For the better. Bravo and thanks for sharing this. I liked this one better. The ending in the movie was too abrupt for me, and the idea that you could reverse those types of "symptoms" was beyond belief.

And I think there was enough death in the movie, without Neville having to die at the end, too. The fact that the dog was sacrificed on the alter of "art" was more than heart-wrenching to me. I'm just glad Neville didn't have a cat! But I'm so glad you shared this alternate ending. I'm sure it will make it's way onto the DVD version, but I would have rather my theater experience ended this way than the ending they chose. Why the fuck didn't they show this on the big screen? A million times better than the theatrical cut with the bullshit semi-religious ending!

The alternate ending leaves a nice possibility for a sequel too. Kenneth on Mar 6, I was very disappointed by this film originally but this ending mitigates it somewhat. Not anyway near enough action for this type of film or enough tension instead of action. I haven't read the book but of course am aware of it and the impact it had upon publication etc.

Am i wrong in thinking that neville went round the world raizing cities to the ground a la I am destoyer of worlds. If so that would have been much better than resorting to the cliche of another survivor coming to his rescue in his hour of need. That's incredible. I would have MUCH rather seen this ending than the crap they are feeding us at the theaters!

In all honesty, I was so disappointed after watching the movie the first time Nicki on Mar 6, Joseph on Mar 6, I think the theatrical ending fit more with the theme's that were emphasized throughout the movie. The ending that was used made the story feel complete and tied up most loose ends this coming from someone who hasn't read the book and didn't know what the story was about until now. Now that I know what the real story was about the alternate ending is incredible and completes the story so much better.

But of course Hollywood is all about making money and chose the ending that they thought would appease the masses. How did they cross the blown up bridges in the end?? I almost cried - that is the way the movie should have ended. Oh hell yes I would have preferred it in the theater. Hey, Hollywood - we're adults and we prefer being treated that way. Brian Dunbar on Mar 6, At the theatre I felt ripped off by the cost of the ticket, which tends to sour me on going back to the theatre for a while. This ending would not have given me that feeling. I'm vindicated though thinking about the gate receipts that I have withheld as a consequence of WB making a totally irrational decision that resulted in ruining the movie.

Alternate ending preferred by myself and at least 5 other folks I've shown it to. I like this ending MUCH better than the theatre one. I really enjoyed the entire movie in the theatre, but I felt like the ending was a bad cut and paste job. Now I know why. It was. All of the foreshadowing throughout the movie makes this the natural and more satisfying end. Too bad they had to "lowest common denominator" it at the last minute. As far as it not sticking to the book You just have to accept them as totally seperate entities and it usually makes both much more enjoyable. I loved the original ending and feel cheated that the powers that be felt it necessary to change it.

I was shocked at the ending in the theatre and felt like it ended too abruptly. This ending fits so much better than the one they chose to show us. Wow what a mistake they made in not showing us the original ending! Sheer Awesome. Much better than the original ending, and Im glad that it'll be appearing on the DVD. Bigfoot The Unforgettable Encounter. Posted by phil blankenship , August 26, pm Post a Comment. I'm pregnant. Postcards of My Vacation Back Home:. Armistead Maupin 's Tales of the City has been capturing the vast majority of my attention this past week. I recently was eating with some friends at Zazie and the they immediately noticed Armistead himself enjoying his brunch on the scenic patio with none other than Judd from the Real World San Francisco.

You gotta love this city, right? Armistead apparently does, cause he's written a bunch of books all about it and its various inhabitants. They made this miniseries based on the books. I love it! It is just chock full of one scandal after another. Oh yeah -- there's tons of drug use in every episode. This must have been "cutting edge" when it was on, with all the drugs and the bare butts and boobs and gay lifestyles No wonder it was on PBS. Whatever, I love the interconnectedness of all the characters and how parts of each person's story unfold slowly and tantalizingly.

Posted by Whitmore , August 26, am Post a Comment. Posted by Billyjam , August 26, am Post a Comment. Check out this really funny but sadly true Mad TV skit about the US foreign policy and the ongoing war. Take a few minutes and watch this brilliant satire that simultaneously pokes fun at Jobs and the Bush administration -- but mainly the latter. Posted by Billyjam , August 25, am Post a Comment. These days the busy author runs a record label, invents new types of drums, books bands, and teaches a univeristy course in Chicago at Columbia College about the business of the arts!

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Lee Frasers of Sheep on Drugs describes the difficulty of being on stage tripping on acid and playing his guitar, which felt to him like it was made of sponge rubber, and trying to somehow keep in the onstage moment. It featured items that are included in the illustration-heavy Tour Smart. I don't know if I have really explained how much I love the great late Mr. Jim Henson. I know I just talked about him and his great films Labyrinth and Dark Crystal.

But there was also this amazing little show called " The Muppet Show. I did watch a lot of Sesame Street. It was one of those great shows that appealed to kids as well as their parents. So it wasn't like my parents had to make me watch the show. And they also never minded watching it along with me and my brother. It was hilarious and brilliant. Nothing really like it. And although some of the jokes may not be as relevant today, they are still hilarious.

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At least, I watched as much of it as I could bear to sit through before hitting the eject button. In fa ct, so lame was Norbit that it forced me to go back twenty years to seek out a clip from Murhpy's Robert Townsend directed live concert film Raw -- included below. Scheduled for a mid release, Comeback will begin shooting sometime in November. Caged Terror. Posted by phil blankenship , August 22, pm Post a Comment. I feel like I am turning into a PG version of Elvis Coffee in the morning to wake up, Tylenol PM in the evening to fall asleep And since it's rated PG, I don't think I will end up dying on the toilet or anything anytime soon at least.

But I digress Posted by Billyjam , August 22, am Post a Comment. The Lookout was written and directed by Scott Frank. It took ten years to get made and is a labor of love Two thumbs down from Ngoc and me. It's set in Kansas City. According to Frank, " I spent time there, but mostly what I loved was that there was an urban environment right next to a rural environment and they're very close together. He can live downtown but work two hours away in the middle of nowhere and I really liked that. So, the setting is very important obviously. Kansas City is like a character in the film, you might say.

Month: May 2008

Of course, his observation applies to nearly every city in the country between the east and west coasts. Obviously Frank had a window seat on a cross country flight or maybe a just layover at Kansas City International. And the in-flight entertainment, I'm guessing, was Memento. I loved that the mob was no longer there, that it was sort of a dying mob city and more of a "sons and sons of" place now.

I just thought it was kind of interesting. I ended up doing a lot of research. Posted by Billyjam , August 21, pm Post a Comment. While the Bay Guardian, The Examiner, the Onion , and SF Weekly may be the widely known and widely available free papers around San Francisco, they are by no means the only free newspapers to pick up and read in the City by the Bay. There are numerous other free papers found around San Francisco but I just want to take a quick overview of these ones and the aforementioned Bay Guardian, Onion, Examiner, and SF Weekly.

The daily San Francisco Examiner which has gone through a lot of changes over the years is currently in a tabloid size format and is free. While it gets critiqued for running stories from other papers and wire-services, overall it's not such a bad read on the bus or train, as it offers a decent blend of local and national news usually accompanied by clever, eye-catching headlines with a pretty decent San Francisco entertainment guide, often doing stories on SF events not covered by the Guardian or the Weekly.

Club section. But like many of the New Times imprints, the Weekly is often given to smart-ass editorializing that seems more geared to getting a reaction than making a concrete point. That aside, it is a good read overall with good entertainment listings. Additionally, their website is really good with up to the minute reports on news items that eclipse the paper's Wednesday street date.

For example after MF Doom 's pathetic 12 minutes possibly lip-synced show at San Francisco's Independent club last Wednesday night that had concert goers demanding refunds, the SF Weekly online version the next day around noon, based on an email from a reader, op ened a discussion group about MF Doom's SF-diss. Good stuff! Out today is the new album from your favorite San Francisco band " Imperial Teen.

They became a band in San Francisco in the mid 90s and released their first album " Seasick " in This was also the year I moved to San Francisco. So this band is sort of special for me. I think this band is super special for anybody who discovered them in the 90s. I was listening to a lot of super depressing and dreary bands in the 90s.

I still love all those bands but I think I really needed some Imperial Teen in my life. I was always a bit afraid of pop music. I thought it would make me too happy. But Imperial Teen combined great fun pop music with that sort of San Francisco indie rock that is hard to explain. I don't know if it just sounds like that cause I heard all these bands play live in San Francisco so much.

Or if it really is a certain type of sound. I just can't separate the bands from the city. Seasick was a great album and everybody who heard it loved it. But it was really in that Imperial Teen started getting more popular. It was sort of hard to to get away from that song that year.

But I really loved that record. It is part of my own little soundtrack to that year and the end of the 90s. In I had moved to Hollywood. A couple members of the band also ended up down there and they released the album " On. Both those first albums are now out of print. So it is up to Merge to do some little reissues for some essential ablums that nobody should really be without. The Undertaker And His Pals. Posted by phil blankenship , August 21, am Post a Comment.

Posted by phil blankenship , August 20, pm Post a Comment. We've got a great reel of vintage exploitation trailers before the show, and our world famous free raffle with loads more porn to give out this month, along with other trash. Show up alone, bring a date or bring your momma Tuesday, August 21st West Beverly Blvd.

Posted by Billyjam , August 20, am Post a Comment. In contrast to so many rappers today who pride themselves on 'going dumb' and acting 'ignant,' Brooklyn emcee Talib Kweli prides himself on staying smart, both in his life along with Mos Def he owns an independent, non-profit black bookstore in Brooklyn and through his refreshingly conscious music that harks back to the golden age of hip-hop, when saying something positive was as important as a laying down a catchy hook for the radio and dancefloor.

Like his longtime collaborators and old Rawkus pals Mos Def and Hi-Tek, Talib Kweli has always stayed true to hip-hop's roots and yet has managed to stay current and vital. Personally, I think he is one of the few contemporary artists making hip-hop that is worth a damn and when I first got his single " Listen" off his new album Ear Drum , it just got stuck both in my head and on my turntable for weeks on end. It is the way hip-hop should be: good track and hook w ith lyrics that actually say something.

Check out the video for "Listen" below. It starts at 6PM, but get there early to jockey a good position. And if, like me, you will not be in SoCal, take advantage of the live streaming of his instore via our website, also scheduled to start at 6PM Pacific Standard Time. Posted by phil blankenship , August 19, pm Post a Comment.

HYDE Version Posted by Billyjam , August 19, pm Post a Comment. Jekyll and Mr Hyde -- is one highly recommended TV show that offers a strong plot, an excellent script, great acting, and a perfect balance of horror, sci-fi, suspense, and humor. But it is also available to view in good quality on YouTube -- painstakingly posted by "BBCJekyll" with each of the six episodes broken into eight parts. James Nesbitt plays the series' main character s -- the good-natured and nice Dr.

Tom Jackman as Dr. Jekyll, the good half of his split personality and also his alter-ego Mr. Hyde, the deranged psychopath side of himself. As both, Nesbitt turns in an amazing performance, especially when he morphs into the demonic and deranged Mr Hyde. He rattles off some wonderful one-liners that just beg to be quoted or sampled. Meantime, below is a video clip of the ad for the TV show. Labyrinth Anniversary Edition. It is hard to believe that it has been 20 years since the original release of " Labyrinth.

The same year as Legend. The year before Willow and The Princess Bride. Like many of us, I was a big fan of the fantasy film as a child and teenager. To be honest, I guess I still am. Many of these films, like Labyrinth, had a story within a story. It allowed the story to be believable as a dream or "fantasy" world.

But also never really that scary since we knew it was just a story. It wasn't until I was a bit older when my love of fantasy films turned into my love of horror films. I was also obsessed with Jim Henson and the Muppets. Labyrinth also starred David Bowie. This movie really had everything going for it. It was sort of impossible for it not to be as successful as it was. The movie made its way deep into our hearts and still remains there to this day. Muppets Season 2 also comes out. It is a big week for Jim Henson fans. But I always have to wait until the deluxe versions of the movies come out.

I want all the special stuff that they add on to the DVDs. And while there is always something missing, these versions often convince me to buy them. The Anniversary Edition of Labyrinth is 2 discs. I guess they meant to put this out last year as the 20th anniversary. But 21 years is close enough. Last year was also the 70th anniversary of Jim Henson's birth.

The movie starred Jennifer Connelly as a young girl bored with babysitting. She imagines herself into the world of goblins and creatures and the evil leader "David Bowie. And with the work of Jim Henson the film was ahead of its time. The creature effects still hold up and end up looking better than any modern film such as The Lord of the Rings.

And with David Bowie we get an amazing original soundtrack. The soundtrack included 5 original David Bowie songs. The songs were sort of cheesy at the time, so I don;t really think they have gotten any worse. And they are an integral part of the movie. I still know all the words to "Magic Dance" and "Underground. I don't know if it could have been better, but it for sure would have been amazing. Posted by phil blankenship , August 19, am Post a Comment. This Sunday and Monday, Aug. Anna King. Posted by Whitmore , August 18, pm Post a Comment. One day it's the 's, I'm trapped in the kind of hell a youngster homo freak usually is trapped in, and hey, Patti Smith is the musical guest on Saturday Night Live.

Who in the '70's didn't watch Belushi when you were 9? Suddenly, you realize you can stop jumping off the roof of any building you can scale the side of, you stop trying to figure out how to knot a noose, and you Because you realize if this woman is on TV in America Next thing you know, a some 3 decades later, you are standing on the Santa Monica Pier watching Patti Smith from about 3 feet away.

Life is so weird and magical. Prisoner In The Middle. Posted by phil blankenship , August 17, pm Post a Comment. So Sabrina, you are a newish arrival to San Francisco. What do you love about living here? Why did you move here? I was on a self journey and I was so done with Boston. I've been called a hippie my whole life so I figured I might fit in here. My parents would call me "Greenpeace" when I was a kid. I liberated a petting zoo when I was in high school cause I was a vegan straight edge kid. I used to be a brawler, big time.

It was at the Elbo Room and it was the first week I was here. It was a metal band from Japan and I don't remember the name of them. I had really long hair and little Lennon glasses on. So you were really going for the hippie thing! Dude, I was so surprised-- people were just smoking weed indoors and it was kind of ok. It's not as acceptable there [Back East]. It's just not as open. What's your favorite place to see a show? Great American. The Lipo Lounge is pretty rad.

Edinburgh [Castle] is rad because they have the fish and chips you can order from next door! So you're not vegan anymore? Posted by Billyjam , August 17, am Post a Comment. These pictures were taken two days ago, as the painting was being finished up. The mural caused some controversy with the SF Planning Commission, who are funding the art project, over some of its Palestine content. At first glance the art might look the same, but there are a lot of new details filled in on the large and wide mural since the first batch of photos posted here yesterday were taken ten days earlier.

Posted by Whitmore , August 17, am Post a Comment. Maybe its just my brain demonstrating its independence. Cellar Dweller. Posted by phil blankenship , August 16, pm Post a Comment. I went to go see Patti Smith at the Fillmore last night.

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If you have ever seen her before then you know how amazing she is to see perform live. She did an instore at Amoeba in Hollywood. You can watch the great interview with her and Logan by going here. I know I throw around the word amazing a lot. But nobody deserves it more than her. She really has some power that I can not even explain. This power sort of takes over everyone in the crowd and it is something that will stay with you the rest of your life. I never got the chance to see Patti in the 70's or 80's.

It was not until about 6 or so years ago that I saw her for the first time. It was right after the release of " Gung Ho " and was also at the Fillmore in S. A sort of perfect place to see her. These days, I am often one of the oldest in the crowd. So it is always weird to be at a show like this where I am one of the youngest. It does not really matter who you are though. She will put out her power over the whole crowd. I swear, she should just run for president or something. But I think she has already found her calling.

She has created some amazing music over the years. Her debut, " Horses ," came out the year after I was born. It remains my favorite of hers and I am sure the favorite of many. They actually just gave it a nice little reissue deluxe treatment a couple of years ago. Three years later came "Easter," which includes her awesome version of "Because the Night. She told a great little story about watching X-Files the night before and then having a great little dream afterward. She also played some 60's songs in honor of the anniversary of the summer of love. These songs are also on her new album.

So maybe it is just a coincidence that it happens to be the anniversary of the summer of love. She performed cover versions of "Are You Experienced? Max Roach Passes Away. Max Roach has died. Inevitably, sometimes life kicks us in the ass. When it does, we all have things we turn to in order to cope.

This week, while spending most of my time at home either in bed with the covers over my head or on the couch, blankly staring at the wall, twiddling my thumbs, I felt an utter loss of inspirado. Posted by Billyjam , August 16, am Post a Comment. Death Shot. Posted by phil blankenship , August 15, pm Post a Comment.

Posted by Billyjam , August 15, pm Post a Comment. Legendary Bay Area graffiti artist Mike DREAM Francisco , who was shot and killed in cold blooded murder in , would have celebrated his 38th birthday today August 15th, had he been spared his senseless death on the streets of Oakland seven years ago. Dream was not only an amazingly talented artist and integrated part of the Bay Area hip-hop scene collaborating with countless hip-hoppers over the years , but he was also one of those really cool-and-always down to earth, caring people who took time out for others.

All of which made his passing so much more painful for all who knew him. But despite his tragic passing his legacy grows and grows each year. Meanwhile, outdoors around the Bay Area there are countless pieces dedicated to the late, great artist, including out under the junction of the and freeways in SF -- coincidentally the place where DREAM, along with SPIE, did one of his very last pieces see below.

I never suspected Matt Polley to be a Hector Lavoe fan. Salsa at Amoebapalooza? Matt and I talked about it for weeks before Amoebapalooza. We signed up as "Lo Mato" and then went combing the store for people who would want to perform with us. We found two people. Erick and Ray were to play percussion as well as sing the chorus Paul Vasquez, who works in the World Music section, wanted to get in on the action.

He had not picked up a trombone since elementary school. For Paul to pull off the Willie Colon parts would be nothing short of a miracle! Most professional trombone players would find the task difficult. So it meant a rusty trombone player as Willie Colon. Amoebapalooza was a week away and Matt was in a slight panic. He had found a piano player and a drummer and by then Paul had backed out, so we had no horns. I called my friend Pat Hoed to take over for me on bass. I switched to the keyboards and got my friend Jeremy Keller on guitar to help me play the horn lines.

We learned the horn lines an hour before our first and only rehearsal. Posted by Billyjam , August 15, am Post a Comment. The actual SF LoveFest parade formerly Love Parade , the annual city party that celebrates dance music and culture, will again travel along Market Street, culminating in a big party at the Civic Center with Spundae and Skills hosting the official after party on the festival door step at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. The actual celebrations of LoveWeek kick off on the Wednesday of that week, while the "Official Pre-Event" party, with The Chemical Brothers scheduled to perform, is set for the Friday of that wee k.

For exact details it is best to visit the event's website , especially since it appears all the details are still being ironed out, with "daily updates" promised. The event "is a testament to the fundamental community desire to come together and break down barriers, in peace and love through dance music," said SF LoveFest board president Joshua Smith, who noted that what makes the festival, which is now in its fourth year and last year attracted 65, revelers, extra unique is that it is attended by all ages of house and electronic music fans.

Posted by phil blankenship , August 15, am Post a Comment. Family Guy vs a-ha. Posted by Billyjam , August 14, pm Post a Comment. So forget the brave heroes swinging from masts and the handsome young men sailing the seven seas for this is history at its most horrible!

Readers can: decide who was the baddest of the bunch in the top ten of putrid pirates discover why the women pirates were just as wicked as the men learn to talk the patter of a pirate Plus there are foul facts on the ships they sailed, the punishments they suffered and the rules they lived by. Now the nasty bits are at your fingertips! Discover all the foul facts about the USA - all the gore and more! Want to know: Why the pilgrims ate poo? How a tea party started the Revolution? Why cowboys declared war on sheep? With a bold, accessible new look and a heap of extra-horrible bits, these bestselling titles are sure to be a huge hit with yet another generation ofTerry Deary fans.

Laugh-out-loud stories from the bestselling author of the Horrible Histories series. But when it comes to helping the poor, his hands are kept firmly in his pockets. On the other side of town, Smiff Smith is enrolling at the world's first Crime Academy. He's knows his life will never be the same again, but he has no idea what adventures lie in store for him - or the danger he's about to face Book 2: Robbery for Rascals After sending dozens of innocent people to jail, cruel Judge Fumble decides to rest at his country mansion.

But he must ensure that the Fumble fortune remains safe on the journey home On the other side of town, the students of the world's first Crime Academy are getting set for another lesson in crime - this time fromthe greatest highway robber Wildpool has ever seen! The Horrible History of the World presents the foul but fascinating story of humans from brain-nibbling Neanderthals to terrified teenage soldiers in the twentieth century. You can discover why Alexander the Great banned beards, what smelly sport was played by samurai warriors and who tried to bump off her enemies with a cake made with poisoned bath-water.

It's all you ever need to know about the wicked world - all the gore and more! With a bold, accessible new look and a heap of extra-horrible bits, these bestselling titles are sure to be a huge hit with yet another generation of Terry Deary fans. Puts the Terrible Trenches in a whole new light! Withfact file fold-outs, trench letters and much, much more. This commemorative guide to life on the Front Line marks years since the end of the war with full-colour illustrations and paper novelty elements.

From foul food to coping with legions of lice - discover all the dire details of life in the blood and mud of the First World War trenches. Want to know. How would YOU survive? Get the facts - from both sides of the barbed wire - in this immersive and fascinating guide to the First World War from Horrible Histories duo, author, Terry Deary and illustrator, Martin Brown. From the author of Horrible Histories. A mysterious tower. A girl in a glass case. A stolen phone. A door to an old waxworld. And Boy. All things considered, things weren't going too well for Boy in Wildpool.

Not only are the police looking for him, but the worrying Arfur Loaf is on the warpath too. He can look after himself, can Boy, but going to Wiggott's Wonderful Waxworld to lie low for a while might be the worst decision he's ever made. No - getting on the Terror Train - that's the worst decision he's ever made. Now Burke and Hare are after him as well!

All Boy has to do is get back to his own time, escape the Terror Train and rescue the girl. That's enough for anyboy in one day. Wiggott's Wonderful Waxworld is the perfect spooky read for any time of year! This brand new, thrilling adventure from bestselling 'Horrible Histories' author Terry Deary brings the closing days of the First World War to life. It's and the Great War is entering its final phase. In northern France, young Aimee has just found out that her mother is part of a spy network working with the British.

After reluctantly befriending Marius, a German boy who has been left behind by his countrymen, she must try to help him get back behind German lines while evading a traitor she has helped to discover. This page-turning adventure sheds new light on the First World War and will have readers gripped from start to finish. Book band: Dark Blue. Revised by the author to make Horrible Histories more accessible to young readers.

Travel back into the measly Middle Ages, where the world was full of wild women, mad monks, naughty knights and crazy kings and queens! Discover a genuine jester's joke, why chickens had their bottoms shaved and what ten-year-old treacle was used for. From the best-selling author of Horrible Histories Mesopotamia, years ago Everyone in the tribe must work; all the men go hunting for bulls and mountain lions - apart from Sin-leqi, that is. Sin-leqi stays home and reads tablets in the great temples. The tablets tell tales of the legendary Gilgamesh, tales that are so fantastical that lazy Sin-leqi doesn't have to work, as long as he keeps telling them.

But when the story comes to end, Sin-leqi is in trouble A brand new and exciting tale, based on real historical and archaeological evidence, this story is full of Terry Deary's imaginative style and dry wit. Book band: Grey. But that's not what matters to the other boys. All they care about who is the best hunter, and who can provide meat for the tribe.

So when the brawny and brash Bull takes over as the tribe's chief, it's going to take all of Willow's wits to survive. Book band: Brown. Jay's grandfather is old, maybe twice as many summers as he has fingers and toes, but he is wise too. Jay loves to sit in their house by the river and listen to his stories of the Great Spirit and the Earth Mother. But outside, danger is at their door; food is getting scarcer, tribes are at war, and all the time the river water is rising Skara Brae, Orkney, Scotland, years ago On the cold and windy island of Skara Brae, Tuc and his sister Storm try to catch birds in their fishing net.

They eat fish day in, day out, and they're sick of it. But when a thief steals half their tribe's winter food stores, being bored of their dinner is the least of their problems. What if they starve? And even worse, what if it's true that their father's the thief? England, The future of England is uncertain, the king's allies might really be his enemies, and poor young George is stuck in the crossfire. Can he and his servant Robin survive in the cut-throat world of medieval battles, betrayals and suspicious kings?

A strange and exciting tale, based on a real medieval knight, this story is full of Terry Deary's dark humour and dry wit. Spain, Cristina is a serving girl at the palace of Valencia, and she has a reputation for being cowardly. El Cid, King Alfonso's greatest knight, is a master of terror. Tomorrow he marches on the blood thirsty Berbers at the city gates, and Cristina must lead him into battle under very strange circumstances An unusual tale, based on a real medieval knight, this story is full of Terry Deary's dark humour and dry wit.

His servants live in fear of his violent and cruel temper, terrified of doing anything that might displease their master. And when absent-minded stable boy Roger Skelton makes a fateful mistake, they learn just how cruel Hylton's last knight really is Germany, One night in a quiet German village, a stranger enters a local tavern. He is Sir Ulrich of Bavaria, a knight with a deadly sword, a noble steed Sir Ulrich fights for Venus, the goddess of love, and dresses as a woman in her honour.

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With a bold new look, these bestselling titles are sure to be a huge hit with yet another generation of Terry Deary fans. If you ever hear old folk moaning on about the world today, just remind them how woeful things were in the Second World War. Readers can discover why the blitzed Brits ate chicken-fruit, sinkers and nutty, what really happened in Dad's Army and how to make a rude noise with a gas mask. Sail back to a vicious time with fearsome seafaring Viking warriors with big boats, big shields and enormous ginger beards.

Readers can discover all the foul facts about the Vicious Vikings, including Viking gods in wedding dresses, corpses on trial and Death by booby-trapped statues. Refreshed, renewed, reloaded! Readers can discover all the foul facts about the Scotland, including: the truth about William Wallace, the disgusting details of sick Scottish torture techniques, and how to terrify a tourist with gory Scottish ghost stories. With shiny foil cover. From the bestselling author of Horrible Histories Young Acheron is a liar.

Everybody knows it. Troy is under siege and Acheron tells tales of Trojan bravery to entertain Prince Paris and the beautiful Helen at the palace. But when a stranger comes to the city to announce that the Greeks have departed, leaving a special gift of a wooden horse, Acheron is suspicious. He races to tell Prince Paris about the Greek plot, but will anyone at the palace believe him? Terry Deary's Greek Tales explore the world of Ancient Greece through the eyes of children who could have lived at the time.

These stories feature real people and take place in some of the most recognisable Greek settings. This new edition features notes for the reader to help extend learning and exploration of the historical period. The boys at school are excited. The Olympic games are coming to the city. They may be too young to compete, but their teacher suggests the school should have its own games.

Of course, girls have no part at all in these festivities but Elena discovers her twin brother, Cypselis, has made a bet with Big Bacchiad the school bully. If Cypselis wins he will get a new goat. If he loses then Elena will become Bacchiad's slave. Elena's freedom is at stake - she needs all her cunning to make sure her brother wins.

But will he? The great inventor Archimedes has just one problem. His clumsy servant, young Lydia, is the bane of his life. But when the Romans besiege Syracuse, and the Greeks turn to Archimedes for help, it is young Lydia who always seems to come up with the answers. Of course Archimedes is a lion in the eyes of the folk of Syracuse. He takes all the credit, but that's life for a Greek girl slave. Darius has been orphaned by the plague in Athens.

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Celebrating 25 years of Horrible Histories - the original and the best! Norway, AD. Fleece was snatched by Viking warriors when she was a young girl. Now she must work for a bullying farmer and his family, looking after their sheep. She longs to return to the country where she was born, but how will she ever make that journey back across the sea? Whitby, Northern England, Edwin and Luke are young boys training to be monks. It's a quiet life, until one day the Vikings invade. The boys are terrified of the fearsome Danes, whose gods are even more terrifying warriors than they are. What will happen if the boys are caught?

These stories feature real people from history and take place in some of the most recognisable Viking settings. The Great Pyramid is a lively place to work. The only irritation is Antef, the fussy, bullying supervisor who makes everyone feel more like slaves than free workers. So, when Antef disappears, the workers are blamed. The only witness is young Dafia. Can she come up with a plan to clear the men's names?

Terry Deary's Egyptian Tales explore the world of Ancient Egypt through the eyes of children who could have lived at the time. These stories feature real people and take place in some of the most recognisable Egyptian settings. This is a tale of Neria, who works in the House of Death helping her father to make mummies. Neria enjoys her work, but when the pharaoh dies, everyone is so busy that Neria is given the responsibility of mummifying the pharaoh's cat, to accompany him to the afterlife.

The trouble is, Neria doesn't want to kill and gut the cat! Can she find a way to save it - without being caught and punished? Tutankhamen has been buried in his rocky tomb. But there is a plot to rob the grave of its vast wealth as soon as possible after the funeral. A motley gang of villains have all the skills they need to undertake the crime - the key member of the team is young Paneb, who is small and lithe and the only one who can slip through the tunnel and into the funeral chamber.

It's a risky venture, because, if he's caught, the punishment is slow torture and death. Menes is training as a scribe in the local temple, and to earn extra money to help his poor family, he agrees to assist rich old Maiarch. Menes must write a prayer to rid Maiarch of an old family ghost. But what if the ghost is actually more human than supernatural?

It will take all of Menes's skill and ingenuity to find out the truth An eye-catching new edition of this Horrible Histories Special - with all the gruesome bits left in! With a bold look these bestselling titles aresure to be a huge hit with yet another generation of Terry Deary fans. Discover all the foul facts about fifty gruesome great houses in this brand new Horrible Histories book.

Full of dark mysteries, gruesome ghost stories and terrible tales of betrayal and revenge, it's a seriously horrible read with all the gore and more. The temple's inhabitants are offered help from the army of Lord Furius, but are not sure if he is to be trusted. However, when rescue eventually comes it is from an even more unlikely source A tale based on one of the most famous of all Roman legends, full of Terry Deary's dark humour and dry wit. AD 51 Bran is a slave, a prisoner of Rome, but dreams of one day returning to his homeland, Britannia, to fight against the Romans.

When the proud young slave is overheard criticizing Rome, he is thrown into prison and faces execution the next day. Luckily, his cell mate Caratacus is a very special prisoner indeed - a British chief.

He believes he has a way to save both their skins, but he'll need Bran's help. A tale based on a key moment in Roman history, full of Terry Deary's dark humour and dry wit. AD 64 Rome is a frightening place. But little does Christian slave girl Mary realise the dangers that await her when she accompanies her master to the city.

It is the day of the chariot races and Mary finds herself the only witness to a terrible crime. Soon it is not just the thieves and drunks she has to worry about, but someone far more cruel and powerful AD The young boy Pertinax helps his grandmother prepare a feast in Pliny's household. As all the workers are busy in the kitchen, the young boy keeps Pliny company in the garden. He is told a story by the great Pliny himself. The tale is of a terrifying ghost that haunted a garden. But there's no truth in ghost stories A stunning new edition of this gory city guide with all the gruesome bits left in!

With the frightful full-colour map tourists can plot their path to the past - meet at the Minster, amble through the blood-soaked Shambles and then climb to Micklegate - where so many traitorsheaded off. Deadly diseases, horrendous highwaymen and viciousVikings, it's a trip no Horrible Histories fan will want to miss! With the frightful full-colour map tourists can plot their path to the past - pay their respects at Shakespeare's grave, brave spooky Sheep street, and lob cheese in the river. Fatal fleabites, bloody battles and brutal beheadings, it's a trip no Horrible history fan will want to miss!

With the frightful full-colour map tourists can plot their path to the past - climb up the cursed castle, hit the High Street for a whole host of historical horrors and visit hellish Holyrood House. Kidnapped kings, mysterious murders and reckless raids, it's a trip no Horrible Histories fan will want to miss! With the frightful full-colour map, tourists can plot their path to the past, take a punt past corpse-ridden Christchurch and go skeleton-spotting at the cruel and crumbling castle.

Burning bishops, blood-soaked streets and student scraps - it's a trip no Horrible Histories fan willwant to miss! Nevis Island, Caribbean, Red-legs Greaves has been a slave, a pirate, and a rich sugar planter. Now he's a prisoner. And next morning, he'll be dead - hanged by the neck for piracy! His only friend is a slave girl called Lou.

Can Lou do anything to save Red-legs? It would take a miracle A fantastic story blending pirate legend with historical fact and Terry Deary's vividly imagined characters. The blood-curdling history of Britain and Ireland from Terry Deary! All the foulfacts from the murky pasts of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales revealed in full-colour in a great, eye-catching foil format. It's an adventure packed with romance, war, murder and gore that begins around , BC and ends circa now.

Local history with the nasty bits left in! It's tough being a peasant in Saxon Britain. The taxes are too high, there are bandits everywhere, and rabbit porridge for dinner every night. Even worse, now the local thane, Lord Ethelbert, is plotting to take King Offa's throne, and the villagers are caught in the crossfire. Can clever young Marian keep the peace? More importantly, can she keep her head? Join master storyteller Terry Deary for a trip back in time to Saxon times and an exciting adventure.

Wilfred, the Saxon village Cunning Man, is loved by all for his wondrous healing powers. But he is growing old and weary, and it will soon be time for his apprentice, Ardith, to step up. It's a risky job, and Ardith's about to learn the hard way that you need more than potions and magic words.

You need to be Readers can discover all the foul facts about Cruel Kingsand Mean Queens, including: which king died after falling off the toilet, why people thought King John was a werewolf and why Queen Anne's feet were covered in garlic. Tourists can plot their path to the past - picnic with pirates at St Stephen's Green, creep around the cruel cathedrals and then head to dreadful Dublin castle.

Torture, traitors and cut-throat Irish chieftains, it's a trip no Horrible Histories fan will want tomiss! In Saxon Kent the law says thieves should be executed, and soup made from a stolen sheep has been found in the Medway house. Young Edward takes the blame, but does his father know more than he's letting on?

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And can he find a way to save his son from hanging? King Vortigern thinks he's so clever but his servant Mervyn knows he is playing a dangerous game. Can Mervyn keep the King safe from the invading Saxons, Pictish raiders, and a beautiful Saxon princess? Readers can discover all the foul facts about Dark Knights and Dingy Castles, including why one nutty knight chopped off his own finger, the revolting truth about a gong-farmer's job and what went on in gruesome castle garderobes.

With a bold look these bestselling titles are sure to be a huge hit with yet another generation of Terry Deary fans. Step back to an awesomely ancient time with the Awesome Egyptians. Discover which king had the worst blackheads, why somekings had to wear false beards and why the peasants were revolting.

History with the nasty bits left in! Readers can discover all the foul facts about the Barmy British Empire, including: how a war started when a Brit was sitting on a stool, who wore a necklace made of 50 human skulls and why a British soldier used his own coffin as a wardrobe. With a bold new cover look and a heap of extra horrible bits and a quiz at the back of the book, these bestselling titles are sure to be a huge hit with yet another generation of Terry Deary fans.

Learn all about the incredible Incas, with all the nasty bits left in. Find out the horrible truth, like: how a bucket of stewed pee could make you beautiful, why servants ate the emperor's hair and what happened in their legendary golden temples. Includes a grisly quiz to test your knowledge. These bestselling titles are sure to be a huge hit with yet another generation of Terry Deary fans. Top 50 Kings and Queens is packed full of foul facts and loathsome lists all about our ruthless rulers. Filled with brand new material, this pocket-sized guide to rotten royalty has all the trademark Horrible Histories humour in bite-sized chunks.

With eye-catching, full-colour layouts and new illustrations from Martin Brown, it's perfect for fans of the series and new readers alike. Readers can discover all the foul facts about the Angry Aztecs, including: why the Aztecs liked to eat scum, when the world is going to end and their horrible habit of drinking live toads in wine. Filled with foul facts, terrible timelines and a grisly quiz, this bestselling classic title is sure to be a huge hit with yet another generation of Terry Deary fans.

It's history with the nasty bits left in! Find out what really happened in Dad's Army, see how to make a rude noise with a gas mask and Learn why the Brits ate chicken-fruit, sinkers and nutty! Readers can discover all the foul facts aboutthe Ruthless Romans, including: which emperor enjoyed eating camel's heels, who were the terrible twins who founded Rome and which evil emperors made murder a sport. Flanders The extraordinary true story of a pigeon who saved nearly lives. A troop of Americans are trapped behind enemy lines.

Not only are their German enemies firing at them but so are their own side. Somehow they have to get a message to their comrades. The only way is by pigeon. But every time a pigeon rises in the air it is shot down. The last pigeon, a black bird called Cher Ami, flies with bullets zipping through the air all around him, covering 25 miles in just 65 minutes, helping to save the lives of the survivors. In his epic journey he is shot through the breast, blinded in one eye, and left with a leg hanging only by a tendon. Army medics save his life. They can't save his leg, so they carve a small wooden one for him.

When he recovers, the pigeon is put on a boat to the United States, a hero. Astonishing true tale of animals at war from master historical storyteller Terry Deary. Flanders, The German and British soldiers in the trenches make an unofficial Christmas truce, with carols and a football match. But the officers aren't happy A veteran soldier and a young recruit are 'celebrating' Christmas in the trenches of Flanders in They hear the enemy sing carols and watch them place Christmas Trees in the trenches opposite.

They begin to shout greetings across no-man's land and end up playing an international football match.