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The only thing I did not like about H. Saga, is that it ended. I bought three copies of this book so that I could loan one out and get one signed. I will most certainly From the moment I read the first page, I couldn't put it down.

The Blessed Child: The perfect heart-warming saga

I will most certainly do the same for the next. Linna Drehmel is, in my opinion, a wordsmith worth watching and I look forward to her continued crafting of this saga with awe and wonder. Jan 30, Alexia Purdy rated it it was amazing. Saga: The Children was amazing.

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I loved the mystery, the suspense, the love, the violence that it involved. DraDonna is the kind of heroine that a book needs. Strong, good natured and taking adversity with grit. The entire premise of the book and the sci-fi elements were introduced to us slowly, but it is so worth the wait. Great character development and plot.

Awesome villians that surprise one to the end. It is left open for a sequel which I hear is coming.

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Oct 24, Elizabeth Lance rated it it was amazing. An amazing tale of otherworldly fantasy! Saga: The Children! I'm not usually a sci-fi reader, but this tale intrigued me from page one. I very much look forward to the next adventure in the H. Apr 09, Amy rated it it was amazing.

The Saga of the Volsungs: A Summary in English

Oct 22, Dawn White rated it it was amazing. Linna knows how to twist a tale that leaves you craving more! I highly recommend anything the lovely Linna writes! Highly highly recommend her book!! Char rated it liked it Sep 24, Nelson rated it it was amazing May 17, Amanda rated it it was amazing May 21, Thomas Wiatt rated it it was amazing Jan 30, Davis rated it it was amazing Jan 30, Contessa rated it liked it May 17, Yesenia Hernandez rated it really liked it Mar 11, Kerry Fowers rated it it was amazing Feb 27, Amanda rated it really liked it Jan 27, Elizabeth Morgan rated it really liked it May 20, Jennifer rated it liked it Jan 22, Angie rated it it was amazing Aug 31, Warren rated it it was ok May 17, Sara Kovach rated it really liked it May 09, Melissa Lee rated it it was amazing May 15, Amanda rated it it was ok Aug 22, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Science Fiction. About Linna Drehmel. Linna Drehmel.

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Other books in the series. Saga 2 books. Books by Linna Drehmel. Trivia About The Children H. No trivia or quizzes yet. Warwickshire, Nessie Carson will do anything to keep her family together after her mother is killed, her father abandons them and they are evicted from their cosy little Nuneaton home. She and her brothers and sisters take on jobs as live-in assistants to a local undertaker.

She is soon entwined in fortunes of her employer, Andre, who is forced to live a lie, and the local doctor - someone she's attracted to but can never have. But even in the darkest of times, and saddest of places, when you're as spirited as Nessie Carson, there is light, love and the promise of happiness if you're only brave enough to search for it.

Chapter Four. It would appear that a venomous hybrid has the same venom-based fluids throughout their body as a full vampire. Non-venomous hybrids may have them to a lesser degree as they have the sweet-smelling scent of vampires. Nahuel, a venomous hybrid, may display the same scent that full vampires have, without even a hint of human blood his recently turned aunt Huilen was not tempted by the scent of his blood. According to The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide , hybrids can develop supernatural capabilities like certain full vampires, though not all do.

It is unknown if other hybrids also show special talents, or if they are inherited or uniquely their own. Hybrids only appear in Breaking Dawn.

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Bella became pregnant on her and Edward 's honeymoon. The pregnancy progressed very rapidly; Bella and Edward had only made love for the first time 17 days before her conception and her period was only 5 days late, yet there was a small but noticeable bump around her hip.

Bella decided to keep the child, as the hybrids do have a lovable presence for the mothers. She asked Rosalie for help when Edward made it known that he wished to abort it out of fear for Bella's safety. Rosalie, who always wanted a child, agreed and stood guard over Bella during the pregnancy, preventing the abortion. However, Bella's health was rapidly deteriorating due the strength of the hybrid, which she believed was a boy and tentatively named "EJ" standing for Edward Jacob. The pregnancy also deprived Bella of her appetite, stopping her from eating normal food. From a snide idea that Jacob was thinking, Edward realized that the appetite of the baby may be closer to vampires than to humans.

Carlisle and Rosalie agreed that Bella should try drinking human blood to improve her and the child's condition. The blood did improve the health of the fetus, and Bella's health improved as a result of that. By now, the child was involuntarily breaking her bones and bruising her body. Newborn Renesmee.

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After further research, the Cullens discovered that the hybrids usually rip their way through the vampire-like amniotic sac and out of the mother's body, killing her in the process. They decided that turning Bella was the only likely way to save her after birth, assuming she survived the delivery process with a beating heart. When Bella accidentally spilled a cup of blood on the couch, she reached for it too quickly, causing a detached placenta and triggering the birth.

Rosalie, Jacob and Edward were working on getting the baby out, when Rosalie lost her concentration and gave way to her thirst. Jacob and Alice led her away while Edward started working furiously over Bella. The baby was born, but Bella was on the brink of death, even having her heart stop several times. Jacob refused to hold the child, now called Renesmee, and an in-control Rosalie came back to take her downstairs.

Two days later, Bella's transformation was complete and she was allowed to see Renesmee after hunting. Renesmee had grown at an incredible pace, no longer looking like a three days old baby at all. Renesmee was very intelligent and still grew at a fast rate, showing a preference for blood instead of human food.

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From afar, Renesmee would look like an immortal child. She had a faint blush in her cheeks because her heart was pumping blood through her body—her heartbeat sounding like a hummingbird's wings fluttering. Nahuel was introduced later, with the information that he stopped growing at approximately seven, when he reached full maturity, and that he shares many of the same physical traits as Renesmee.